Racist Morons Have Serious Issues With BioShock Infinite

Racist Morons Have Serious Issues With BioShock Infinite

The BioShock games have always had a weightier tone to them than just shooting things in the face. The first game was lightly basted in an Ayn Rand marinade, while the upcoming BioShock Infinite deals with some tricky issues like racism.

The developers are to be applauded for this, but at the same time, it leaves them open to attack from those lacking in the brain cell department. Like the cheery white supremacists at racist forum Stormfront, where someone summed the game up as “The Jew Ken Levine is making a white-person-killing simulator.”

Infinite director Levine speaks at length on the issue in an interview on PC Gamer, which you should definitely read. But that bonkers comment got me wondering, what else did the self-styled fascists have to say about the game?

Here are some of the “highlights”, from a thread titled “Upcoming video game “BioShock Infinite” with common, reoccuring, Hollywood theme: ‘kill racist whitey'”. A warning: some of this is pretty nasty stuff.

A ‘racist,’ ‘violent,’ ‘backward’ world…? Oy vey indeed. The previous “BioShock” games also had very strange, borderline-deranged (if not psychotic) themes with anti-White undertones. I remember in one of the previous parts, one had to kill little White girls as the player for ‘power-ups.’ The makers, “Irrational Games,” have at least one “Cohen” amongst their staff

I wish somebody would make a game about an ethnically pure jewish utopia whose inherent aggresion and hatred of all non-jews causes the inevitable extinction of all human beings, jews included. That would be more in line with reality.


That really sucks that they made they theme of the game to destroy what is left of America. Instead it should have been killing an all-powerful federal government and racial non-white groups that bring nothing but violence and want ot end America and turn it into Africa or Mexico. And they worked so hard on that game, such a disappointment with the story line being 100% anti American and anti White.

So you go around blasting white patriots. I get it. They aren’t human, there is a “force” at work, the vox populi movement is not much better. The whole city is an evil death weapon. They promote eugenics, they hate foreigners, they love Washington, their utopia is a dystopia, due to… whatever. Essentially your still running around blasting white patriots.

I wonder how many sci-fi twists I would have to make, before I could create a game about some white midwestern townsfolk shooting hordes of samoli immigrants.

The anti nationalist sentiment is more than slightly obvious really. It looks like a jew trying to piddle on old small america.

Not surprised, the owner of Irrational Games (the company who made this) is Ken Levine, a Jew. He and his like minded clique come up with these ideas, then get their white programmers and 3D designers to make it beautiful and marketable. It is thanks to the white piss-ons that the game looks as beautiful, and has the fun playability that it does, it is thanks to Levine and the higherups that it has the propaganda that it does crowbarred into it. 99% of the people who actually make the games are white, all the designers, programmers, artist etc. But 99% of the company owners with the actual power are Jewish, such as Levine, Robert Kotick of Activision (the guys who make Grand Theft Auto) etc. Sadly the game industry is getting more and more taken over by the chosen. Anytime any small developer has any success, one of the big Jewish owned mega companies buys them out. Since games are distributed and advertised through much of the same pipelines as Hollywood movies, Jews have a temendous advantage in the industry, since as everyone knows they already control Hollywood. This means competition can be choked out, and their own games bolstered to success. Really makes me sick to watch it happen.

The next time you think a YouTube comments section is missing the point, remember, this is the internet. There’s always someone worse.

For more fun reading, check out a thread about complaints that there are too many white male protagonists in video games.

Interview: Ken Levine on American history, racism in BioShock Infinite: “I’ve always believed that gamers were underestimated.” [PC gamer]

Upcoming video game “BioShock Infinite” with common, reoccuring, Hollywood theme: ‘kill racist whitey’ [Stormfront]


  • But… aren’t Jewish folks typically white? I’m confused by this whole line of reasoning, even more so than is usually the case with this irrational fear of folks who are different for one reason or another.

    • True, (or at least as far as I know anyway) but the problem (if that’s really the best word for this) is that when they’re talking about white people, they’re meaning the Aryans (Wikipedia it).

      According to the adherents to Ariosophy, the Aryan was a “master race” that built a civilization that dominated the world from Atlantis about 10,000 years ago. This alleged civilization declined when other parts of the world were colonized after the 8000 BC destruction of Atlantis because the inferior races mixed with the Aryans.

      The Germans believed they were the descendants of the Aryan race, so took it upon themselves to cleanse their country – and if they had their way, the world – from these ‘lesser races’ which included the Jews. Problem these days is that these racist prats don’t care about that particular distinction, just they don’t like people of different skin colour and Jews, because the Nazis were pro-white so there must be a reason.

      The whole thing is a load of bollocks.

      • Oh don’t forget how the Aryans kept migrating and a whole bunch of them ended up in the Indian subcontinent. I’m still bemused by the use of the Swastika (ancient Aryan/Indian symbol) by the Nazi’s.

        • He was copying the formula laid out by the Roman Empire.

          The symbol means ‘supreme being’ and has been around a very long time in various countries. Hitler tilted it to make it more dynamic, he was one of the great marketers.

