Sci-fi Strategy Lovers, Try Your Hand At Endless Space. It's Free To Play This Weekend

While Endless Space didn't quite make it as a successor to Masters of Orion II, it's still a polished, sexy 4X affair that's worth a small portion of playing time, even if it's just to examine the cut of its space-faring jib. Enter Steam, which has set Endless Space up as free to play, but only for this weekend.

As an added bonus, if you do like it, the game's currently 50 per cent off, bringing it down to $US14.99, from $US29.99. Even at $US15, it's completely understandably if you quietly pass on the deal, the golden marrow of your cash bone sucked dry during Steam's "Autumn" sale.

On a semi-related note, I was going to mention that The Witcher and its sequel were available together for less than $US10, but that deal appears to have ended. Anyone else take advantage of this and for those who have played before, is it worth playing the first game?

Endless Space [Steam]


    "is it worth playing the first game?"

    I've tried playing The Witcher 1 twice. Both times I quit because it was awful in every way. Crap interface, crap combat, crap crap crap.

      The Witcher is amazing. Therefore I disagree. Also you may have played the version before the massive update which pretty much changed everything that was crap about it. The Witcher 2 is 10x as amazing.

        It wouldn't matter what version he played, he's an internet guy. Everything is garbage for everyone if he didn't like it. Just a living stereotype.

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