OK, So Peter Molyneux's Next Game Is Looking Pretty Nice

GODUS, the next game from Peter Molyneux and his 22cans development team, is a spiritual successor to classic PC game Populous. That game had a cute visual style, one that GODUS looked to be cashing in on, but without video footage, how could we tell?

Oh. With video footage. The clip above gives you an early, rough look at the God game, but even at that stage it's looking gorgeous. As is the accompanying battle screenshot the team released to go with it.

Project GODUS [Kickstarter]


    I thought we all learnt not to trust a single thing Molyneux says or does already? Or is it only me who remembers

      Gamers remember. Just the media likes to play both sides of the coin. When it's released, they will flip to the 'It's not as good as he said it was,' even though the media will hype this more than Molyneux ever could. And that's saying something ;)

      Last edited 08/12/12 12:21 pm

    Molyneux is the very avatar of broken promises and unwarranted enthusiasm.
    If there was a way to promise him $500,000 and only pay 3c, I'd join the kickstarter.

    Otherwise, I'm fine with waiting 'till release.

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