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POTAKU RETURNS! Welcome to Season 3 of Potaku and on this week's episode we have DAN! and AlexAndHisPants talking all things Star Wars! Games, movies, the extended universe and our thoughts on the latest developments, all recorded and contained for your listening pleasure. We've mixed the show up and made some changes to help better and improve the show too, so any feedback on it would be great.

You can get in touch with the two sexy hosts of the show via email or Twitter.

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And don't forget that we have Potaku too, where anyone is free to write, contribute and help share ideas with other people! You can get in touch with our editor through his email or Twitter too! We have some great stuff up so feel free to look and contribute!

AlexAndHisPants: Email/Twitter

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    An entire Star Wars podcast and no-one mentions either Dark Forces or X-wing / TIE fighter...

    For shame gentlemen... for shame.

      They didn't mention DARK FORCES or X-WING/TIE ?!?!?!?!?!?!

    The quality goes a bit weird now and then because of the thunderstorms.

      Must be why it sounds like I say "Spiderman was awesome" when I really said it's shit.

        I have no idea what you're talking about. I clearly remember you saying Spider-Man was awesome. You said the word awesome in a Scottish accent. That's how I remember.

    I think the Mega Drive Vs Super Nintendo Case should be re-opened!!!

      Because I totally sucked? Yup.
      The Mega Drive is so much better than I made it sound!

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