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    Morning folks! I trust weekends were good all round? :D

      We had medical misadventures and our internet is dead. TBH, it wasn't great.

      On the plus side, though, we had a fantastic impromptu BBQ lunch yesterday with Caesar salad, and Catherine is an awesome game (Thanks @batguy, I think I'm almost done with it)

        Hope your kids doing okay. I'm sorry to hear about the incident, man.

        The upvote's for the BBQ and Catherine, though!

        No worries. If you want to play through it again to see a different ending or whatever, I'm serious when I say there's no rush!

        Wait, what happened?

          Five month old fell off the bed, blood everywhere. Ambulance called. Two year old traumatised. Everything's fine though, didn't even need to visit the hostipal.

            Five months! Holy damn!

              I said that for dramatic effect. He's actually five-and-a-half months. #OhThatChangesEverything

            Woah. Glad to hear everything's all right. Still, scary stuff.

              Not saying I want something like this to happen regularly (or even, ever again), but I was pleased to learn that I can handle a situation like that calmly and properly, even while everyone else is erupting into full-blown panic.

      Mo'nin, weekend was good, stinky hot though.
      Hows about you mate?

        Saw Regular Show with @dkzeitgeist and @sughly on the big screen, then played the Wii U. Good times, man.

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    Yesterday I launched an empty can into the atmosphere with 3 helium balloons. Sort of. ...For Science.

      Your friends voice goes British from time-to-time. What's up with that?

        He used to live in England. Hasn't completely gotten rid of the accent yet. :P

      You guys should have tied a note to the can with a message for whoever finds it. :-)



      'sup Rize!

        Tired, which doesn't bode well for a day or boredom and inability to screw around to overcome boredom. But hey, it's nice and cold, so it's not all bad!


      I concur.

      I'm keen! Might be pre-ordering this one (especially if they do the usual deal with free upgrade to collector's edition). :)

      I should really play the first one. And Demon's Souls. So lazy. :(

      The communications from the new game designer so far sound like he's got his sights set on ruining everything though.

    I am back

    But first some backstory,
    2 weeks ago my nonno died and i was having a really hard time coping. If i stayed around i knew all my posts would turn to melodramatic ramblings of a madman. Anyway i am feel better now.
    How are all of you?

      Aw, man. I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope you and your family are coping. :'(

        yeah im okay now, still hard but so many things are. One day at a time.

      So sorry to hear, man. :(
      Glad you're a bit better now.

      Just know that if you needed to (or still need to) melodrama all over this place, we would have been able to deal!

        Nah i dealt with it the regular way talk to family and friends and music.

          Hmm, that sounds a little too sensible for TAY

      Glad to hear things are on the mend man, sorry for your loss :(

      Well that sucks.

      Good that you're doing better now!

      Sorry to hear that Rocketman. If I remember right you were close to your grandparents.
      You know we are here to talk if you need that.

        I am okay scree scree, im all cried and sadded out. Whats left is the pure awesomesauce which is me.

      Yay! You're back \o/

      Boo-urns! The rest /o\

      Yay Rockets is back. TAY will have much more thrust now.

      Glad to hear you're doing okay. I was worried for a bit. My condolences too. Losing a close family member sucks.

      /o\ Sorry to hear that Rockets :(
      FYI, I'd take melodrama over penis jokes and dad jokes any day :P

        Downvote for badmouthing dad jokes.

        You have gifs of everything, for everything.

      Oh, Rocketman...
      Much sympathy your way.
      Not much else to say, so *hugs*

      I'm sorry to hear that. Glad you're back though. And I doubt we'd have minded if you'd gotten a bit melodramatic, given the circumstances!

      My condolences man, sorry to hear that, I know you were close with your grandparents :(.

      Good to have you back though, I can see you're back to cracking jokes as usual on Page 2.


      Sorry to hear that man.
      Good to have you back though.

    Morning all

    Page 1 shenanigans :D

    We had no internet in the office for about 2 hours


    Riot entertainment are having a MASSIVE warehouse clearance!
    See? MASSIVE!!

