Sleeping Dogs Goes For The Full Bruce Lee With Zodiac Tournament DLC

In Sleeping Dogs, you could get a outfit that was basically what Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death. And lead character Wei Shen kicked arse in a way that paid homage to the martial arts icon. Now, the next big add-on for Square Enix' open-world hit goes even further into the funky world of 1970s kung-fu cinema with the previously teased Zodiac Tournament DLC.

Available today for 400 Microsoft points, the expansion throws Wei Shen into a fighting competition with a bunch of other combatants. The plot is straight out of Enter the Dragon, arguably Bruce Lee's biggest movie, and the villain looks a whole lot like that film's mastermind. Heck, the Zodiac Tournament promo even mimics the Enter the Dragon one-sheet. Between this new add-on and October's horror-themed Nightmare in North Front DLC, it sure seems like the folks at United Front are having a ton of fun supporting this game.


    Hyped! Can't wait for this to hit the PS3!

    This sounds awesome.. Will definitely pick this up. I wonder how long it will be though, as it seems like it is just a series of fights.

    Also, I love that Enter the Dragon poster. They don't make posters like that anymore. Kind of like a comic, with montage of cool imagery. I own that one, Star Wars Ep IV, and James Bond's The Man with the Golden Gun which is all in that same style. They are all stored away unfortunately, but I plan to have them block mounted and put up in my home theater room one of these days.

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