Let's Take A Tour Through Far Cry 3's Rook Islands In 35 Gorgeous Shots

Just cause Jason Brody's holiday didn't go exactly according to plan doesn't mean he's not going to take advantage of the opportunity to take some quality photographs of his travels.

Excluding the bloodier events, let's sit back and take a virtual tour of Rook Islands, as photographed by Jason Brody himself. Or, more accurately, Redditor HanzJimmer. Great, now I need to go on a holiday to a tropical island somewhere, brb.


    It sure would be nice to be able to save images taken with your in game camera to your PS3 HD to send to your mates.

      Are you certain about that?

      I agree I couldnt find out how to do it either, have read that it is only for missions nothing else.

    very nice, except for the draw distance!!

    bit repetitive if you ask me... (ok, no one asked...)

    Has to be the most beautiful game I've every played (on the P at least). Genuinely breathtaking.

    On a side note: How good would Just Cause 3 be if it's made with similar fidelity?

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