San Andreas Looks Like It's Coming To The PS3

No doubt as savvy marketing in advance of the Grand Theft Auto V, it looks like Rockstar will be re-releasing San Andreas on the PS3.

A listing for the game has turned up on Hong Kong's official PlayStation site, saying it'll be out on Wednesday.

Sadly/interestingly, it's only listed as having a single player, which may mean the game's rudimentary co-op mode may not be along for the ride.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas® (English Ver.) [PlayStation]


    Should someone who's never really touched the 3D GTAs give this one a go? Or is Vice City the one to jump into cold?

      Just play all 3 of them. Start with GTA3, then Vice City, then SA. They're all worth the play. Personally I enjoyed SA the most.

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        Wow, I must be in the minority, as I disliked SA. I even prefer GTA1 over SA :S Just felt it took the 'realism' aspect way too seriously and milked old ideas a bit too much.

          I liked flying around in the planes. Could spend ages doing that.

            But it was a lot more rewarding when you managed to take off in the planes in GTA3. It really felt like you had achieved something.

          I'm with you there. San Andreas is my least favourite of all the GTA's. Vice City gets my vote as the best one.

          'cause unlimited range jetpacks and hand-held miniguns are so realistic.

          You must be confusing SA with GTA 4 which is the 'down-to-earth' one of the series.

            Lol, havent even played that yet :P
            Funny thing was, I went over to my brothers place and saw he was playing GTA 4. I commented how the suspension on cars seems funny; he went "nah, they're fine" and then proceeded to roll the car when he took a sharp turn. Whilst I laughed he went "... that's seriously never happened before 0_o"

      I agree with @palms that GTA: San Andreas is the most enjoyable.

      Unlike @palms, however, I think you should jump in and play this one first. Jumping all the way back in time to the orginal GTA 3 might be a bit of a "retro-shock". I mean, it's a great game and all but it's pretty darn basic by today's standards. And it's extremely basic when compared to GTA: San Andreas as well.

        Vice isn't much more advanced than GTA III either. San Andreas is a lot more up to standards than it's predecessors.

      There is a lotta love for Vice but I think a lot of that has to do with the nostalgia of the 80s. Personally I grew up in the 90s so it takes my pick. Also add the fact that there are jets, 3 cities, a desert, a country side and a deeper story. Lead is more interesting too.

      But there are naysayers. I started out with San Andreas and then went to Vice. Maybe its just a matter of liking the one you played first more.

        You might be onto something there. I grew up with no 80s nostalgia however enjoyed Vice better although I played it first. For me the preference comes purely from the way the entire mission structure comes from the assets you buy and there is a strong sense of it at all converging to a point where you "own the city"...San Andreas felt piecy by comparison where you are shit kicking for all these already established mobsters etc and never really feel like its all yours

    Any word on whether the graphics have been overhauled at all, or is it just a straight port? It would be a shame to have to repurchase it if it's just the same game, graphics especially, given that I already have the ps2 version but sadly my PS2 laser died some time ago and PS3 can't do native PS2 emulation any more. Maybe I am still better off just running the original ps2 game through PCSX2 emu with all its options.

      its not a HD version its the same, emulation requires alot, it would be better just to buy the PC version on steam or something like that

      I'm pretty sure it's just a straight port, given the "Playstation 2" logo on the icon (pictured). That denotes that it's being released simply as a PS2 Classic, which are never (AFAIK) prettied up for the PS3.

      If the graphics had been overhauled then it'd most likely be touted as GTA:SA HD (or similar) and would cost quite a bit more than if it were just a PS2 Classic re-release.

      The store items with the PS2 border around the icon are emulated to some degree: you won't see better graphics or trophies from such games.

      As far as supporting physical PS2 games on newer PS3 consoles, it probably isn't supported because (a) the emulator is not perfect and has only been tested on the games they're selling and (b) they don't want old physical copies to compete with the versions they're selling as downloads.

    Vita version?

      Nope. I think there's already a few PS2 games on the PSN (GTA III is one) and none are compatable with the vita.

    Not the first time I've read SA is coming out again, lets how its true this time.

      I see, It was posted on the HK playstation site. Guess it is coming out then.

    And again Vita misses out on something people would actually like to have on the go. lol

    There was multiplayer on SA?

      There was 1 co-op marker in each city and from there you could roam around with another person, but on the one screen, so you couldn't stray too far.

      On the other hand, the awesome PC version has an unofficial, full-blown multiplayer client with well over 10000 players on at any time, scattered over a lot of servers though (each server has it's own script created by the owners, that make the awesome happen).
      Steam version not compatible.

    Vice City! Where are you? I don't want the ghetto streets of Compton, I want the sandy beaches and the 80's nostalgia all over again. IOS version is ok, but I need a controller!! Thanks Rockstar you're the best

      San Andreas is an entire state, not just one ghetto neighborhood of Los Santos.

      Shows how much you played it.

        Hence my longing for Vice City instead of San Andreas on the PSN, everyone has their tastes, mine was just a bit more old school, although San Andreas did have a great soundtrack as well.

    San Andreas was a great game, but this makes no sense. The two things people want are HD versions featuring Trophy Support and Vita versions of all the classic GTA games. Why release the PS2 versions? Heck, why not just release the iOS versions on console and Vita and add Trophy Support? The higher def assets are already there? The worst part is that with these PS2 games releasing, the chances of getting HD versions goes down dramatically, at least any time soon... I just don't get it =\

    i had this on pc when it launched, but never got into it enough to play it. i loved VC. that game was amazing. i think i'm gonna have to grab this and give it another go. depending on price.

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