Sony Could Be Making A PlayStation Controller That Can Split In Half

Yesterday, a patent filed by Sony Computer Entertainment way back in May of 2011 was finally published, revealing designs for a new PlayStation Move controller that's essentially a Sixaxis crossbred with the OG Move and given the power to split in twain. Combiform team, eat your heart out.

The patent application (dug up by TheSixthAxis) shows that, while the idea for the "Hybrid Separable Motion Controller" is some kind of bold, the execution is mostly what you'd expect. It's just two Move-orbs jammed on top of a slightly more rectangular Sixaxis. Each half of this bad boy is also stuffed with an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, vibration capability and (ooh!) a speaker.

With the Sixaxis already weighing in somewhere between "a feather" and "aerogel", you've gotta wonder how satisfying it would be to wield just a chunk of one, to say nothing of the fact that it would have attachment components and a big glowing sphere sticking out of it. Several drawings even depict twin wrist straps extending from each handle. Riiiight...

Whether this Seth Brundle level creation will ever hit production remains to be seen, but coupled with last month's revelation of a temperature reactive Move, it certainly seems like Sony has designs on shaking up their peripherals. I admire the gesture towards synchronizing traditional controller and motion gaming, but somehow this doesn't look like the future. Missing from the patent: Autobot or Decepticon?


    Looks pretty cool. Integrated Move could make some game controls interesting.

    Why the hell did Sony not just do this in the first place? or put an analogue on the Move so that its a move and a nav... combined!!! But... this controller is like gurren lagann!

    I really hope they redesign the PlayStation controller for the PS4. Take it too the next level Sony, like you did with the original Dual Shock.

    And bring back the proper length handles. Nice that they considered the dwarf for the PS3 controllers though.

      The dwarf community*

    Hopefully for the PS4 they mostly leave the design untouched, but maybe add a lightbar which can interact with the PS camera and if they can, squeeze a touchpad on the upper surface to add another way to move the cursor...could even double as an extra button.

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