Steam Sales... Have Mercy

I'm starting to notice a pattern. Here's what Steam sales do: they hand pick the games you kind of half want. The ones you didn't really plan to buy day one. The ones you know you'd buy and never play. The ones some of your friends briefly mentioned enjoying but you never quite got round to playing. Those are the games that get discounted. Those are the ones you buy and never play. These are the sales that steal food from your family's mouth. The sales currently going on at this precise minute only serve to confirm this.

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Spec Ops: The Line is the perfect example. So many people have raved about this game. Not really my thing I thought to myself. But noooooo. It's $10.17US on Steam, reduced by 66%. What am I supposed to do with this information!?

The Walking Dead — currently sitting at 50% off. Only $12.49US for the entire season. A lot of folks have played it, it's starting to knock over a few Game of the Year awards. 'Bugger it', you think. 'I'll buy it and never play it!'

Hotline Miami — there's another one. Only $4.99US. The two Rocksteady Batman games, 75% off. Arkham City is $7.49US.

See — a pattern. It's the games you think you're going to play that matter. Those are the ones that getcha. It's a conspiracy. No doubt in my mind...

Yep. A lot of good sales currently going on at Steam. Check it out and go broke.


    Grabbed Anno 2070 and I am actually enjoying it :)

      Me too - and also loving it :)
      I thought it was a sim-city/cities XL type of game, but was pleasantly surprised.

      The Anno games are fantastic and I can not recommend them enough but I can suggest checking out a youtuber called nanosuitninja, here is his channel link
      He makes lots of videos for Anno and is funny as hell, also if you like 2070 check out 1404 (nano has a wildcard vid about I think), its pretty much the same thing but a little less complicated (no ark) but still deep and of course the year 1404 and is also fantastic.

        Thanks for the suggestion.. the reason I like 2070 so much is that it has that kind of "settle a new planet" feel even though it's on Earth of course. Also the high tech look in contrast with the lush tropical islands is really striking and draws me into the game.

        EDIT: Ahh yes, that guy. I watched the first beginner's guide of his after getting lost in the game early on. Everyone says that the main campaign IS the tutorial.. but really, it's not that good for beginners.. there are a lot of little things that are not mentioned that are real sticking points within the game.

        I knew it was going to be less like Sim City and XL Cities when I got it.. and that's why I got it. I already have XL Cities 2012 and while it is a deep simulation, I much prefer the style that Anno has to the gameplay..

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    To those that have not bought The Walking Dead. Please buy it.

      Act 1 was so good but Act 2 is soooooo slooooooooowwwww.....

        I actually loved Act 2's pacing, it deliberately starts off slowly but the mounting tension is amazing. By the end of it my heart was actually racing.

        That's probably my second favourite Act, after 5.

      I'd buy it, but due to my creditcard having a hold on it (unauthorised transactions were attempted, so stuck waiting for a new card to arrive in the mail.

      Already had a friend buy a few for me, but considering I owe him about 40 bucks by now, I'll have to let it slide.

    This is the first year I haven't bought anything. Partly because I'm broke and partly because Train Simulator was the only one I kind of wanted.

    Not sure what sucks more, getting tons of steam games and never playing them or resisting buying the steam sale, even with some games that you want and then seeing friends who bought them and say its awesome and then regretting not getting it at the sale price lol. Oh Steam you torture me.

    This is why I constantly use the wishlist. If it's not on the list, I don't buy it... most of the time...

    The only thing I've purchased is Home. It's possibly one the most atmospheric games I've ever played.

    Well i just picked up Arma 2 for $12.50 on Green man Gaming :). Although i found out after i bought it that its not a steam key and must be downloaded through their own service :( oh well, cant really complain when i got it so cheap

    The Batman games are ace, played the crap out of both of them and they are awesome in 3d.

      ^The Arkham games are probably two of the best games of this generation me thinks.

    Steam Xmas sales are for the gamer with a disposable income (government welfare...)
    I didn't buy anything this year because the sales have been shit (like most years)
    Actually, the only decent sales I saw would have been the Arkham City /Asylum pack for $12.95, but they are quite old now, and lousy compared to the console versions.

    So many good games for sale Q_Q thank god I got a bit extra thanks to Christmas to spend. So I picked up Dead Rising 2 + Expansion & DLC, Max Payne 3, a friend gifted me CS:GO another gifted me Farming Simulator 2013 (it's a good game alright) and another mate gave me Spec Ops: The Line.

    Also bought a few friends some games.

    Waiting to see if Tony Hawk gets any cheaper if so HELLO!

    Haha sounds like you hit the nail on the head with this article - Problem is it doesn't stop us from buying more and more games 1/3 never even get downloaded or atleast played and 1/3 have playtimes under 3hours :s

    Picked up Deadlight and am loving it. Haven't bought too much else though. Sine Mora, Max Payne 1 and 2 and Ticket To Ride (epic board game - hoping the PC version is good).

    I've got my eyes on Mark of the Ninja if it goes to 50% off.

    Personal opinion. Aussies aren't getting too many decent deals because games are so overpriced for us on Steam as it is. Some discounts don't even get us below other regions (US and UK) normal price.

    Personal opinion #2. Thank god for the indie games because the big studios aren't releasing much that compels me to want to buy from them.

      I'm pretty sure Mark of the Ninja was 50% off on Boxing Day.

      Great game!

    I nabbed 5 copies of torchlight 2 gifted 4. Then went along my friends wish lists and bought them randoms from it.

    Ah 5am Christmas morning.

    Little disappointed so far this year. Have only bought two games and they were both from GreenManGaming.

    Lego Lord of the Rings for $10 while steam only had it at $30 for a daily deal and Sleeping Dogs for $11, again a better deal than what Steam offered during its flash sale.

    Games I've got so far in these sales:
    From Green Man Gaming:
    Hitman : Absolution
    Sleeping Dogs
    Devil May Cry 4
    From Steam:
    I am alive
    Mark of the Ninja

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