Maybe The WarZ Is More Fun If You Use Cheats...

It's easy to lose sight of it amongst the politics and apologies, but The WarZ isn't a very good video game.

Its inspiration/competitor DayZ is an exercise in tension and mood. The WarZ, on the other hand, is an exercise in boredom and broken code.

Making things worse, my first five games all ended in some way or another with other players killing me, and I suspect at least two of those, given the range and immediacy of my death, were the result of cheating.

Now, normally, I'd find this practice abhorrent. In a game that works, cheats subvert the rules and undermine most regular player's experience.

But The WarZ isn't a game that works. To call it an alpha would be to give it too much credit, so shonky is the world and its inhabitants, and if you stick to the rules, there's very little to do except hold down the W key and develop a lingering sense of regret.

So cheating in The WarZ might just be the only way, at least at the moment, to have some fun with the game. Which might explain why cheating is already so popular with such a new title.

A community has exploded around the idea, with many major cheating sites offering a range of cracks, hacks and trainers to let people tailor their WarZ experience.

The speed with which they've been able to offer these programs, usually for a price, suggests The WarZ's protection measures against such activity aren't exactly top-shelf. But the scale with which they've been picked up also suggests many customers who have paid for the game are now paying a little more to see if they can salvage some enjoyment from the title.

Some of these cheats are straight-up cheats. Access to better weapons, instant headshots, etc. But others reveal an interesting side-effect of The WarZ's broken launch: a form of community improvement. Below is a tweet I saw earlier today from ArtificialAiming, one of the biggest cheat sites on the internet.

In the game, that's an actual problem. And here's a fix, not from the developer, or a mod, but from cheaters. Other sites are offering similar programs, offering ways around other things people have issue with, like The WarZ's excessive (and even more boring) night cycle.

It doesn't atone for the fact most other cheats undermine other people's experience with the game, or that sites like AA are profiting off such behaviour, but it is a strange and wonderful thing to see regardless.

WarZ Hacks - The WarZ Hacks [AA]


    Why would you pay money for cheats for a shitty game? That's just piling one mistake upon another.

    Very sad to see you promoting hacks. It's wrong to encourage hacks regardless of how good or bad the game is. You have lost my interest in this site. This is not game journalism...

    This will make DayZ be even more amazing, cant believe they are even selling the game in its current state :/

    New WarZ feature!


    Best WarZ feature!


    Last edited 28/12/12 9:57 pm

    The main problem here I see, is that this would involve me playing The War Z... which is tantamount to both ear AND eye rape.

    Last edited 28/12/12 11:44 pm

    I thought the entire problem with this game was that it was a steaming pile of something very unpleasant and that all the feature where on the going to be added list.

    Seriously there are better ways to spend your time than playing this game, I hear good things about Minesweeper and Solitaire. Pretty much anything in the Steam sale. And failing that theirs always living in a cave and practicing self flagellation. All perfectly preferred alternatives to buying this game. Remember if you pay for it your just encouraging more cash grabbing scams from buggy incomplete games.

    The only interesting point to this game is how much controversy surrounds it. I haven't played the game but I feel like I know more about this company, the people in the company (or the few mentioned) and the game then any other game (slash company) this year and this year is ending pretty soon.

    More on the act of cheating rather than War Z: I have no problem with cheaters. I just wish they'd respect the servers that have "no cheating" and "cheating allowed". Back when I used 'The all seeing eye' circa 2004, there was always the option. But they always ruined the non-cheating games I was in.

    Then there was a guy in BF3 with a sniper rifle headshotting us all so rapidly that we eventually stopped respawning to save our precious, precious tickets. <- I never undestood how that could have been fun.

    As for WarZ. Well, DayZ bored me, so I'll just pass on both.

      "I just wish they'd respect the servers that have "no cheating" and "cheating allowed"

      Expecting cheaters to follow rules is a bit of an unrealistic notion though.

        Wishing, not expecting. =)

        I don't see as many cheaters any more.

    Seriously, cheating is the only way to play some games these days (perfect example, any of the CoDs)-- ostensibly, if only to level the playing field. The real problem with this and Day Z is the emphasis on bandits. It's a giant magnet for pre-teen wannabe thugs and CoD playing twats. Coding, scripting, bugs... these are all things that can be fixed over time. Having your products playerbase comprised of CoD/Halo playing douchebags who turn it into an abuse filled run-and-gun wankfest will kill it harder than any bad code and unfulfilled promises ever could.

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