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    This has been bugging me for a few days now, and I think I might have finally put a finger on it.
    Why I don't like Hitman Absolution:

    Story: Niggle here, but it sort of leads into the next point. It's a not very good story, and it's poorly told. I know I can ignore it and skip it, but it is something they've put into this Hitman game, and watching these cutscenes hinder more than help.
    Death: And so because of the story, you don't actually fulfil contracts. You kill people, but the single player campaign doesn't have you fulfilling contracts (although there is a separate 'Contract' mode, which seems pretty good). It's a subtle difference that I think is a pretty heavy point in terms of the concept of a 'Hitman' game. In Blood Money, each new contract was a new level, a new set up. The Opera level in Blood Money is an excellent example of this; stage prop malfunction or faulty fixtures were the two best and unique ways to complete that contract. Absolution has a few varieties of ways to kill people, but there's rarely much to it; just some path prediction and then a tap of a button. There's rarely ever a reason to make things look like an accident in Absolution, which I feel were the best, most fun and most satisfying ways to fulfil a contract, and I think Absolution lacks that satisfaction for many of the people I've killed thus far.
    Shift of gameplay: This is now a third person stealth game? For, you know, various reasons, you basically have to sneak everywhere. And I don't think this game has a particularly good cover or line of sight system for sneaking around. Bundled with that, this has become core gameplay, in exchange for meticulous planning.
    Disguises have limited effect now; if you're in disguise A, people who dress up as A will eventually recognise you're not one of them. Realistically speaking, I can understand this, although it is a bit extreme for everyone to know everyone, which they seem to do. Gameplay-wise, I think it negates the purpose of a disguise if you only get an extra 2 seconds of buffer time before someone comes after you. On small levels with multiple disguises, it's okay. Staff will know other staff, cops patrolling Chinatown are bound to know each other... I don't know why the hell a Chinese chef would care enough to blow my disguise, but I guess maybe my people don't like tall, bald, foreigners taking our cooking clothes because we are racist like that. However, I am up to a level where there are 20 guys walking around, all with the same disguise. If they're going to get suspicious of me either way, why give me a disguise?
    Conflicting goals: The game continually tells you that the mark of a true assassin is one that does things silently and only ever really harms the intended target. It seems like a professional attitude to take; the concept of no collateral damage. Yet then why would you give Agent 47 perks that lets the player treat it as a third person shooter? Why give him increased damage, reduced recoil, and the ability to take more damage? Tell me to go around quietly, but you give me the ability to completely forgo that, and it seems that that might be a more forgiving, easier option to go with.

    I've spoilered it here because I feel like it possibly might be one of those things you don't realise until it's been pointed out to you, and I don't really want to ruin anyone's experience of Absolution by clouding their perception by giving them my vision.

    Curious as to what other people think of the game though.

      Here's why I liked Hitman Absolution:

      He looks funny when he wears a hat.

      Your last point is one of the things that bugs me about Assassin's Creed III.
      In the first game Altair had all his equipment taken away because he'd killed indiscriminately but in the latest game especially (it was tending this way in the Ezio games, but Ezio was a thug and didn't have any training so it was more understandable), they don't seem to care how many bodies you leave lying around. There's no way to just kill your targets and nobody else. There's so much unneccssary killing even as part of the main missions. It's like Connor's a one-man army just killing everyone he sees. For instance, one mission has you commanding the Patriots against the Redcoats to defend Concord where I'm pretty sure the Assassin Order is supposed to stay out of things like that, plus when that mission ends if you go back to Concord, the Patriot guards are suddenly your enemies again and will attack you just for walking around, even though they were just a second ago taking orders from you. You can't even sneak past wolves, bobcats and bears because they'll attack you at first sniff and it's either kill them or die because killing wolves and bears is now a quick-time event so you can't even run away to let the animals live. I had to kill a mother bear with a cub due to this. :(

        This so much. And especially the last bit.
        Hunting animals in games always makes me sad. I hated doing it in RDR, and I really hate being forced to do it here. That said, I have since become so desensitised to it, that they're just item repositories now (like running chests), and I even tried to take down a bear cub (didn't work). I don't really like that, and now stay off the frontier unless I have no choice but to go there.


