Samuel L. Jackson Wants In On The New Star Wars Movies


    Pathetic? He beats the Emperor and only dies because Anakin betrays him. As far as Star Wars deaths go, it was pretty heroic. A lot better than say, Boba 'get knocked into a Sarlacc' Fett's death.

      Ummm let's clarify this shit, boba does not die if you actually know star wars in fact he very much survives in the latter books, I just don't think Lucas intended him too.. Such is the mess that is star wars

        Yeah, if I remember correctly he comes back to burn the Sarlacc every year to punish it...

          Movies are canon.

          Books are not.

          From Lucas' own mouth.

            Because George Lucas is nothing but consistent...

              He's consistently had that beard since the 70s.

                He needs something to control that goiter.
                Can you imagine the damage if it was unleashed?

    He could drop into a flying passing by car/plane. Have his arm rebuild robotic like Luke's hand and so i am sure the writers can find something. Add something else to his resume lol

      yea, but where the f*ck was Windu during the rebellion?

      ...what a pussy

    Hell, i'd be looking for redemption too after putting my name to the festering pile that was Episodes I/II/III...

    funnily enough you never see the corpse and he's clearly still alive when he gets tossed out the window maybe bring him back as the villain in the new trilogy that be pretty bad ass

    Samuel L Jackson wants in on EVERY movie. Seriously, he'll do anything if there's some cash in it.

      that explains those terrible bet365 ads

        Yep. He's a talented actor who could have been great but instead opted to chase the easy paydays. Disappointing.


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      Snakes on a Death Star?
      But yeah, it would be pretty strange having him appear out of nowhere after 20+ years. Maybe if he was totally incapacitated and only comes back as a crippled mentor but still. Why wasn't he 'crippled mentoring' the entire rebellion all through the original trilogy?
      If it does happen watch out for the smell of a cheap day-time TV style amnesia excuse, it smells like bleach and excrement.

    Pliskin pretty much explained why he shouldn't be in a Star Wars movie.

    To be honest, i'm surprised Mace Windu hasn't already been revived in the expanded universe. But this could kinda work. I mean, we didn't actually see him die right? He fell out of a window... for all we know he could have landed in Watto's Mattress emporium.

    I'm okay with this, Hell I would've expected lucas to somehow edit him into the original -.-

    Samuel L Jackson can be the king of unsatisfying deaths if he so pleases! Anyone remember Deep Blue Sea?
    *heroic, motivation-spurring speech*
    ... *holyshititsashark*
    Yeah, that's it.

    I don't see a Jedi any more, just an online sports betting company.

    bringing all these characters back some time after the end of episode VI is just plain stupid and going to make things confusing. It will be like just throwing old characters in there just for the sake of doing it.

    i say start completely fresh, with new characters for the main story. maybe let older characters like Han or Mace do cameos in the film but dont make it about them.
    Bring on the saga of Kyle Katan and a new line of Jedi.

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