PlayStation Boss Trolls Nintendo In The Sweetest Way Possible

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Folks at Sony own Nintendo game machines. They own the Xbox 360 too. And the same is true of those companies too. So, it's no shocker that Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studies, just got a Wii U. It's also no shocker that he loves PlayStation. Like, duh!

Yoshida put his Nintendo ID on Twitter ("ShuYoshida") and has been accepting friend requests and chatting to players about his and their Wii U experience. Don't think Yoshida is just screwing around with the Wii U; perhaps, this is how he and Sony could be sizing up their competition.

But, in what must be the best — if not most humorous — Miiverse trolling so far, Yoshida wrote, "I *heart* PS" in the Nintendo Land Plaza. He added a smiley face and "yosp", which is also his Twitter handle.

This is trolling — it's not mean-spirited trolling, and it's actually kinda cute — but trolling is trolling. Maybe Nintendo of America honcho Reggie Fils-Aime should retaliate? You know, go on to the PlayStation Blog, write, "Nintendo4Eva". I would've suggested PlayStation Home, but we know how that turned out.

【宣戦布告】SCE吉田修平氏がWiiUのMiiverseに書き込み!「I love プレイステーション」 [はちま起稿]


    The sheer amount of indignity and anger in some of the responces to that post show just how precious little you need to do to troll Nintendo fanboys. . .

    Gamers gonna game

    whos to say thats really him? Anyone can make a mii called that

    Are you that dumb you cant read the WHOLE post??

    It actually says in the post that he posted his WiiU ID on HIS twitter account...


    You give 'yeahs' on Wii U..?

    That's fucking stupid. lol
    Still I prefer PS Home to the Wiiverse. It's just overly complicated to get into and use properly.
    They just should have put more effort into it. Made an awards system in games like 360 did that gives you furniture/clothes and shit.
    It's basically a pointless version of the sims (even though they're all pointless) with no real guidance so you have to mess around before you find anything fun to do lol

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