      Replied! :D


        How's things there? are they Greener?

          Not bad, not bad, just waiting to reach page 2 so I can post something where people can see it :P

            hahahaha, yeah that's the 1 downside I have noticed with TAY

    Hi all, I posted this in OldTAY, but that's now old.

    Last night, I dreamed I was at work and being performance evaluated. I was given advance notice by colleagues that my boss particularly didn't like the way I dressed at work (jeans casual). /o\

    But then a zombie apocalypse began, right there in the office! \o/ (Unfortunately, I didn't get to explore the full ramifications of this, because I was woken up by my alarm)

    I don't think there's any misinterpreting this dream.

    Edit: In related news, I have The Walking Dead disc edition sitting in my Play-Asia cart. Undecided. With the exception of my GTAV pre-order, $35 is the most I have paid for a game for... ages.

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      Damn wish I had dreams like this. Last dream I had that I can recall was more hair was thinning out, it isn't and is something that is not common in our family but still it freaked me out. Zombie Apocalypse I could deal with. Going bald, no thanks >.>

      Last night I dreamed of work.

        For about a year when I started working I would constantly dream about school. I have no idea why. =/

      I think your dreams are trying to tell you something... but what? :P

      Morning Shane! You're awesome! :D

        Morning, D.C.! You are deluded, but no less awesome for it.

        @dc So, $35 for TWD disc? Should I get it? Should I let my mother-in-law buy it for me for Christmas?

          I definitely think it's worth that price and isn't that what mother-in-laws are for? :P

          Did you get confirmation on the region freeness? Your best bet is to wait for Play-Asia to update it (if they haven't already) or let someone else ask the question elsewhere.

          I told ya you should've told them you had a PAL Xbox! TellTale said it would play on a US Xbox fine but that wasn't your question :(

            Telltale says:

            I do not believe the disc itself will be region locked, however being NTSC only you may experience a large number of issues trying to play the game outside of the US. I have been told that if you have a US console that you are using outside the country, you should be able to play the disc. However, you mention not having an internet connection. Please be aware that even if the game does work, we have released Title Updates for this game that you will not be able to get without going online at least once.

            We won't be distributing the retail version of the Walking Dead directly. To acquire the disc, you can pre-order or purchase directly from all major retail distributors in the US.

            I think it should be okay.

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              "however being NTSC only you may experience a large number of issues trying to play the game outside of the US"

              "I do not believe" sounds real vague and still doesn't give you a definitive answer so I dunno man :P! Not trying to crush your hopes and dreams (OR AM I?), just making sure you don't drop money on a product that isn't going to work.

              Who is publishing the disc for them? That'll give a good idea regarding region. Some publishers lock everything, some don't lock at all.

    Good MonTAY morning everyone

      'sup, man! What's new?

        Not alot dude

        Saturday night in the city with my friend, Sunday bludging

        AC3 spoilers to follow
        Got past the stupid bit of AC3 where you are in the present time as Desmond at a soccer game that I kept fucking up

        How bout you?

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          Nothing new at all. Haha! Also might be worth noting that those are AC3 spoilers! :D

            Thanks man, I didn't think of it like that

            As if I would spoiler alert what my friend and I did, or include it here at all, it was a quiet night, and those are the best.

            How bout that heat this weekend dude? so bad!

              Wasn't too bad here in Brisbane, but it's the calm before the storm. Going to get really humid, real quick. :D

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                Screw that!

                So hot here man, air con was on for hours

                I think I may have melted into a puddle, I am not sure

    Hey Tay!! Far Cry 3 this week, yay!! Anyone been enjoying the sometimes organized chaos that is Planetside 2? TR represent.

      TR, hey? How does it feel to work for the COMMUNISTS.

      Turn traitor and join the NC. We have rock music.

