Minecraft 1.5 Update Features Cool Things Like Creeper-Shaped Fireworks And More

Here's a preview of an upcoming Minecraft update, showcasing fireworks, enchanted books and nether brick slabs.

And, in case the you're interested in the fireworks, here's a closer look at how they work and how you'll be making them. Creeper-shaped fireworks? Neat.

The update is supposed to drop January 2013.


    These things are actually for the 1.4.6 update they're aiming to release before Christmas. The 1.5 update (Jan/Feb) is the Redstone Update but they wanted fireworks for New Years.

    Also, fireworks in vanilla Minecraft are a stupid addition.

    does the pc version have the xbox crafting system yet?

    Not a bad update, let's see if these fireworks are as cool as I hope....

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