Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD Remake Comes To PS Vita December 18

Oddworld Inhabitants' cult hit has enjoyed a fresh wave of re-appraisal ever since HD remakes for the game popped up recently. There's been a Vita version in the works, but a previously stated mid-November release date has come and gone. Now dev studio Just Add Water has tweeted that the shinier version of Stranger's Wrath will hit Sony's portable in about two weeks.

PS3 owners who've already bought the game will apparently need to buy it again though.


    As a rule, i dislike sony. This game alone could actually make me buy a vita........

      That's a silly rule.

        Just my opinion. Sony has no love. Power does mean fun.

        bad typo...Power does NOT mean fun


          Its weird, hey, how multi-national coroporations don't have any love.

          Not like Disney.

          Or Nintendo.

            That sounds like something someone would say if they had no love.

            GOT LOVE, DAN!? DO YOU GOT IT!?

      Funny... I'm playing that for free from PS+ and feeling all the love.

      It is also available for PC via GOG.com

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