        Haha no can do. Most of the people I know playing from Whirlpool forums are TR. Plus have met tons of good people on TR. Though yes your music almost swayed me ;)

      Hey, FAR CRY 3!!!!!!! I'm so excited.

        I know right. The editor looks like it will be tons of fun to. It's the awesome editor from Far Cry 2 with Land Sharks!!

          Exactly! It should be awesome. I loved the roller-coasters people made in Far Cry 2.

    Morning everyone.
    I'm hoping to be productive today.
    We'll wait and see if that actually happens though.

      Pshhhh, being productive is overrated. Persona'ing on the other hand ...

        I was persona'ing but now I'm going to be productive!

    Morning Everyone. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I have a serious case of the Mondays right now

      Good morning.

      I haven't had any caffeine yet. Also, I'm back in my PJs again even though I've already been out this morning. It's just too hot and oppressive for clothes. There'd better be the payoff of a storm soon.

        I am at work, wearing a tie, and my grey business shirt

        I would kill to be in Pajama's

          The best thing about my job is that I get to work in my PJs. :D

            I wish I could man

            I would catch the train to Sydney to work in them, no shame ;P

    Mo'nin all, hope your weekend treated you all well.
    In between catching up with friends I spent some time playing some Halo 4, smashed quite a few rounds of King of the Hill and did pretty well. Feels good when you have a loadout that just suits a certain game mode perfectly and it all just comes together :)

    Morning everyone. Im still in noosa so i'll keep this short and fill you in when im back on thursday. But I popped the question to bianca a couple of days ago and I am officially engaged! Just thought you guys might like to know :) hope everyone is doing well. Much loopy love for all.

      Grats man! Glad to hear it went well!

      Holy carp man, congrats =D

      Congrats, man. That's some awesome news to wake up to. I wish you guys nothing but the best! :D


      Excitement plus, well done. Always a relief when they say yes ;)

    Baldur's Gate comes out this week! Majority of my teen years was spent playing that game ... Yes I am a huge nerd!

      Anyone who hasn't played it is way less cool than either of us!

      I'm actually really looking forward to this. I was never into RPGs when I was younger so I never got to experience this. Can't wait to get amongst it!

      I loved it but there was so much to do I never managed to finish the game. Very much looking forward to the EE, maybe I'll even finish it this time, but it'll have to wait until next year.

    Mornin' TAY!
    Played The Walking Dead start to finish over the weekend. Such a brilliantly fantastic game, and I've never been really in to adventure games.
    I know everyone's heard it a thousand times, but you really should get this game if you haven't already.

      I would like to add to that.
      I played about 1.5 episodes yesterday and the TAY hype train needs to slow down a bit.
      It's a pretty good game, and I must say I'm not a massive fan of adventure games like this, but it sure as hell isn't GOTY.
      The main choices seem fairly arbitrary. You can't skip long talking sections if you died, which makes me not want to replay any of it to see other outcomes.
      And at least so far, there haven't been any real puzzles.
      I'm playing on normal so all the things I can interact with are highlighted, which makes it all pretty much click on everything you can. On the other hand I imagine that not being able to see those things would get incredibly frustrating as the game is very linear. I haven't come across a problem that can be solved in multiple ways (if you could call them problems at all).

      I'll still play through it because I like the story but I don't find it as good a I expected it to be.
      Also why is there no option to kill Larry yet? It would make the game that much easier. When he punches you in the pharmacy, I would have put the axe through his head the second I saw him next.

    After talking with @batguy about the Dolphin emulator at Shiggy's birthday dinner, I installed it and started playing XENOBLADE at 1080p last night! It was glorious!

    Till I tried to tweak some settings and crashed it.

    Also: FOUR MORE DAYS TILL WII U! I'm excited, but now even more disappointed that it doesn't upscale Wii games.

