Star Wars Collection ‘Appraised’ At $120,000 Up For Sale

Star Wars Collection ‘Appraised’ At $120,000 Up For Sale

And you thought a $US8000 action figure collection was impressive.

A man from Waco, Texas is selling an enormous lot of Star Wars merchandise on Craigslist, which he began collecting in 1977 and which he says has been valued at over $US120,000.

Included in the sale are a life-size statue of Han Solo frozen in carbonite, “all” vintage figures (with nearly 100 “mint on card”), a pinball machine, autographs from Star Wars cast members, expensive replica props/toys and more, so much more there’s “too much to list”.

Is it all actually worth the $US35,000 that’s being asked? Who knows, a collection is worth only as much as someone is willing to pay for it. If you think that’s you, the listing is below, knock yourself out.

Large Star Wars Collection – Perfect for Christmas – $US35000 (Waco) [Craigslist — Thanks Thresher!]


    • Yeah because every collector of star wars is a kid who lives in the basement. For all you know, this guy could have a wife and kids and is selling the collection because he has fallen on hard times so your comment is utter Stereotypical BS.

      • C’mon dude, it’s a stereotype because it’s true. I’ve heard of quite a few guys having to give up hobbies and sell all their gear because their significant other has demanded it.

      • No need to get all butthurt my friend. People need to learn how to take things more lightheartedly and jokingly. You should try it some time, I know I have a good laugh out of it when someone pulls that card on me

      • Not a kid who lives in a basement but more like a middle aged man.
        The article states that he began collecting in 1977.
        Also, did you not notice the double bunks?
        The top may be pristine star wars sheets but it looks like someone has been nesting on that bottom bunk.

  • Wonder if they’re better off selling before or after the new star wars movies, and the increased attention this would generate.

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