Something Vague And Encouraging About Bioshock Infinite's Ending

You can now watch the first few minutes of March 2013's BioShock Infinite online or read about the game's first four hours in a preview we published a couple of weeks ago. But BioShock beginnings are not the kinds of things BioShock fans have precedent to fret over.

BioShock endings? That's another story.

Ken Levine and his team at Irrational have long been open and frank about the awkwardness of the first BioShock's ending. Remember that boss battle? Not the game's finest moment. You'd hope that kind of thing won't happen in Irrational's Infinite.

I recently asked one of the game's writers, Drew Holmes, about the new game's ending. He wasn't going to spoil it, of course, but he said this: "It's certainly going to be something that is going to be new and unique and that people will be talking about." He added, "This is an ending that I am proud of."

This alone is encouraging, because it makes it sound like the ending of BioShock Infinite won't be conventional, which the end of BioShock 1 was — more conventional than just about anything else in the game, in fact. And it makes it seem like it's not an afterthought.

Ultimately, players will judge how good an ending it is. "Our feeling about the ending is sort of irrelevant," Holmes said. "It's up to the players to decide. I think it's definitely not an ending that people are going to be expecting."


    Stop talking about the ending of the game I am anticipating to play. T_T

    Feels sad that you finished the game and bragging about it while the rest of us have to keep waiting

    Whop no one played the ending yet. :D Happy face

    Last edited 20/12/12 11:40 am

    I still think the ending of Infinite will be the flying city crashing into the ocean and sinking where, years later, Andrew Ryan will discover and rebuild it. . . leading us into the first Bioshock.

      That makes so much sense that I now hate you for spoilers.

      Oh my. That certainly is a valid ending - but I'm sure whatever that final cuscene is - it will be good. What ever that last twist is - it will also be good. I'm actually more concerned about that last battle. It was such a let down in Bioshock and I hope they do more with it this time.

    I think that Elizabeth's abilities regarding space-time rifts will be a large component of the game's ending. Maybe something leads to the player's character reverting back to the point in time that the adventure begins? I'm seeing the option to play the game again (due to some sort of reversion to the same point in time that the game begins), with an altered storyline as a result of the decisions/ending caused by your first playthrough.

    How this would actually work? I don't know.

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