    More stuff from Shiggy's birthday:

    People groped their boobs for some reason.
    Pez is seeing a lady. she's a bit of a vamp. She sucks a bit though. That bites. Maybe we can nom him this week? or am I being rash? Cruising for a bruising? (In case I'm being a bit vague, his neck was one giant love bite)
    Ruffles got drunk and passed out. Remarkably, he wasn't thrown out of the pub.
    #35 seems to have bought beer for some folks all night long.
    Shiggy got a Playboy Covers book. Boobs were looked at in public.
    Shiggy also ordered some strange (Hi @Strange) bavarian beer/coke mixture.
    there was probably some other fun stuff, but I can't remember.


    Last edited 26/11/12 9:11 am

      Sounds like an alright night, I guess.

      Where did you doods/doodettes go?

        Bier cafe! Giant beers!

          Bavarian or Belgian? Bavarian is better quality but Belgian offers Steins (1L)!

          Last edited 26/11/12 10:54 am

            Bavarian. I had wheat beers and a pork knuckle, then the remainder of Batgirl's dinner. She was going to let the schnitzel go to waste!

      So much pun...

        I'm still amazed by the fact that Ruffles didn't get booted out.

          Everytime the guy came over to collect the empties I thought it would happen.

            It was a trendy bar. They probably thought he was doing it ironically. Plus they shut at 12 anyway.

      I TOLD YOU! HOW GOOD IS DOLPHIN? It will be a massive missed opportunity if we never get backwards compatible up scaling on the Wii U. Dolphin shows that the software is capable, it was just the hardware holding it back.

      What sort of CPU are you throwing at it? I tried running it emulated and my old i5 750 couldn't keep up.

      Aleph, my friend. What's new?

        Trying to construct an email demanding 2 weeks paid 'extra' leave, without sounding like a little turd.

        It's hard being civil :S

          Need some help? I know about workplace stuff. And I do words sometimes in books.

            I *may* take you up on that offer man :)
            Right now though, it's helping me look busy. Which is ridiculous. Mondays are my busiest day, and yet I can't start because the bloke with my workload isn't here /o\

            Got it, I think. Either way, I'll get a definitive answer that'll hopefully see me with some extra dosh to line my pockets for my holiday :D

            Thanks so much man!

              Good luck! They need to treat their long-standing employees well after all.

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    So Total Recall (2012) is a damn good movie. And to think I gave it no credit whatsoever. Still doesn't hold a candle to the original (which is one of my favourites of all time. OF ALL TIME!) but a great movie in its own right.

    Plus Kate Beckinsale.

      Deja vu.

      Another movie that I've let slip past me.

      Last edited 26/11/12 9:21 am

        No idea what you are talking about. You must have had a second dream last night :P

        Also, I watched Memento on the weekend

      I don't think I've ever seen Kate Beckinsale in a movie that doesn't feature vampires.

      I'm all for the two leading ladies in the new Total Recall, be every single person I know who went to see it (apart from you apparently) says it's the worst movie they've seen in a very long time.
      Sounds like a big call, but they are quite adamant.
      I've got it but haven't watched it yet.

        It's not an intelligent movie but its stylish, fun and fast paced without being chaotic. It's not pretending to be anything else so I don't know why people berate it for not being something else.

          Also the fight scenes are brilliantly choreographed and shot. They just film people doing the fight scene, not editing together 100 jump cuts in 2 mins.

            Oh god, so sick of Bourne film wannabes. I dont think I've seen anyone do that well since Bourne. Its why I loved The Raid so much, action was shot as you described, and it was glorious.

        I personally enjoyed it more than the original... "Burn him at the stake"...

      i thought so too... good remake, same as the new Dredd!

      PS, Messaged you for some blops 2 on the weekend!

        Ya. I replied in the affirmative an started playing but you never turned up :(.

        I got so sad and desperate I started playing with DAN! :P

          NOoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! i waited for ages for a response, and when i didnt get one i took some pills, (for my headache), and went back to walking dead!

          Last edited 26/11/12 9:47 am

        I watched the new Dredd last week and thought the same thing.
        I'm actually tentatively considering attending PAX as a judge

    Morning everyone. My copy of Hitman was on my desk this morning when I got into work

      Do you know what was at my desk this morning?



