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Our world is vast and wide, with many great experiences out there to enjoy. But the real world is dumb and dangerous, so let's jump into a virtual world instead!

Welcome to another week of Potaku and on this week's episode, we talk open worlds and what makes them great and interesting! Or...what makes them crap... BUT HEY GOT TO BE POSITIVE RIGHT?! Our lovely guests this week are The Cracks and Joshy206, ready to explore the vastness that is the open worlds of dem' vidja gaems.

As usual you can contact us through email and Twitter, send us some feedback and sexy pictures are ALWAYS in fashion.

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And don’t forget that we have Potaku too, where anyone is free to write, contribute and help share ideas with other people! You can get in touch with our editor through his email or Twitter too! We have some great stuff up so feel free to look and contribute!

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    The only thing that would make this better is if the swan could breathe fire.

      It can, it's just not showing off. It's a modest swan.

    Potaku Time!
    Come on, grab your friends,
    We're off to open-world lands.
    With @ShiggyNinty,
    And his friend @Doc_What
    Fun will never end, it's
    Potaku Time!

    Last edited 18/12/12 3:57 pm

    Which amazing person drew that art and did they win [insert prize here]? :O

    I enjoyed the podcast and would also like to be a special guest for a podcast!

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