Play The World's First Proper RTS Game, Right In Your Browser

Snobs will try and bring up Herzog Zwei, but really, the RTS genre as we know it starts with Westwood's classic Dune II, which while playing a little rough around the edges these days still looks amazing.

Being so old, though, many of you might not have played it. Not to worry. Here's a version of the game running in HTML 5, meaning it'll spin along quite nicely right in your browser. You can \ven play some multiplayer if you're feeling up to it.

Dune II [Dune II, via Prosthetic Knowledge]


    They're not snobs when they're factually correct. Herzog Zwei WAS influential in its own right. However, before that, there was an RTS on the spectrum called STONKERS, which came out in 1983.

    Dune 2 however. refined the gameplay to the best elements and made it not essentially suck arse ;)

    So many, many days and nights lost to that game. 'OUR HARVESTER IS UNDER ATTACK!' *panics*

      The features of the genre as we know it today first came together in Dune II, in the same way that (most of) the features of the FPS genre as we know it today coalesced in Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, despite elements being traced back as far as Maze War.

        Absolutely but it isnt fair to disregard the effect herzog had either ;)

      "Goddamn it where is my Harvester?

        Roflmao too many times that happened... Too many times...


        Ah yes all my carefully made plans all economically ruined because of that split second you didnt check for sandworms xD

      Shame its taken this long to get a clone of Herzog Zwei! It was a game that I have been praying to get remade for years..

    OMG i still have the original disk and manual for this game <3

    This game is one of my all time standing fav games :D

      Indeed, the same. I had it somewhere too packed away. I even gladwrapped the discs (3.5 diskette ftw!) to ensure it would'nt degrade as fast!

      Seriously though, I always thought being able to right click and group select would make the game better. Then I played a version some guy made years back where you could do just that. It actually ruined the game. I did not like it as much. It removed a lot of the feel of Dune 2. Dune 2000 you could do all that sure, but the original Dune 2, as cumbersome as it is? Is a marvellous exercise in micromanagement :D

    Lol - And queue post 1, all the snobs come out to play. Sorry... gaming history afficionados!

    Dune 2 = Epic, so many memories from back in the day :)

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