        Upvote for witty comment not Monday morning work :(

    Morning all! for those that werent on TeamSpeak and didnt hear my constant cursing, heres the low down of well, what went down.

    So.... i bought walking dead a few months ago... I cant remember why, but i played it in offline mode, and for some unknown reason, i never got the achievements, so i started again from the start on a new save.

    so anyway i started episode 2 on saturday night from the new save... finshed episode 2 and went to jump on 3... then i got a warning.... "would you like to create random decisions for the chapters you have skipped?"

    So then i went back and realised i never finished episode 1 the first time around!!!! /o\

    so i finished the first one on saturday night, then i redid the second on sunday, followed by 3, 4, and 5...

    without spoiling anything for those yet to jump on the bandwagon, but i think i've lost some of my humanity playing this game... in some cases, i was so happy to see some people die!

    and no, people dying is not a spoiler!

      I bought this on Saturday and played Ep1 and Ep2. What a great game!

      As long as you're very generic about who dies, how, when etc. :P
      After my first decision in that game I decided I was going to retain my humanity as much as possible, partially to make Lee feel like he's redeemed himself, mostly for Clementine's sake. Made for some seriously tough decisions that went against what I would have done, but's such a freaking awesome game!

        Episode 2 Spoiler below
        To be honest, i thought episode two was REALLY fucked up, ill be honest, i dont think i could have let any of them live after what they did to the group.... i ultimately decided to let the last brother live and deal with the trauma of losing everyone and everything.... and his mama, coming out of the house for a meal :D ... so happy when i saw that! \o/

        Last edited 26/11/12 10:02 am

          Yep, did the same exact thing. After killing the first brother and Clementine seeing it and guilting me, I decided not to kill the second brother knowing that he's a dead man anyway.

      Yes, yes it is a spoiler. It's not difficult to use the spoilertags, they're there for a reason.

        To be honest if someone doesn't die during a zombie story you're doing it wrong.

          Or exceptionally well as group leader!

          But knowing people die before you start takes some of the tension away. Instead of going in thinking "I hope I can manage to keep everyone alive", I'll now be going in thinking "I wonder who dies. Is it this guy? I wonder how it happens? Is the bit where someone dies?" It changes the way you approach the game. Thus: spoiler.

            :( I accidently read an episode five spoiler before playing and knew a plot point was coming the entire time, I can sympathize. Didn't ruin the game at all, but I know what you mean. Takes away that clean slate feel. Spoiler tags for all!

              I feel like people are mad at me for wanting everyone to use the spoilertags. It's way better to be safe than sorry, though.

              What was spoiled and by whom?

                The Walking Dead 5 spoilers!

                I accidently read CrazyGuy's post about Lee cutting his arm off. It was my fault. Also the Carley/Doug decision in episode one after seeing Virus' screenshot on Steam. Again, my fault! :)

                Last edited 26/11/12 11:11 am

                  None of those were really your fault!

                  Crazy didn't indicate what spoiler it was for and anyone could assume it was safe like the previous spoiler he posted, which was just indicating it was a duplicate comment. People asked what spoiler it was for so I guess you could've waited but who can't resist clicking spoiler buttons! :D

                  Virus did mark them as spoilers and personally I wouldn't of uploaded them but Steam's system of hiding spoilers is absolutely terrible. I wasn't even aware of how bad it was until you pointed it out. One slight mouse hover over and it's there forevers (until you refresh)

                  Rize also got spoiled with the second one too. :S

            Strangely Strange makes a strange point that strangely makes sense considering how strange they are.. #Mondayitis!

              I am giggling a strange little giggle right about now, strangely enough. :P

        While, technically, it might be considered a spoiler, I don't think the revelation that people die in a zombie apocalypse is going to affect anyone's enjoyment of the game :P

        That said, slippery slope and all, spoiler tags probably best in most cases.

        #SittingOnTheFence #HelpingNoOne

          It's just so easy to use the spoiler tags. I don't see why people wouldn't. I know from experience it sucks almost as much being spoilered to realise you've inadvertently spoiled someone else.

