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    Good morning everyone!
    My printer is really annoying me.
    Thinking I will eventually have to get a new one >_

      Printers are the worst. They always seem to act up.

        On Friday it took me 4 hours to successfully print one page, and another 1.5 to do another.

          Mine just isn't printing in black properly.

      I always find this video cathartic when dealing with printers

    I tried watching ABC3 yesterday.
    What. The...

      What part of "Pie gotta fly" do you not understand?

      ABC3 is awesome. I wish there was a free to air kids channel when I was growing up.

    Morning gang

      Hey, man. Got plans for your day off?

        Well I was able to eat dinner later last night

        And drink some coke

        And eat some Maltesers

        So it's safe to say I am not sick

        plans for my day off include Far Cry 3

        Maybe watch some Archer

        Get some groceries with the 29 dollars I have to my name :D


          Glad you're feeling better!

          Today? Starting the psyching process for a possible @strange lunch some time this week. :P

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            D.C. has a dateeee ooo lalaaaa!

              Asking a married woman out for lunch. And she said yes.
              That's magnetism.

              Haha! It's more a real hermit once in a life time meet-and-greet opportunity. Have your picture taken! Marvel at the social ineptitudes! Fun for the whole damn family.

              Also, Sughly will be there! :D (Any one else who can make it too!)

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    Love that the Wii lets me draw pictures when I complete levels in Mario! Due to the fact that I often end up drawing longer than I've been playing I decided to only draw pictures when I complete a level with no damage... And then, only sometimes.

    (You can see a couple of my drawings here:!/Doc_What/media/grid)

    ALSO! WII U owners can head over to TAYNAMES and add your Nintendo Network ID to the collumn!

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      I might get mine today!

      ...but I have no idea how to set it up to the TV :P

        Put the bits in the other bits and make it go! DUH!

          I don't even know what's connected but at one point it was something like Plasma, Speaker system thingy, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Foxtel, HD DVD player and like 2 DVD players...


    Question time.
    My brother wants to get a PS Vita today.
    Is it worthwhile getting one though? I keep hearing about how devs aren't interested in making games for it, and it hasn't really taken off. Stuff like that. He wouldn't be wasting his money getting one, would he?

      Does he have a PSP or a PS3?

      Currently the Vita's main "longevity" factor comes from the ability to play older PSP and PSone games. If you have a PSP, then this is kinda a moot point.

      Another great thing about the Vita is the PS3 connectivity (Theoretically being able to use one like a Wii U controller at some point down the line). I say great, it's pretty cool. Sony also seem to be giviving away Vita versions of games free with the PS3 versions.

      As a handheld, it's definitely lacking in the game department. I was enjoying Gravity Rush until the main character began obsessing over all the boys and wondering if the cute guys liked her.

      Uncharted is interesting. Not a patch on any of the PS3 games though.

      Is there any particular game that got him interested?

        Whether or not it's lacking in games is pretty subjective and depends a lot on what sort of games you're actually wanting to play.

        We've never owned any kind of Playstation product, so being able to play PSP and PSone games would be good for him, the companion device stuff not so much.
        The games he's interested in the most are Gravity Rush, Uncharted and Little Big Planet. Maybe NFS Most Wanted too.

          It seems that a PlayStation Plus subscription is a no-brainer for a new PS Vita owner now. Don't know exactly what games they get, but that $70-odd outlay would get you a whole bunch of instant games, and I think that a couple of the ones that you mentioned are on the list.

            Gravity Rush
            Mutant Blobs**

            **these two switch out on December 20th or so for Knytt and some other game

            There's a LittleBigPlanet bundle for $300ish that has a Wi-Fi Vita, LBP download code and a 4GB memory card. Not the cheapest so it's better to wait lambro

          Sounds like he'd be okay then.

          Also, given that PS3's are getting so cheap, he might pick one up later.

      (I don't have a Vita yet but I recently bought one online so this is just based on stuff I sort of know)

      If I recall you don't have a PS3, right? I recommend getting PS+ as it's amazing value but you're only going to get the most out of it if you also have a PS3. For Instant Game Content (the free games available to PS+ subscribers) there are more PS3 games than Vita ones.

