Pay What You Want For Cards Against Humanity's Holiday Expansion Pack

The makers of the hilariously offensive card game are offering an all-new holiday packs that you can name your own price for. The new cards are probably as funny as the original starter packs, so don't be a g*****n skinflint.

Go and order your Cards Against Humanity Holiday packs here.


    I wish I could but our dirty Australian money isn't good enough for them.

      Send them a polite email and they'll could a special arrangement for you. I did this couple of months ago, and now munchkin has been collecting dust.

    Yeah, it sucks you can't get this easily in Australia. I had to buy the original game and send it to a friends friend who lives in the states so i could get it. I wish I could just get it direct from them...

    Also, that song they play at the end of the video sounds like it's tune has been lifted from Nightmare Before Christmas...


      I would have assumed "Goddamn"

        I know, just always surprised by that inexplicable puritanical streak our American cousins keep displaying at unexpected moments.

    Oh wow. Including the google link to the previous story instead of the direct one. Good work.

    Also somewhat lol at using google and not the site's own search function.

    Telling us about something awesome that won't ship to Australia.

    Thanks for indulging us in your Christmas Cheer, guys.

      You can get it, as CowPow said. It just takes more running around.

      Look at the FAQ on their website, it tells you how.

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