      • Great to see some people that do research! Even if its having a look on wikipedia..
        Its pretty unfortunate how Aryan, its symbol etc was “re-purposed” by the Nazis and then latched on to by insecure people trying to “have pride in their race”
        The swastika is still prevalent in Indian and Tibetan (plus many other) long standing cultures.
        Its equivalent of someone coming along taking symbols from their culture and renaming them F@#K HEAD forever after.

        Genetic diversity is hardwired into nature, we all indeed came from the same race who then migrated out from Africa (DNA research confirms this).
        Mankind changed and adapted depending on environmental factors, in nature the more diverse the gene pool the stronger and more resistant it is to disease and limiting genetic factors.

        Racists 0 Science 1

        • Well the symbol still stands. His version was tilted to resemble a diamond shape, whereas the square variant is still entirely valid.

    • These guys are referring to themselves as ‘white’ like ‘Aryan master race’ ‘nazi supermen’ or whatever BS they believe, so anyone else who isn’t a neo nazi is inferior to them, even if their skin colour is identical.

    • Trying to find reason, logic or intelligent thought from anything they spew out is always going to end in confusion.
      The simple fact is Jewish people are ‘different’ to them and different is bad in their book.

    • Hey man, I was always in the same boat as you when I saw comment about ‘Jew’s being non-white’. I was always like, ‘I get that when you stereotype you rely on generalisations, but aren’t most Jew’s white’, then I read a really great article by a jewish author title ‘Are today’s caucasian Jew’s hiding behind white privilege’. I wish I had it to link to, so you could read it yourself, but basically, what that article taught me was that right up until even the 60’s, Jewish people, regardless of their actual skin colour, were regarded as non-white by white (christians). This idea was especially common in America and parts of Europe.
      That’s right, a blonde haired, blue eyed kid would be considered as ‘bad’ as an african or chinese kid to the racists of the time. Sadly, this idea that you can’t be both white and Jewish persists amongst the knuckle draggers of the internet. So when stupid in the article above says that Jewish persons are non-white, he doesn’t actually mean their skin colour, because he is so bigoted that only a certain ‘type’ of ‘white’ skin is actually ‘white’ to him.
      Racists are messed up, but these sorts of racists are super messed up. But they probably don’t consider gays and women to be worth of ‘white rights’ either, so I think we can all be pretty clear on how much their opinion is worth (nothing).

    • These are Americans. They don’t consider Southern Europeans to be white. It’s a country that’s so committed to racial freakouts that they actually have to create new races to be racist about.

      Can’t we stop all this bigotry and racial strife and agree as an entire world to only hate South Africans because they’re all pricks?

  • Activision bought Rockstar?? And a bunch of white supremacists heard it first….

    Bigoted and uninformed, what a fantastic combination.

  • Activision (the guys who make Grand Theft Auto)
    GTA is made in Scotland by the Houser Bros. of Rockstar not ActiVision, ironicly Houser is a German name I think.
    “Irrational Games,” have at least one “Cohen” amongst their staff
    Wasn’t one of the Bosses in Bioshock names Cohen?

    Maybe these guys should have stayed in school instead of dropping out in the grade to marry their sister.

  • I guess its impressive on one level that the rock apes over at Stormfront have actually worked out how to use a computer, but I still think its a waste of time and energy to give their loathsome views any sort of oxygen or coverage.

    • Aye, I was also disappointed to see an article on Kotaku about some white supremacist website. Who really gives a fuck about what those inbred neo-Nazis think anyway?

      • Good point. It’s sort of like feeding the trolls in any situation. Just publishing this article hasn’t made anything better, but it has given four or five new people the idea that they’re not alone in their views so they must be right and now they’ve gone and joined storm front.
        I think bigoted idiots should be treated the same way we treat a badly behaved toddler, ignore them when their just making noise for attention and only give them a modicum of attention when they stop making noise and start trying to pull other peoples hair, at which point we drag them into the naughty corner and go back to ignoring them.

  • Welcome to the new millennium and digital world where your only judged by the intelligence you display. Unless the idiots can find out your skin colour, religous choice or racial background.

    Real World Racist Zealots ruin everything. I only hope I can forget this crap before I play Bioshock Infinite and it taints my experience.

    • I only hope I can forget this crap before I play Bioshock Infinite and it taints my experience.

      Quite the opposite, actually. As a poster on the Stormfront forum wrote regarding Bioshock Infinite:
      “Shooting those people is like shooting anyone on this forum”.

      Remembering this will make the game even better!

  • From the forum thread:

    The part that really bothers me is that these characters aren’t just White…
    Theyr’e US! They say the same things about racial purity and the same message about foreigners. The theme of the city itself is something anyone on the board would dream up as a perfect future White settlement.
    Shooting those people is like shooting anyone on this forum.

    Thankyou, random racist redneck, for making me look forward to this game even more than I was already!

  • Haha, racism.
    What about games where you’re killing nazis? Nazis were generally pretty much white dudes, weren’t they?

  • Why exactly is Kotaku giving them any sort of attention as though their views matter in the slighest? Duh they’re Nazi’s, its a given that anything they say is laughable. It doesnt need to be in gaming news, they need to be ignored.

    Posting this as though its not already obvious O.o

  • It’s always a sad and rather depressing experience when viewing the words and thoughts of people from the likes of StormFront. As already posted above the only thought that comes to mind is Professor Farnsworths apt “I Don’t want to Live on this Planet any longer” quip.

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