      Does he want to buy a PS Vita today? If so I recommend waiting, at the moment I don't see any real deals available and he's better off waiting for a sale or price drop after Christmas. Amazon had an amazing Black Friday deal a couple of weeks ago which is what I picked up my Vita for. It was $180 for White Wi-Fi Vita, 4GB Memory Card, AC: Liberation, PS: All-Stars, 3 months PS+ and a $10 off voucher for AC3. I got it and Persona 4 for $240 delivered (I believe the bundle was $195 delivered) so there's bound to be some better/similar deals incoming.

      You're also going to need a bigger memory card to get the most out of it and they're expensive... a 32GB one costs around $80 imported or $100+ locally.

      As for 'worth it', does he like JRPGs? The Persona series is amazing and I'm sort of getting a Vita just for Persona 4 which is the Vita's highest rated game on Metacritic by a longshot. There seems to be some other okay titles but you'll get Uncharted and Gravity Rush with PS+ which are also considered good. I think most of the Vita use comes from PSP and PS1 games. If he (or you) never owned a PSP then it's almost good enough just to buy it for PSP games.

      - Not really sure where this is going but basically DO NOT BUY ONE NOW, wait for a sale/price drop.
      - You'll get the most out of it if you also consider PS+, PSP and PS1 games
      - There's not that many universally good games out there but that might change (seems unlikely :( )

        JB have it for $250 with Fifa and Little Big Planet right now. That's what he was going to get. I'm not sure if he like JRPGs or not. He's played a few on a SNES (or was it a NES?) emulator on his Pocket PC, but he mostly likes actioney kinds of games. FPSes, racing games, that kind of stuff.

          I feel like the PSP's high points are all JRPGs. Certainly that's why I got one - I grabbed PoPoLoCrois, Tales of Eternia, Disgaea & FF7 Crisis Core as my starter games and just about everything I own on the system that was great as a JRPG. My Vita was mainly grabbed for Persona 4 and Disgaea 3 as well, though I haven't spent much time with D3 in the end. I'm also holding out hope for some Nihon Falcom stuff and maybe the Tales games (unlikely).

          So yeah, JRPGs. Not that that's all the system has but if you're not into them at all, it's not going to be as compelling I think.

          Then again by the same token, if you're not into Nintendo franchises then the 3DS is kind of bleh as well.


        I got mine solely because i wanted to play psp games and it wasnt worth buying a psp for $100+ when i could jsut buy a vita for touch more. Also Im playing Persona 4 golden as i type this and its definatly amazing. I would have bought the console just for this game alone (Never played a persona before either)

          PERSONAAA 4!

          It better be good :P (I know it will be). I've never played it but I played a few hours of 3 on the PS2 and really enjoyed it.

          By the way are you new here? If so, welcome to TAY! :D

      AS someone who bought a vita got a 32 gig card for $340 bucks back when just the console was plain old $350 in aussie stores. I'd have to say get one. I may have only played ps1 one and psp games untill my copy of Persona 4 Golden arrived but the console is fantastic, that screen is amazing to play on and the stop start functionality of it is great, far superior to the 3DS's attempts.

      Though im pretty much an rpg fanatic and probably wont buy anything else for it, LBP(which you said you wanted further down) is said to be the best on the vita. Since you dont have a ps3 or anything else i couldn't recommend it any more and contrary to what people say its battery life is fantastic much better than the 3DS also. I play maybe 4hrs with the 3DS on low sound wifi of no 3D and thats all i get. Vita Wifi on and getting used, nice sound level and the rest and its close to 6 hours.

      Though as someone who has insanely small hands (hell they are the same size as my sisters and she is like 5f5) The vita is a bitch to hold, so you have to get one of the grips, theres cheapo ones on ebay or even eb. But the best one is the Nyko grip with added battery. Sure its expensive but its very damn nice.

      Make sure you have a US PSN account as well, games are ridiculously cheap over there. Just use the sony headquarters US address and buy the wallet funds/ps plus on

      Seriously you can get PS All stars for $35, psp games go from $40(aussie store) down to $10-20. Though if you want to switch accounts you need another mem card and then you have to factory reset, its messy is all.

