Some War Z Images Were Ripped From The Walking Dead

Some War Z Images Were Ripped From The Walking Dead

As promised, the strange saga of War Z just keeps getting stranger. Turns out this promo screen for zombie survival game, which was pulled from Steam earlier today, was plagiarized from The Walking Dead.

A Kotaku reader sent over the following image to show off just how much of this War Z title screen was plagiarized from other sources: (Click to expand.)


It looks like the top few photos are from fan zombie gatherings (assuming they’re not from actual zombie invasions). We couldn’t track down the bottom-left photo — I think it’s from Shaun of the Dead? — but the bottom-middle one is straight out of The Walking Dead.

The bottom-left photo, which was mirrored for the leftmost female zombie in the War Z image, is also from The Walking Dead.

Will this story ever end? Stay tuned.


    • You mean Kotaku is screwed? For spreading slander?

      Have a look at the 2 pictures they posted. The original is entirely different to the one with all the yellow circles and comparison pictures.

      • there are minor differences, but if you look there are a lot of the same.

        phase 1: Plagiarize
        phase 2: add some minor photoshop
        phase 3: ????
        phase 4: hope no one notices

        • No no, you dont get it.

          Don’t compare the 2nd image to the photos from walking dead.
          Compare the 1st image to the 2nd image.

          phase 1: take warz’s image
          phase 2: photoshop some images into it from walking dead
          phase 3: ???
          phase 4: spread lies and rumours

          • Do you work for this DEV team?

            And i do get it… i looked at the first image, and compared them directly with the photo’s, there is 4 that stand out as blatent plagiarizm. look again. not all sure, but enough mixed with the dodgy shit they have been trying too pull since the game launched for me to beleive it was fully dodgy

          • no lol.. I’ve just developed an attitude of not believing everything you see, You really aren’t looking hard enough.

            Where’s the source of the images posted above? There’s nothing. Anyone can copy/paste a companies logo over some artwork and claim that company is plagiarizing.

      • Not at all. I clearly see at least two, count them, TWO THE WALKING DEAD zombies clearly right up front, one on the right, very, very prominent and the one behind ‘begins this fall’ is another one who has been photoshopped AGAIN. Your post is so full of fail it almost hurts…

  • So just rip of some of the highest grossing zombie related films and tv shows and expect to get away with it

    Also, ripping off people from Zombie Gatherings, which is worse because they made no money

    • This. I don’t understand what they thought they would accomplish. They’ve now tarnished their reputation for good, and might be forced to make licensing reparations in addition to refunds.

  • Man, these guys are SHONKS!
    Everything from the concept, to the EULA, to the Steam postings, to the cover photos is heaps dodgy.

    Normally I wouldn’t care, but if I was one of those cosplay nerds i’d be looking at my options to make sure they weren’t making money off my stolen photo.

  • I don’t think the world has enough popcorn for this one…

    Not only are they pretty much finished in regards to their company but they’re likely now to be sued by a bunch of copyright holders for the theft of their art

  • This just keeps getting better and better, I’m refreshing the page more and more looking forward to more goss. Better entertainment than the game haha!

  • Dear god, these guys must have been really stupid, not only did the game apparently suck (i haven’t played it myself) they lied to the faces of their clientele, and then we have now learnt that they breached copy-write.
    They. are. screwed.

  • I brought it on 16th of October. Hoping it would get better, only to find that it hasn’t improved and it really is dodgy biggest mistake of my life. The Dev posts on the forums at one stage was full of troll posts. Not sure if serious…

  • I understand using references to draw in order to meet deadline, but this is ridiculous.

    When I need reference for a specific pose I trawl through the reference files/books i’ve built up and scour the interwebs, but i never COPY. You should always bring something NEW to the table, and no that doesn’t mean just slapping a photoshop filter over a swiped jpeg, it means making something that is specific to your brief, not finding stuff in google image and shoe-horning it in. Most of the time i end up taking photos of myself looking like a dumbass, holding wooden spoons (instead of knives) and brooms (instead of swords) in my boxers (they are quickly disposed off once they are no longer needed) so as to get a decent reference for the pose, but that’s a story for another day…

    This is just straight up ripping, and usually when something like this happens it’s because the artist is starved for time and resorts to quick, time saving shortcuts: ala swiping stuff from the interwebs. But in this case the artist should have been given a lot more time, as clearly the game itself wasn’t anywhere near finished.

  • I don’t understand the problem, its not like they used the actual photo… Every artist using subject matter for inspiration and even if they did use those images as the base for the displayed art there is nothing illegal about it.

    • Uhhhhh… they did use the actual photos buddy.

      They’ve photoshopped a few fringes and flipped one or two of the images, but they’ve still clearly stolen other peoples images/ art/ likenesses.

      Not saying it definitely applies here (ass covered), but there is a very good chance that this is illegal use of someone elses work and/or image.

      • Uhhhhh… you have no proof of that.

        It’s not very clear that they used the exact same picture’s… They could have used the pictures for inspiration for all you know…

        I just don’t think it’s fair to say they plagiarized before we have any ‘real’ proof.

  • This is stupid.

    Just look at the top photo, the original.. and compare it to the one with the yellow circles and comparisons. Someone has edited it.

  • Ok, so maybe I’m just not looking hard enough, there are some similarities but there are also quite a few differences, as in, enough difference to suggest that those pics might have been used as references. The poses, the blood, the lacerations, the bone structure all differ quite noticeably. It isn’t straight up plagiarism like the article suggests it is…

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