Sony 'Employee' Review: I Don't Think Orbis Will Sell Well

Will the next PlayStation have more of a casual focus than its predecessor? One person claiming to be a former senior manager at Sony seems to think so, posting in a Glassdoor review of the company that he doesn't think Sony's next-gen system, codenamed Orbis, will do very well.

As pointed out by Kotaku columnist Superannuation, who discovered the review, this sort of casual focus would seem to align with the Orbis sketches we reported earlier this year.


    If this is actually somewhat true, it doesn't look good at all. How could Sony lose their way so quickly with the mistakes they made with the PS3, PSVita, 3D TVs and the Move? It boggles the mind, it really does.

    Looks like it's a 720 or Steam Box for me then. Nice knowing you Sony, gone the way of the once great Nintendo. Buried under gimmicks and 'Social' wank.

    Oh, merry Xmas Kotaku!

    I think that's a fair observation on Sony's PlayStation brand, they lost the "casual" market that served them so well in latter days of the PS2 to the Wii and iOS/android devices this Gen.

    With rumours of the next Xbox having kinnect built in and a basic casual model Sony should court the "core" market with a high power games focused unit, whether Sony's struggling corporate finances can afford to "go big" next Gen remain to be seen.

    I would have to agree with the glass review. I thought about getting a Vita (had a psp), but came to conclusion that I don't need one to enjoy the games I love. I find myself slowly switching back to PC from PS3 because a lot of games are becoming multi-platform these days.

    I'm not even remotely excited about Orbis, or any next gen console!

    I'm getting a PS Vita today for Xmas (I figured out what the gift was :) - mega excited. I've even overcome the fact that I now need to buy a tiny 32GB memory card for $100 :(
    However with PSN+, it makes sense.

    Like Akuma, I'm not excited about any next gen consoles either. My 4 yr old PC is faster and far more powerful, I've been enjoying max settings in 94% of all games @ 1680x1050 .
    Current gen XB & PS do most games at 1280x720!!

    The PS3 was the first Playstation I've owned. I used to hate PSx and PS2 as I was constantly defending the N64 or the Xbox. This gen, I've got all 3 consoles and wow, what a disappointment. The exclusives were hardly worth the purchases. Honestly, the 360 is all anyone needed this time.
    So having said that, the PS4 will be of interest to me only if the PSN+ continues (oh, some good games are needed too!).

    I really hope this isn't the case. Strong competition benefits everyone, and Nintendo seems to be intent on playing by themselves.

    Another slow start like the Vita would probably be the end of Sony.

    However I should also point out that this guy, a 'former' exec, sounds like he's got a lot of sour grapes. Why are we giving a random comment on some site somewhere any credence at all?

      I was wondering the same thing. There's nothing to indicate that he ever even worked there other than his own say-so. This is no more reliable than "my mate's cousin works for Sony and he said..."

      Realistically all Sony need to get more Vita's out in the world is Capcom back on their side cranking out monster hunter.

      It's a weirdly unknown statistic but the PSP has sold more units than the the Xbox 360 or the PS3 (by something like 10 million), all on the back of that fucking series.

    Buthurt consumer or buthurt exemployee, fake fake fake fake

    Seems a bit confusing. On one hand, the person is saying 'Orbis won't sell well because it isn't appealing to the casual audience', then on the other they say 'Appeal to core gamer, not casual, because casual is low margin'. What the?

      i noticed this also, conflicting statements are conflicting :/ either way i'd like both sony and microsoft to take a step back and genuinely ask themselves what needs improving and why, then take that to the game developers. dont just rush for fast cash.

    I read this as Sony attempting to appeal to the casual market with Orbis, but in a way that won't work, while ignoring the core gamer market. Loss - Loss.

