Looks Like There's New Mass Effect 3 DLC On The Way

Eurogamer reports today that a new instalment of singleplayer content is being made for Mass Effect 3. The add-on is being crafted at BioWare Edmonton — as opposed to BioWare's new Montreal studio, where the Omega DLC was created — with all the writers who worked on Mass Effect 3 coming back.

A post by lead designer Jos Hendriks on BioWare's forums calls the new DLC an "all hands on deck" affair and tweets from various talent who've had a hand in BioWare's sci-fi series make it seem like this new chapter will be a big one.


    Exciting! I think leviathan was better than Omega, but Omega still had some fun game play, and I finally got to play around with the N7 Valkyrie.

    If they are bringing in the full cast and writing team, they must be doing well with DLC sales, so I guess for the people who ask in every ME3 DLC discussion "Does anyone still play that game?" the answer is yes!

    Every time I think about putting ME3 away, they give me a reason to keep it out.

    I'll be interested to see if this will be some kind of post-game DLC. As much as I loved Mass Effect, I feel like something continuing the story after the end of ME3 is the only thing that's going to get me interested in buying and playing any of the DLC for it.

    It better be about Harbinger.

    I hope they release DLC for this every year, COD-style!

    Good to see more DLC on the way! Hopefully that leaked/fake/rumour list is true and there is at least 1 more after this as well.

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