Only One Man Can Tweet More Than Hideo Kojima...His Swedish Alter-Ego

Mysterious Metal Gear game The Phantom Pain was the star of last week's Spike VGAs. The Twitter account of its "Head CEO" Joakim N. Mogren, complete with wonderfully photoshopped Kojima head, is the star of your Monday.

I've got no idea if this is an official joke account or just a joke account, but given the series we're talking about here and the manner in which these games have been announced the line is so blurred it doesn't really matter.


    Wow, that last comment is a bit of a burn.

    while I personally think this is actually MGS5, how funny would it be if it turned out that it's not and that Joakim Mogren is a real person?

    If this is MGS5 what the hell is Ground Zeroes than? Two games starring Big Boss announced within a few months of each other? Probably not chronologically that far apart either in terms of timeline. Oh and by the way there is a on fire, flying whale in the game.

    Ko-ji-ma you craazy.

      Maybe *surprise* Ground Zeroes turns out to be for the PS4. Xbox 720...Maybe, who knows with Kojima, oh sorry I mean Joakim :-D

    When Joakim N. Mogren finally "reveals" his true identity I hope he does it like when Liquid masqueraded as Master Miller.

    I busted out laughing at the image alone :-D I have no idea if this is Konami's official doing or if its just a prankster online rolling with the joke...but god damn, if it is indeed Kojima and Konami's doing then they deserve all the praise in the world for this :-D

    I thought this was curious...the wiki entry for Joakim Morgen has preemptively locked until December 16th...maybe a full unveil is to come on December 16th????

    Zeroes = MGSV = The Phantom Pain

    Watch the trailer for The Phantom Pain and Zeroes again. There's a shot of the same island and chopper in both. The line about from the ashes of fox a phantom rises. The words 'METAL GEAR SOLID V' Obscured behind the phantom pain title. The Zeroes image of Snake puts him at about the same age as our mystery amputee.

    He's no Garry Newell

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