Merry Christmas! Here Are Five New Grand Theft Auto V Screens

Rockstar Games' next giant crime caper is going to be massively huge, big enough to warrant lots of air travel. This we know. But the bathysphere, scuba gear and massive frikkin' shark in these new screens hint that you're also going to diving into some deep underwater hijinks too.

And, hey, dog is your co-pilot, too! How cool does that Rottweiler look in that ride? Cooler than that Fable 2 mutt, that's for sure.


    That shark makes the bull-sharks in Far Cry 3 look like sardines.

    Ahhhh! Why did they have to add sharks!? That shit was scary enough in Far Cry 3.

    Sharks? Submarines?

    Holy crap now I want this now!


    Does the guy on the phone look like Kane from Kane and Lynch? I hope flying is as fun and easy as with Saints Row 3

    I know this is going to start a flame war but SR3 is absolute crap compared to GTA and even then the argument was GTA 4 Vs SR3 and now GTA 5 is coming out. There is no way the childish game of SR3 could ever match the quality of Rockstar Games.

      This is entirely subjective but I stopped playing GTA4 1/4 way through after the second time the police caught up to me after a mission when Nico suddenly stopped running away from a swat team. To answer his phone to "Nico my cousin want to go bowling".
      .... Fuck that....
      Saints Row 3 however I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and played to 100% completion. I didn't give a shit about any character in GTA 4 or the place, you can't call it perfect when its not even slightly engaging.

        I was extremely engaged by GTA IV, I thought it was one of the best GTA stories there is.

        Also -- you don't have to answer your phone. So, it wasn't Nico answering the phone, it was you. :P

    GTA V graphic makes SR3 graphic looks like my dog's crap. Hint: It is NOT pretty. But it's not just the graphic, there are a LOT of things that makes GTA better than SR. And most of the stuff in SR exist already in GTA, e.g. in SR3 there is a dildo bat but in GTA SA you can hit people with a dildo, practically the same thing.

    Last edited 25/12/12 4:10 pm

    Fucking stupid games trying to keep my ass out of the water!

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