      Last edited 03/12/12 9:33 am

        I think LBP in that bundle is a download code for the AU store so he'll definitely need to use an AU account. Whether he wants to go through the trouble of having another US one is up to him but I considered buying P3 for my Vita only to see that it was like $60 or some stupid price on our store and $20 on the US :(. They also have a wider variety of games.

        I'd probably go for a US one if I were the lambro and make that my main one if I ever get a PS3.

    Okay, something odd just happened. I refreshed the page, got a red box appearing up the top saying there was an error with the message I tried to post (I wasn't trying to post a message) and my comment box was filled with the below jiberish.

    @benwhite what the heck is this? Also, I don't actually want to post this, just letting you know this strange error happened.

    [Spam comment example removed - Ben]

    Last edited 03/12/12 8:44 am

    Morning folks, hope you're all well? Just woke up from an eleven and a half hour sleep, man! I feel freakin' awesome. :)

      I'd totally forgotten those exist. Nice work :)

        Enjoy your day off, man. It's going to be so damn slow here. :P

      I had a dream where I had received a new campaign email for my job and IT WAS POKEMON RELATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I was alll YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS imma sign up, so I did.

      Then I woke up and it wasn't true and I was sad and tired...

    Hi everyone! Hope your weekends were good! Mine was pretty crazy, but at least it's over now. I'm home from work today, mainly because I want to be.

    So, on Saturday, we found a parcel on our doorstep. It was addressed to "Alphonse the writer guy", and addressed from @freezespreston. This is what was inside.

        Awesome totally spontaneous and unexpected present.

        Edit: @freezespreston, one thing I've often wondered: is engraving like this a skill or does the machine handle it? Some of this stuff is really ornate.

        We got miniscule letters inside our wedding rings, and I just realised that I have no real idea how they got there.

        Last edited 03/12/12 8:46 am

          Glad you liked it. The plates are machine done, the pen by hand. The machine can only do flat plates, anything else has to be hand done.

            Wow, colour me extra impressed then. Forget going into the police, you've got a talent here :)

            That said if need be I can reproduce the ornate stuff by hand if needed.

              Thanks again too for the awesome weekend, man. Had such a good time.

      Awesome. At first I was all, "who's hane?", then I figured it out.

      Oh, wow man. That's freakin' beautiful! :D

      Writery gifts! That's pretty damned awesome of you, Freeze. :)

      That's so freaking awesome! You're amazing, Freeze!

      Also, you're amazing, Shane. That's probably why he did this. :P


        You're amazing \o/

          NO! Nobody's amazing. Because I don't want this song stuck in my head any more. :P

            Pretty damn cool? That work better? :D (Plus, the whole pun thing in a Freeze context!)

    Blergh, Monday.
    Spent half the weekend doing nothing and the other half playing an inordinate amount of Wii U with Blaghs. Pretty sure we smashed through most of Nintendoland :D
    Also got to give Final Fantasy Theathtehsehthumurhythm multi a go, which was great fun!

      Was Theatthytutmititmitthththym multi like you said it was? Each player controls someone for Chaos Shrine?

      What if one person fails because they're not as good as others ;)? Does everyone fail the song? :(

        Shared health (thought I think we had tonnes cause stuffing up a lot meant we didn't fail) and you are represented by a single character, but you all play the same song. With two of us the other two slots were taken up by 2 other characters of mine.
        Overall it's more the experience of stuffing up a song with someone that makes it way more fun :D

    Holy crap!

    I just realised I can't come to the Smelly Meat :(

    I have a friends 21st birthday party that night

    *Edit* I wish I could downvote myself

    Last edited 03/12/12 8:53 am

      :( That's too bad, man. I know you were pretty excited. There's always another meat in Sydney, though. So just wait it out a little longer!

      No matter,there's another coming up before the end of the year anyway I think! We're going to the zoo! (If it's still happening :P)

        Someone will send an email around...eventually.

      Aww, that's a shame. But there'll be plenty more Meats for you. Them Sydney people are always meeting up and getting drunk and having fun and making everyone else jealous.

    Quick Potaku mention. Shiggy's asking around on Twitter for anyone with a Wii U who wants to be on the podcast this week to discuss it. I believe Ynefel has taken one slot, so if you're interested head over to Twitter and give Shiggy a yell or something.

