Ouya Development Kits Will Begin Shipping This Month

Ouya Development Kits Will Begin Shipping This Month

They wanted $US950,000. They ended up with over $US8.5 million. That’s the story of the Ouya, an “open” gaming console built for Android 4.0. News has been thin since the project exploded on Kickstarter, but now there’s word from the creators that the dev kits will starting shipping from December 28.

The news was posted yesterday on the project’s Kickstarter page, along with this strangely adorable shot of one of the kits being held by people hands. The post mentions that while all Ouya consoles will technically be development kits, the special soon-to-be-shipped units are for those who purchased the $US699 and $US1337 tiers (as far as I can tell, as the more expensive options make no mention of the dev kits or including the benefits of previous tiers).

The dev kits are apparently “pretty special”, but the creators are staying quiet on exactly what this means, though I’m sure we’ll find out as soon as someone receives theirs.

The actual development software is still being put together, though it’s been promised that it’ll be downloadable via a dedicated web portal once the dev kits have shipped and will be accessible to “all developers” and not just those getting the special consoles.

Dev consoles are shipping on time! [Kickstarter]


  • Can you just dl any game from the play store or is it OUYA specific games? Is 2-3 months enough to make good games?

    • From what I understand, a lot of developers will be taking their Android-developed games and making the necessary tweaks to make them look and play well on a big screen with a controller. That’s an easier task than making something from scratch.

  • Just as a matter of being pedantic: it’s now based on jelly bean in lieu of ice cream sandwich as of 2 updates ago.

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