People Would Know What A Wii U Is If This Was Its Official Commercial

A lot of people don't seem to realise what the Wii U is. Is this cryptic Nintendo commercial just another Wii? I don't get it, some people said. Even Michelle Obama didn't make the distinction.

But maybe this commercial would help clear up that this is a new console. Or, hell, maybe it'd make things even more confusing when people started to shine light on their Wiis in the hopes that it'd evolve into a Wii U, like the Pokémon franchise Nintendo is so synonymous with.

Man, I wish my Wii would just up and evolve into a Wii U. Congratulations! Your Wii evolved into a Wii U. You don't have to spend any more money now.


    The ending was the best
    "You're welcome. YAHOO!"

    as an avid nintendo gamer, i must say nintendo's advertising campaign here in australia as been ass.

    Nintendo has used "Obscure Marketing"!



    It is not very effective.

    the commercials for the Wii U have been crap

    i thought she was going to use the wii-mote as a tool for masturbation..

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