    So after that horrible heat on Friday/Saturday, it's been raining all night over here and the air has never seemed fresher. Summer indeed. I moved a couch in that 35 degree heat, amongst other things. I think my shirt was pretty much drenched by the end of that day. I like rain.

    I hope everyone is having a good good a day as Monday can be, really.

      I'll do it! You might have to buy me a Wii U first though.

        I'll buy you one. It will stay at my place at all times and will be my account.

      Hey Alex! Hope you're well. It's supposed to be 39 here on Tuesday. Here's hoping that's a damn lie told by those damn liars at the weather bureau!

      Last edited 03/12/12 9:10 am

        Oh man, that's rough! I hope you have air conditioning (or, a really powerful desk fan)! Or a pool.

          None of the above. :S

            Me either. Might take a bus to Garden City and hang around there in their air-conditioning all day tomorrow. :P

      You could ask Doc What? if he'd like to take a slot. I think He's got a Wii U.


    Sneaking into an enemy camp in Far Cry 3 and being able to kill them all without being seen is amazing

      Stop making it sound amazing, I don't need more games!
      *covers ears* LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

      I've been taking a different approach, snipe and reposistion, I won't lie it does take some time =/

    Today I have to do something scary. As if that wasn't bad enough I have to go for a walk to do it and it's already way too hot for walking anywhere. I could put it off until tomorrow but then I'd still have it hanging over my head making me feel guilty. :(

      :( Whatever it is, I hope it all goes well my Strange friend.

        It's scary because it's something I should have done months ago, and it involves a great deal of unknowns. So unknown I'm not even entirely sure exactly where I'm going. :P But it needs to be done this as soon as possible. If my husband still worked for the Government he could have had a day off to help me, but he can't have days off anymore so I'm stuck dealing with it on my own.

      Something scary you say? Is it delivering a public speach on the back of a giant spider while falling out of an aeroplane that was filled with snakes?

        Not quite that scary. Although I'd almost prefer that. :P

        To many distractions from the public speech, remove all elements and only do the public speech.

        Truly scary.

      I'd do it today. It's said it's gonna be like 39C tomorrow :\

    Wii to Wii U Transfer stuff.

    If you own a wii with the Homebrew Channel, you can perform a back-up of the Wii's NAND. When you transfer the files to the Wii U it will remove your games from your Wii's memory and you can no longer download them from the Wii Shop.

    Restore the NAND and your Wii will be back to exactly how it was before the transfer which means you can still use your Wii to play your Wii Ware and Virtual Console Games.

    If you access the Wii Shop, your channels/games will be deleted again.


    The sound of heavy machinery and the smell of manure.

    I can't think of any better way to wake up on my day off /o\

      A truck startled you and you crapped yourself?

        Next door had a pool put in and is getting landscaping done. This apparently takes many weeks where I'm not allowed to sleep in.

        At least they stopped over the weekend, normally they don't stop just because it's the weekend.

          I've been there, man. Back in high school the neighbours did the same thing. The early starts/weekend stuff is so damn uncool. I sympathize for the neighbours, because I bet they don't wanna annoy people either, though. :'( Hope you had a great weekend?

    Far Cry 3 spoiler time !

    So, I am nearing the end of the game...I think. My character was asked to interrogate a prisoner by the main bad guy Hoyt. So I go downstairs and it was my characters brother, yet I had to beat the shit out of him, then we get like 38 seconds when they put the camera on a loop so I can tell him I will get him out. Then, to make it look convincing, I beat the shit out of him and stuck my thumb in the bullet hole in his shoulder...... Fuck!

    Last edited 03/12/12 9:37 am

      That about sums up the relationship with my brother. :P

      Last edited 03/12/12 9:49 am

        What does that even mean? you often have to harm your brother in order to protect him?

          @dc lol

          @distantdrop I don't know, you have to interrogate a prisoner, but then you find out it's your brother and to make sure your cover isn't blown you have to hurt him

          Last edited 03/12/12 11:31 am

    New Super Mario Bros 2 on 3DS. Is it any good?

    I love Mario games. I started gaming with SMB on the NES and picked up every game since. I skipped NSMB2 because it just felt wrong. Not sure if I can explain why, but I just didn't want it. NSMBU however was a must have. Now I've gotten hooked on it, I want to play it on the go as well.