    Im not too sure... As bad as every thing is... The bad 3d TVs the bad marketing and price of the vita and the poor adoption of move, The PS3 is still strong... I mean, there are nearly as many sold ps3s as there are xboxes and xbox came out a full year before... But honestly, the ps3 is going strong especialy with core gamers with thier exclusives and PS+ not anly that but more ps3's get turned on and used for games than xboxs... it just seems that there are so many missinformed people that just cant wait to take it out on sony. Now look, im not saying they are perfect, i know they skrewed up alot. But the ps3 is still a great product. On the other hand the hardware for the next box and ps4 is alittle low, but still 10x what current consoles have. Now look, i dont plan on buying a ps4 or and xbox3 cos my pc is good enough, but i WILL buy both consoles as soon as each of them have enough GREAT EXCLUSIVES and if next gen is anything like this gen, then its far more likely that ill end up with a ps4 and not a xbox3 cos Sony has had amazing exclusives this gen... Not that Halo and gears arent AMAZING, its just that its not a massive reason to buy a console just for gears and halo...

    Also, if ps+ continues noext gen that would be a draw card for me... I just guess that we cant tell for sure... Im mean, ill probably end up with a xbox3 and ps4 but it will be after a while... cos in the end you buy a conslole for its amazing exlusives... My pc can run EVERYTHING ELSE.

      And its funny cos everyone sais sony want to apeal to the casual market, but the last thing Sony ofissially said was that they dont cair if they are the most expensive console on the market, as long as they have the best hardware so they can serve better core games... Idk, articles like this seem to me like they just want to create a stir or push opinions using only info they find that suports thier mind set... Once again, im not a sony fan boy or xbox fan boy... its just that both companies did some stupid stuff, like move and kinect or psn hacks and red rings on xbox, but aparently only the ps4 will fail and sony is just dead?

        You're clearly also not a spelling and grammar fan boy either.

    I agree.. I have both consoles and they both have strong and weak points. I don't understand all the Sony bashing of late, Microsoft has screwed up just as much as Sony, and that's okay, no one is going to do everything right. And I agree, both next gen consoles seem very, very close power wise, and not as powerful as I would have liked (My pc trumps). So again, I agree, I will probably end up with a PS4 before a Xbox 3 because of the exclusives.

      I think it's mainly because the PS3 got off to a terrible start. To be honest, the fact they were able to recover from that first year or two to be where they are today is practically miraculous, but those first impressions last. It's also not helpful that most major gaming sites are US based, so most of the figures they quote show the 360 outselling the PS3 and that's the slant they put on the news despite the fact that the PS3 has been outselling the 360 globally for years.

    I normally get every console but I have always had a wicked PC that I play on as a preferred platform.
    My PS3 get's used a bit for the exclusive stuff like GT, Tekken, Uncharted, GOW etc etc. My 360 and wii for the same thing.
    What I have noticed over the last 2 years is I play PC ALOT and PS3 once or twice a week and not touch the other two. These days with multi platform and so few exclusives I see no benefit in owning all the consoles unlike the Mega Drive, PSx, N64 days.
    I will get a PS4 (Orbis whatever) IF and only IF there are heaps of exclusives and if not will just stick to PC onlone enjoying Steam, GoG etc.
    The days of consoles overtaking PC seem to be reverting back to people playing on more powerful PC's and upgrading when they feel like it rather than being console preferred.

    For me, being able to install old games whenever I like and modding games is just as much a benefit over consoles as running higher graphics settings. So why would I buy the console version? Even the consoles versions are now being sold needing patches just like bad PC releases, the consoles are no longer disc in and off you go like the cartridge and CD-Rom days.

      Exactly, the consoles strongest factor is their software content and perhaps for those of us that cannot afford to always have an uber PC.

    Sony are in a whole bunch of financial trouble, which is why I'll be steering clear of their next console until the content is there.

      That is reasonable thing to say. Just remember they need to sell things to make money so when they do provide the content to get people to buy we need to actually buy it and not stall hoping to get it cheaper. otherwise we may sink them and loose the good content.

      Sony respond well to tough times. Just look at the bang for buck PS+ is.

    Cons : ps4 will not sell well with the casual audience
    Advice : focus on core gamers
    these statements are kind of conflicting

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