Naruto Shows Ninjas Look Good In Orange

Naruto is iconic. It's a hugely popular manga, anime and video game series. And its fans adore the Nine-Tails ninja hero.

No wonder there are so many Naruto cosplayers! But thanks to Naruto's "sexy technique", the Naruto fandom is also filled with female Naruto characters, which are dubbed "Naruko".

Here is a small sampling of some — but not all — of the best Naruto cosplay the internet can offer. Have a look and try to figure out who pulled off the best Naruto... or Naruko.

























Top picture: gbright1/lanmeimeia/Dan-Lee90


    Today I learned that all of the Cosplay images come exclusively from DeviantArt, because Luke didn't link directly to deviations, but left the search string in the links. ie: ""

    Pretty sure picture 6 from the bottom is a recycled re-coloured Scorpion costume :P

    Lol I think it's amazing. But anyone confused about the two chicks almost kissing? I think they've never seen Naruto before and simply did a google image search with safe search off....

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