New Dead Space 3 Trailer Feels Like It Was Made For A Movie

The action sequences, the background music, the dramatic sliced-up all feels like something I should be watching with sour patch kids in hand while waiting for my movie to start. It's not necessarily a good or bad thing. Just my feeling.

But the video above is not a movie trailer. It's the latest trailer for EA/Visceral Games' next title in the Dead Space series. For those concerned that Dead Space 3 will be too actiony, this trailer won't really convince you otherwise. But the appearance of hallucinations and mentions of mindfucks feels like a nod in the right direction.

Just last month our own Stephen Totilo lamented that we still haven't seen enough of this game. EA is keeping relatively tight-lipped on this one. This trailer isn't much, but it's at least two-minutes' worth of Necromorphs and space suits.


    Co-op or not, I am still very much hyped for this game. It's one of my most anticipated games for next year. This, along with Aliens, Bioshock and Tales of Xillia (hopefully).

    Looks awesome. Looks like it'll carry on with the psychological aspect, which is my favourite part of 2.

    kinda looks lame imo... the atmosphere of the first was just so much better than that. but I have high hopes.

    Well that is IS why they're called trailers.

    "The term "trailer" comes from their having originally been shown at the end of a feature film screening."

    Great journalism bro.

    " that we still haven’t seen enough of this game. EA is keeping relatively tight-lipped on this one."

    I disagree, I think EA has been a bit too generous with gameplay videos and playthroughs. It's a good thing I'm doing a media blackout for this game.

    I'm not worried about Dead Space 3 being scary or not...

    what I am woried is it will lose its unique dead space in improvised weopons, non-space marine look, a lack of regenerating health...that kind of thing

    Great, another COD clone TROLOL! but seriously, it look really good

    It's looking excellent. The Dead Space series is what resident evil 5 and 6 could have been.

    So wait, we have a movie (The Hobbit) that feels like a video game, and now a video game trailer that feels like a movie?

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