Samuel L. Jackson Says He Likes Assassin's Creed Better Than Pong

Sometimes you see Samuel L. Jackson walking down the red carpet at the Spike VGAs. And sometimes you feel compelled to ask him random questions about video games. Even if you get the feeling he doesn't actually play video games.


    He knows nothing about videogames lol.

    Doesn't matter. He's a BAMF. He can do what he wants. And god damn it he won't be in star wars unless he has a god damn purple lightsaber.

    Hehe he's pretty cool. A lot of people in his spot would answer "I don't know and I don't care"

    Well... he's an actor, he isnt a video game journalist. It'd be like asking a game developer at a movie red carpet questions about films and technical Q&As about how they were made; they wouldnt have a clue.

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