Steam Wants To Take On GameFAQs, Testing 'Game Guides'

Valve began rolling out a new Steam beta feature today: game guides. The aim is exactly what you're thinking it is.

Anyone can make a guide, and they'll be accessible on a game's "hub" page, as you can see above. You can upload images, embed YouTube vidos and rope in friends on your friends list to help out.

The fact it has images and video, is tapping into a passionate community and will be accessible form within Steam make this sound very cool. Hopefully it's not too long before people get cracking on them.

New Steam Community Feature Beta - Game Guides [Steam]


    This has the potential for awesome.

    What exactly is wrong with Gamefaqs?

    This is just gonna be a bunch of Gamefaqs guides that get copied to Steam just like they are copied to other sites. Nothing special, and un-needed I think.

      Nothing is wrong with gamefaqs, in fact the service they've been running for god knows how long has been excellent.

      This is just another move by Valve to become the 'be all and end all' for PC gaming. They want to be the one place you go for everything.

      I'm guessing this would be integrated into the Steam HUD so you can access it easily while you're playing a game fullscreen; handy for those without multiple monitors.

    Looks like they're taking a leaf out of Google's book and throwing copious amounts of shit at the wall to see what sticks. That's fine, but I'm concern that it comes at the cost of other priorities. They should instead be working on improving the sluggish browser that most of their service runs off. It runs webkit, which is a fast engine, yet the load times for anything are atrocious. I much rather alt-tab out to Chrome than use the overlay browser, which is a shame. The building all of this infrastructure over a very poor browser is not a good idea for the future.

    Also, obligatory 'why no HL3' comment here. :P

    Finally, this giant floating toolbar on the mobile site is giving me the shits and occasionally floating over the textbox while I type. Why does it even exist? I'm perfectly capable of scrolling to the top of a page by myself - we should be able to disable it. :(

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    while certainly one of the biggest, gamefaqs is not the only site to find game guides, just steams joining the many websites that do.

    This can be easily done through use of the steam overlay (if it dont glitch out and crash). this concept doesnt seem that significant, just more convenience.
    For me personally if i need to run a guide i will use my laptop (phone and tablet also viable), much easier

    Having 'Be the first to create a guide for this game' only encourages firstism that many a child indulges in.

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