Riot Should Make This League Of Legends Character Gay Already

So argues Todd Harper in a open letter to Riot Games about the League of Legends champion, Taric. Rumour is Taric might be gay.

Consider that Taric loves gems, he has moves called stuff like 'dazzle', his voice clips go from sultry to flamboyant (listen to that clip above by LeagueVoices), and even Taric's background info plays with the assumption that he might be gay. It reads:

His neat and stylish appearance combined with his shiny bejeweled armour and weapons have rapidly made him a celebrity champion of the League of Legends. Valoran's media, for some reason, has taken a great interest in his personal life. While open about his life as a champion and gracious in all things, Taric is tight-lipped about his life outside the League and prefers his privacy.

Here's a possible skin that Taric can wear:

Dem pink legwarmers.

For Todd, there's a problem with what he calls "wink-and-a-nod" characters — which is what Taric is.

It's like they want all the benefits of having a gay character - which usually amount to "Look! A gay character!" while pointing vigorously - but without having to actually own up and say: "Yeah, we put a gay character in our game. Want to fight about it?"

Todd goes on to say that there's an element about queer identity where your sexuality is hush-hush, but where everyone still 'knows.' Kind of like, when a person comes to accept their sexual orientation, and they make it public, and everyone responds 'no duh, we already knew! It was obvious!'

So having a character play into that sort of thing is sad — not to mention easy, as Todd says. But all of that could change. Right now, many characters are getting upgrades with new art, animations, and voice samples. Taric could be one of these revamped characters — he could finally come out.

Todd fears that Riot hasn't done it yet because of the potential fan backlash, except it so happens that Taric is well-loved thanks to how great of a support he is. Taric is used regularly at high level play — it's not likely that players will stop using him just because he's gay. Especially not if an assumption about Taric's queerness already exists. If people were going to react too strongly to it, we'd have already seen it.

You can read Todd's full letter here.

So, how about it, Riot? Why not make the 'obviously gay' character openly gay already?

An Open Letter to Riot Games [Chaotic Blue]


    I think the first mistake is making a character "Obviously Gay." I thought we were past some of those stereotypes in 2012?

      Well, let's face it, Morgana's also "Obviously Gay"; wearing pink, baking.... classic hallmarks. I know people will say "She's a succubus!", but really now, Riot have never made clear that he's not a hermaphrodite. I think this demands a much more urgent response. Also, I don't think demon's are bound by the same social perceptions as we are.

      Also Mundo. What's up with that guy? He goes where he pleases.

      Edit: Oh, also, I think that Riot should say that Taric is definitely heterosexual and who are you for assuming someone is or isn't gay by the way they act and dress. Then make Jarvan or Gragas gay.

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    I think Taric, in his current state, is fabulous.

    Why pressure the developers into making some kind of statement, and spoiling a perfectly fine scenario where we can all giggle about Taric's tendency to dazzle everyone?

    Making him obviously gay would be for the worse, not the better. There is no reason for it, just like there's literally no issue with his current state. This bloke is reading into things too much if you ask me.

    Personally, I feel like Riot's priority right now should be equally divided between balancing the Preseason, and redoing Sion.

    Seriously, his feet are freaking cakes.

    I use Taric, and i use the pink skin, its the only way to be fabulous

      Same, the pink skin is the best skin.

        The pink skin is the only skin.

          Best in league IMO. You get alot of people raging when I go bottom lane with a Graves and they keep feeding him due to Dazzle.

    What is it with people needing fictional characters to even have a sexual orientation?
    why does it matter if a character is straight or gay, why does it NEED to be said.
    Its a bunch of pixels people....i has no sexual orientation, this isn't wreck it ralph, they don't go to bars and pick up.
    why do people feel the need to project this crap on made up characters?
    I have no problems if a character is gay or straight, but honestly i can say i have never looked at a character in a game and gone "hmm I wonder which way they go" just doesn't occur to me like that.

    its a just game and they are just pixels...

    So you're saying that the 'Obviously Gay' character should be outed as such. But I'm assuming that none of the other character bios mention the characters sexuality.
    "Dear players,
    here's the barabarian character he's strong likes roasts and hix and and be often bed girls, only girls though because he is not a 'gay'. If you want to play as 'a gay' you can use Taric."

    What great game and great society of sexual definition that would be.... *sarcasm*

    I see no reason why Riot should come out and say "Yeah, he's gay, what of it?". I mean, are we still at that stage where being homosexual is so weird and unusual that we need to point it out? I thought part of the whole equality thing is accepting that they're there, that they're normal like everyone else, and that there's no need to make a big deal of it. Making homosexual characters without turning it into a big deal is exactly what we need

    I'll admit at this point that I've not played League of Legends and know very little about it, so this may be a stupid question but... is he actually having sex with anybody in the game? If not then who gives a shit if he's gay or not?

    This stereotype is truly truly truly outrageous.
    i like taric i don't give a flying fiddlesticks wether or not he is gay.
    He is fun to play and thats why i play him.

    If Riot is going to make any character arbitrarily gay, it should be Draven.

    Draven does it all, with style.

    Sexuality in video games is on of those fun things where more often than not, it just isn't relevant. We don't get love interests shoe-horned into the plot and for games like League of Legends, the plot is barely relevant as it is.

    There are only a handful of characters in LoL that have a defined sexuality, they're the ones like Ashe and Tryndamere who happen to be married.

    Taric is outrageous. Truly, truly outrageous. But there's no need to point out his orientation in the same way that there's no need to point out Teemo's orientation.

      Teemo does have an orientation. He's dating Tristana.

      And Draven is clearly bisexual.

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    Alternate idea: Society drops the gender binary and learns that self identity is more than 'A or B?'.

    I mean, I know what I'd do.

      How about no? If you're male and want to pretend that you're a woman, that's fine, that's your business. Expecting other people to pretend along with you is absurd, and frankly a little insane.

      (I'm not directing this at you specifically by the way, so don't take it as an attack. Cheers)

        How about no yourself? It's more absurd and insane to restrict a person's freedom and sense of self just because you don't want to accept them due to your own cognitive dissonance. Do I really need to point out some of the historical tragedies that have occurred because people decided not to "play along" with the life choices other people made? This may not be the same scale, but it never ends up anywhere good when you try to start telling people how they should act, dress, speak and think...

        To put it in perspective, if we replace gender with race, you're arguing for segregation. Replace it with religion, and you now support the holocaust. The binary is artificial - while it has some grounding in ancient roles(females make babies, evolved to be better with kids than males as a result, etc), it serves no beneficial purpose now. If I'm insane for wanting to make the world a better place, then I'm insane - normal people are boring anyway.

    While they're at it, why don't they add Sexual Orientation to all the Champion profiles? It's so relevant! Why is it an issue at all?

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