Nintendo Knows Your Family Can't Tell Which Handheld Is Which

So Nintendo is here to help. Perhaps wanting to get out in front of holiday season returns, when Little Johnny furiously explains he wanted a 3DS and not a DS, Nintendo has hastily put together this instructional video outlining the differences between the three handheld systems it currently has on the market.

Now all they need is to make one for the Wii U and they'll be set.


    They stuck with brand recognition and it's only causing brand confusion. The 3DS should have been called something else, and so should have the Wii U.

      The main argument they would have is that it's part of the same series and you can still play a game released with the original DS on the latest 3DS XL. That's ignoring the fact that an original DS user might feel like they can play the latest 3DS game because it's still a DS...

    Nintendo's branding is starting to sound like a series of procedural cop shows....

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