Montage In Memory Of All The Video Game Characters That Died This Year

Warning: spoilers ahead. It's been a long year, riddled with many deaths. In memory of all the friends and even foes we've watched die in video games, here's a montage of them all put into one video.

It should come as no surprise that there are many, many spoilers in this video. So proceed with caution.


    Metroplex ;-; So long, you brave giant.

    They missed two other characters from Sleeping Dogs.

    I prefer Good Game's In Memoriam...

    Makes me wonder if Machinima saw Good Game do this a few years back....

    I don't get it. Diablo? He's dead only dead until Diablo 4. Shouldn't Deckard Cain be in here? Or do they mean the series is dead?

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