One Of The Greatest Role-Playing Games Of All-Time Is Now On iPad

One Of The Greatest Role-Playing Games Of All-Time Is Now On iPad

For the past week PC gamers have been enjoying the enhanced edition of Baldur’s Gate, a 14-year-old BioWare role-playing game that many consider to be the greatest Dungeons & Dragons video game ever made. Now it’s iPad owner’s turn to rediscover the magic.

If you’re unclear on what Baldur’s Gate is, you should read Jason’s excellent explainer. If you want a more traditional review, you can read the one I wrote 13 years ago, my first professional PC game review.

But if you’d rather just have a damn good time playing an old-school RPG, you go here and spend $10.49. If enough people buy it, maybe we’ll get an enhanced iPad version of Planescape, the game I consider to be the best Dungeons & Dragons video game ever made.


      • You mean “Steam takes 30% of profits but we know this will sell on it’s name alone so we’re focusing on making as much money as we can”

        Steam isn’t really DRM. It’s a platform that requires internet access, but it’s really unobtrusive and it caters to all sorts of developers. Not using it is fine if you’re not accepted on, but this would have been accepted on Steam instantly. I think the developers just want more cash.

          • their hard work that you can already get from free mods?

            it will sell fine without Steam true. But it will sell significantly more if put on Steam

        • Myself and many others hate having to use Steam to play games and find it infinitely more intrusive than no DRM at all. And why should they have to give anyone 30% of their profits when it will sell fine without Steam? You are what is wrong with PC gaming!

          • No he isn’t to any degree “what’s wrong” with gaming and you are not either. People have opinions. Some like having the convenience of everything in one place, others like the sense of ownership from no DRM. There is no correct, incorrect, wrong, right, best, worst answer. There is only different.
            Welcome to the Internet.

  • Everything that was “enhanced” was already offered through the hard work of modders, Seeming that this “Enhanced Edition” is has nothing more to offer than a couple of bland npcs and a arena mode in a rpg… it does bring however a bucket load of bugs. Beamdog getting cash from others hard work then breaking the game.

    • Guaranteed its a lot easier to install and run the Beamdog enhanced edition as opposed to a clusterfuck of mods. Don’t forget running into graphical problems associated with new hardware.

  • Really? What mod do I need to download so the original PC version works on iOS or Android?

    Sure, they incorporated a lot of fixes/changes from many various mods for the game (with the mod authors permission where appropriate, from what I understand).. but to say they’ve done nothing to earn the money is just being petty.

    I for one am really looking forward to BGII:EE and hopefully PST:EE (there’s also the chance for Icewind Dale to be done as well, though neither PST nor IWD are in the contract at the moment, from what I have read).

  • I’m really enjoying it on the iPad, so the question of whether it’s “value” on the PC is moot for me.

    The other thing replaying it has taught me is that I’m way stupider than the teenage version of me. I’m having a real hard time picking the game up so far, but I don’t remember having a prob first time around. I guess modern games have broken my brain. Dur.

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