          Also, see my comment above as to why it affects enjoyment.

            Although I agree with everything you said, there are times when I feel I just have to be decisive, and stick to my guns.

            I'm staying on the fence. And that's final.

    Howdy Tayberinos

    I had a casual weekend, played some Walking Dead, which is as good as you all say, and went and saw Skyfall, which is really good- I've got a blog entry going up on this topic, but it definitely has set the timbre of Bond films going forward.

    A Monday Morning question: What Bond gadget would you like to own the most for your everyday life? I reckon I'd get use out of a laser watch, as I'm always losing scissors or stanley knives, and I reckon the watch could replace some of those.

      his anti-hermit-personality-module?

        I hear that! Maybe that confidence thing Q totally constructed for him too. :P

      His penis The Aston DB-S in Casino Royale. I almost cried when it got totalled.

        lol that was epic.... i can imagine the look on the guys face that was driving it to the set!

        I imagine they must've gutted most of the car though? Or maybe not *shrugs*

        The DB-9 and/or the DB-S is my dream car. I almost cried also.

    Wife and I have done some careful day counting, and we have decided to start watching Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy now, figuring that with one episode per day, we'll reach the end pretty much just as the final episode airs.

    We just watched the THIRD episode of SEASON FIVE, which
    vf gur bar va juvpu Bcvr vf xvyyrq va cevfba. /o\

    V'ir tbg guvf ubeevoyr fvpx srryvat va zl fgbznpu gung unfa'g tbar njnl fvapr V jngpurq gung. Guvf fubj xabjf ubj gb znxr lbh srry vg. Gur ynfg gvzr V tbg guvf srryvat jnf jura Yrz qvrq va Gur Fuvryq.

    Ernyyl hcfrggvat rcvfbqr. Gur anzr bs vg jnf "Ynlvat Cvcr" - naq lbh pna frr vg: gurl ner frggvat guvatf hc. Gur frnfba qvqa'g fgneg bss cnegvphyneyl fgebatyl, gubhtu gur qrngu bs Gvt'f qnhtugre jnf ernyyl fhqqra naq cbjreshy (naq greevoyr), ohg lbh pna frr gung gurl'er ohvyqvat, va gurve hfhny jnl, naq V'z unccl nobhg gung.

    Bcvr... /o\

    Last edited 26/11/12 9:54 am

      NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!!!! i foolishly clicked your first spoiler tag, and im still on season 3!!!!!!!!!

      /o\ /o\ /o\

        Sorry, man. :(
        I'll ROT13 it too.

        Last edited 26/11/12 9:56 am

          no no, no need!!!! i was foolishly curious! you did the right thing!

      I cant comment on your spoliers coz i havent started Season 5 yet, but SOA is an amazing show.
      I should start Season 5 soon. I think i have the first 5 eps or something.

        I don't think I could love this show more. It rivals Six Feet Under for its depiction of depressing inevitability, but does it with more guns, explosions and Shakespeare (@dc you listening, bro?).

        (Or at least, that's my reading - another amazing thing about this show is that you can watch it and enjoy it on sooooo many levels)

        Edit: There aren't many shows that can master a slow burn arc like SOA can. Breaking Bad does a pretty good job, but ultimately runs second.

        Last edited 26/11/12 10:10 am

          I've tried SoA, didn't resonate. Could tell it was quality, but I like my gritty in small doses. Also, I totally read this post when Breathe Me by Sia came on... again... :P

          Last edited 26/11/12 10:14 am

            Dead to me.

            Edit: It's not that big a coincidence when you've got the song on endless loop :P

            Last edited 26/11/12 10:17 am

              It was the first play of the day, though. Whoa!


      Eugh that episode. Yeah I just try and forget about it.

