South Park: The Stick Of Truth Gets A Hilarious Trailer, But No Release Date

As irreverent and ribald as you expect South Park to be, here is the trailer for South Park: The Stick of Truth, which premiered at the Video Game Awards. It gives you a look at the game's playable classes, plus all sorts of cameos from the show's long run, and elsewhere (is that Master Control from Tron?) No release date, though.


    Do wonder if it is going to be censored though. I think I am old enough to hear a few curse words.

      The game won't be censored. 100% guarantee you :)

        Everywhere else in the world and I'd be inclined to believe you. . . in Australia however. . . I'm not so certain.

          By time the game comes out, Australia will have the R18+ category so it will not be any more censored than other countries.

            So you're saying the game isn't coming out in the next 3 weeks?

              I'll believe that when I see it. When politicians are involved things go wrong and results are not what we expected because of caveats.

              Correct. I doubt THQ have enough money to ship a game ATM.

          Actually it'd still get released over here.
          The only time our aussie classification board raise an eyebrow is with games that are really violent, but as already stated - our R18+ classification comes int effect on the 1st Jan.

        Well you were VERY wrong:

        Ubisoft has censored the game, looks like only the US version will be uncensored.

          Uhhh thanks for digging this up, I guess?

      i kinda want it to be censored - ive watched uncensored dvd/bluray of southpark... you sometimes dont even notice the swearing.

      the censored beeps seem to break the narrative and implicitly imply something bad was said - so you actually know there was a swear word, u think about what it would have been which i feel adds to the story.... uncensoring it tends to make it less amusing in my opinion

        I'd like it to be censored, simply because I don't like hearing the swears... most of the time. There's a small number of South Park moments where the swearing makes the joke funnier, but many that make it less so. Eh, easy way - have an uncensored/censored option.

          It's funnier with he bleeping honestly. Especially when Cartman goes on long extended swearing rants.

        Much the same. I much prefer the intential censorship vs the uncut audio. It's funnier for whatever reason.

      I find it funnier when the offensive words are beeped. I hope I'm not alone.

        Oh you are not alone but I would much prefer an option to turn it on or off rather than the option being taken out of our hands all together.

    This is my most anticipated game of next year. It looks great, and it really looks like they've delivered on their promise of making you feel like you're in an episode of SP. Also Kenny dressed as what looks to be Zelda is just icing on the cake!

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    This game looks so awesome! And the master control looking guy was Moses I think from one of the really early seasons. Can't wait to see how many cameo's they get into this.

    You obviously have no idea how these legislation's are processed.

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