Man Finds Old Game Boy Camera, The Spirit Of 1998 Trapped Within

When Reddit user 80sArcade found his old Game Boy the other day, it had a Game Boy Camera still attached. Within were 14 photos from 1998.

You don't often get that kind of gaming time capsule from so long ago, mostly because the Game Boy was about the only system outside the PC to have a camera at the time.

In posting the photos, he also shares some information on those snapped, making the whole thing strangely personal (and a lot more interesting than if he'd just found a bunch of photos of action figures).

So here are my Gameboy Camera pictures from 14 years ago (album), enjoy! [Reddit]


    they don't make receipts like they used to, now days you'd be lucky the ink doesn't fade within a year

    Really.. I have three - bought secondhand with random peoples photos on them. Not unusual.

    when i purchased my gameboy camera from cash converters it had a photo of some guys cock taking a piss

      PERVERT! :P

    Wow... I'm pretty sure the two that I got were either wiped clean or just didn't get used. That's no fun at all.

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