Seriously. I feel as though the folks that play ScribbleTaku have levelled up their skills. I drew a frickin' vase from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Doki Doki Panic) and someone gets it in two minutes. Jesus...

Congrats to kaws for getting it right. Also congrats to leigh for making me laugh out loud!

Good luck with today's drawing!


    lode runner

    Its an apple 2e game, I used to play it!

    I mean um the dig.

    I agree with the Doctor

      Hmmm, I disagree with myself! Definitely looks like an Atari game, but more like some sort of Star Wars/Pong, or Star Wars/Outlaw mashup.

        Agreed. It would appear to be a two player 'something' (assuming of course the digits are scores)

    The score at the bottom makes me think it's combat for the Atari 2600.

      I did think that too, but Combat had the score at the top from memory

      I'm out too. Nah score is at the top not the bottom.

    These are clearly Elcor from the 8-bit version of Mass Effect.

    That vase from Mario Bros 2 is pretty damn memorable you have to admit. If you'd drawn a tree or a cave it might have been more challenging.

    My guess would be raiders of the lost ark for atari 2600.

    I'm just guessing wildly here but it looks like an atari version of Empire Strikes Back because those things look like really low res imperial walkers.

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