    Going to shave my head over the sink again soon, Max Payne 3-style. Prepare yourself for a 'look at all the greying hair, what have I done with my life?' post. :P

      I'd do the same, but alien-head :S
      It's so hot with this much hair /o\

      Tell you what, I'll save mine in a zip-lock bag for you :P (ewwww)

        You're a complicated man, Aleph. :D

      I found my first three grey hairs on the weekend.
      Was weird because it happened overnight.
      Also, I kind of have three layers of colour to my hair. The ends are black with red over the black, the middle is red, and the top is the regrowth of my natural colour. The grey took all the colour out of my natural colour part as well as the dyed-red part. Kind of creepy.

        Only one solution! Shave it all off, Max Payne-style!

        No? :P

          Been there, done that. Did Max Payne shave it with a razor? Because that's what I used to do. For a few years I was completely bald, shiny headed bald.

            Hardcore! :D

              I also had my eyebrow and both sides of my nose pierced. You think I'm intimidating now? You should have seen me back then. :P

        I've had grey hairs since I was 17, people always comment, oh getting a bit grey in your old age mate, I sigh, reply yeah, I've been old for the last 9 years then mate.
        Awkward looks, silence, golden.

          I'm 27 and it's happening fast, man. Too fast. :'(

          I guess I'm doing good to have lasted until 36, then.

    Since Shanebane reposted his dream from old TAY I thought I might as well with the addition of a NEW DREAM!


    Grr thanks noisey parent whose noise woke me up twice this morning :P. It's too early to be up now (6:31am) and the first time was in the middle of the night (probably like 3am or something). My room is right next to their bathroom so flushing toilets are an insta wake up :(

    Since I'm up I was interrupted mid-dream and it was just me chillin as usual at home and I get a text from f4ction saying he's outside my house and ready to pick me up for the camping meat... except there was absolutely no prior notice or planning. So I spent hours packing and asking him what camping gear I should bring (I don't know what I was doing) and felt bad for making him wait for so long. Since it was literally out of the blue I hadn't even asked or told the rents what I was doing :P.

    F4ction was super bored while waiting and texted a bunch of random stuff like how my front door was closed but not locked (probably a skill of deduction learnt from being a scary biker).

    This was like sometime during the Arvo on a weekday so my parents are usually working but my dad came home during the day for some reason. He was really excited to see the sportsball on the weekend (he actually said sportsball D:) and was just about to leave when I was all "wait... I uh... I'm going to Sydney"

    It's such a super weird thing to do and I don't even know what they'll say (in real life). I'm sure they wouldn't care if I flew up but getting a lift to camp with internet randoms I've never met in states (and territories) I've never been to sounds so suss :P. So I was all nervous in the dream when asking and my dad looked really dissapointed we couldn't watch the sportsball on the weekend and just as he was about to answer I got woken up. Then I picked up the phone to check the time and wrote this crap :P

    I'm not even sure if f4ction is offering me a lift but fingers crossed I find a cheap (and safe :P) way to go so I can see ALL THE THINGS and meet ALL THE PEOPLE.


    New dreams since posting that at 6 something am:

    I think I was overseas somewhere just walking around when I get in an elevator with a kid, his mum and her friend and they're talking about needing to get something in a shopping center. Except it was some sort of "Black Friday" crazy sale thing and they were trying to trust the kid not to run off and pick up the nearest thing he was interested in.

    The kid didn't for a second but then he went crazy and ran off looking for dem bargains. Next thing I know there's like werewolves attacking (wut) and then I'm sort of playing this video game of it instead, rather than me being in it. I think I get swamped in werewolves and have to restart at a checkpoint. That was weird...

    Then it gets all muddly but I remember checking TAY and I had a few posts with -20 or so downvotes and it made me sad and NotoriousR had a post with like 20+ upvotes.

    Weird again.

    I have weird dreams when I'm tired.

    Congrats to anyone who read it all :D

    TL;DR - Just some random descriptions of dreams I had which I typed when I woke up this morning.

    Last edited 26/11/12 10:26 am


    DEC 8!



    Who's in? It's $10 and well worth it.

    Not sure on session time but probably around lunchtime?

      Regular show? Did I miss something?

        See below.

          Fair enough.... I still have no idea what it is, but I'll go ahead and say now that if I have enough money left by then, I'll probably be in

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