    So I'm thinking I might pick up NSMB2 even though, for some inexplicable reason, I don't want it.


      I feel the same way with NSMB2. NSMBU just looks so much better for some reason that I can't put my finger on :P

      I turned it down cause I heard mostly disappointing things about it. Not that it was necessarily bad, just...not great?

      I liked it, same side scroller as any SMB game the coin overabundance becomes apparent when your rocking 30 lives before the end of W1.

      If you don't want it, don't get it

        I guess my problem is I don't know why I don't want it when I buy any other Mario game no questions asked.

        Possibly because I think the coin thing is silly. Possibly because of the DLC.

      If I recall correctly, Sir Serrels thinks the 3DS one is unimaginative and kind of awful.

        That's kinda how it looked.

        I think the free DLC levels also tempted me. Recreations of classic Mario levels? I'm a sucker for nostalgia...

    Hey guys.

    Internet is being lame today /o\ would seem when someone calls or uses the landline it disturbs the modem or the just the ADSL in general, quite annoying >_>

      :S That's not cool, man. Hope you're all good otherwise?

        My left shoulder blade aches, but I think that's an old wound =P


    This Saturday at Indooroopilly Cinemas at 12:00. Tickets are $10.

    Let me know if you're keen and we can try and sort out a system so we can sit together.

      I'll talk to the man-in-charge.
      Also, what are we going to do about getting your Kinect to you?

        I keep meaning to come around but commitments keep tying me down :( (Also my enormous C-card bill)

        If you can't come to the movies this weekend, I PROMISE!, I will come around on the weekend and grab it. For once I only have like 5 things planned so I'll make a point of swinging by,

    Trying to decide if I want to back Peter Molyneux's kickstarter game "Godus"
    Looks amazing, inspired by a tonne of great games, but I'm wary because it's Molyneux. I've loved so many of his games but considering this is still in the "promises" stage of development...well, we all know the story there.

      I've had enough of that guy, to be honest. All the goal rewards are so damn self centered too: the opportunity to have 22 Cans follow you on twitter? Your name in Curiosity? :S

        A lot of the rewards look as though they'd be brilliant in stirring up publicity for the backer, though. For example, having your name on curiosity would get a lot of people googling you. Hell, the Godus URL was on the cube which is why I discovered the project in the first place :P

          I used to defend the guy, becaues I loved Bullfrog and the early Lionhead games. (Up until after Fable 2.) There's no fight left on that front, though. Every one else is right.


          Last edited 03/12/12 10:22 am

            I've really enjoyed the older games, and still loved the newer ones. They weren't without faults, but still really enjoyable.

              Don't mind me, I'm just being surly. Hopefully 22 Cans gets back to making awesome stuff!

    Howdy Tayberinos

    I usually post an anecdote about my weekend of gaming and then ask a question, but bugger that because I am excited by this:

    So a Monday Morning Question: Have you read Jonathan Strange? If not, why not?

      No. Because I have no idea who he is.

      Last edited 03/12/12 10:14 am

        It's a very cool novel about two rival magicians in Napoleonic Wars-era England, and posits an alternate history of Britain that was full of magic.

      I have! But it's unfortunately not where I got my name from. That would have been a cool origin.

    How's things, @mythamphetamine? (I'm glad Nova taught me how to remember that spelling. :P)

    Edit: I hope no one saw the incorrect spelling. :S

    Last edited 03/12/12 10:18 am

      Best edit \o/

      Things are... well, great. I'm refusing to acknowledge the workplace falling to ruins around me, and instead focusing on NINE DAYS LEFT BABY. NINE SWEET, GLORIOUS DAYS.

      It's also ridiculously hot today. Or humid, I can't really tell and it probably doesn't make much difference :P
      How about yourself sir? Hope the heatwave isn't knocking you about too much :S

        I'm decent, man. Weirdly happy right now. Weirdly so. It's weird. :P

        Man, your trip sounds awesome and freakin' intimidating. So many TAYbies. Gonna be great!

    @freezespreston, would you believe that I only just got the link between your handle and your last name? I think I have to kick myself out of the dad joke club now.

      I had a similar revelation last week, Shane. :D

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