    After asking Bee very politely, i've got $50 to spend on new CD's!!! Is there anything here that i really need to check out?
    I really need some new symphonic metal or power metal - so i was thinking getting an Epica album... also, possibly a Black Label Society one because it think they are the bee's knees.
    Also, they have the Genitortuors for $5... so i'm thinking that even if it's crap, surely it's worth $5!?

    Is there anything there that is a no-brainer for $5???


      Do they have a website I can order from? Holy shit there's great stuff here!

      Amon Amarth - Versus The World $10
      Austrian Death March - A Very Brutal Christmas $5 (Never heard of them, but GORESTMAS! CC @freezespreston )
      Car bomb - Centralia $5
      Dillinger Escape Plan - Self Titled $10
      Funker Vogt - Aviator $5
      Yngwie Malmsteen - Concertos For The New Millennium $5
      The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Bleeding the New Apocalypse $10
      Shai Hulud - Misanthropy Pure $10

      I guess that's my shortlist. Of course, tastes may vary, so I'd suggest checking each one out on youtube or similar prior to deciding. It's a pretty varied selection, I think.
      All up, $55. I'd say that of the lot, Yngwie and the Giftsmas album are probably interchangeable, as I really don't think they'd contribute a whole lot.

        The Austrian Death Machine are a band based on Arnie!!!
        My god - i just started listening this morning and it's brilliant!!! Although that christmas one only has 3 songs.
        The other album there has such gold as "who's your daddy and what does he do?", "If it bleeds we can kill it", "I need your clothes, boots, and motorcycle"

        also, here's the sale link

      Armored Saint aren't bad, that's if you like John Bush era of Anthrax, since that's the singer. They're 80's power/thrash metal from memory, been years since I listened to them last.

      Wait they have the Genitorturers?! Get it. I know the drummer from their 2002 EP, he's an amazing dude & drummer. Also the singer is really hot.

      Yeah get BLS. Even though Zakk does more of the same guitar wise you can't go wrong with them.

      Children of Bodom, if you like your Finnish Power Metal, they have some alright stuff. Probably worth the 10 bucks imo.

      Dimmu Borgir, when I listened to them back in 2005 they weren't bad, some sort of heavy black metal band.

      Exodus if you're a fan of the Big 4 of Thrash metal, they're the band that would be included if Anthrax wasn't as big as they are. Plus Gary Holt (lead guitar of Exodus) is currently playing in Slayer because of Jeff Hanneman not being able to play. Fun fact! Exodus have a song called Riot Act.

      Anything GWAR, they're hilarious. They're the definition of Shock Metal.

      King Diamond aren't bad especially if you like that high falsetto male voice, was the reason why i started listening to him & Mercyful Fate.

      Twisted Sister, though I am sure you're on top of that =P

      Lolwut there's a band called Ed Gein, that's only slightly worrying, since he was an American serial killer.

      Construcdead - Violadead
      Bleed The Sky - Paradigm in Entropy

    Morning gang.

    We're a a gang now. Of ragtag misfits.

      Can we have a theme song and can i do the truffle shuffle?

        If you don't do the truffle shuffle I will be sad

      This comment made my morning

      We are a gang. Of ragtag misfits indeed

      There should be a massive metal drop after that last sentence.

      We're a gang now.
      A gang of ragtag misfits.
      *Guitar shreds*

    Morning everyone!
    Saturday is the Christmas Virus meat!
    When: 11AM
    Where: Federation Square outside of Beer Garden. It's right at the back of Fed Square, near ACMI's Entrance.
    Why: Virus is down and Christmas is here!
    What are we doing: We're meating at Beer garden and then we're going to walk/tram down to Yoyogi's. We'll have lunch there and then I guess we'll bum around a bit =P

    If you are coming, or think you may be coming, please send me an email so that I can give you my number. scree(at)y7mail(dot)com

    Confirmed attendees:
    Negative Zero
    Beavwa and Princess pip
    Tech knight

      Ill give Virus a portrait of me that he can take along so ill be there in spirit.

        HAHAHAHA, YES! Though I only have a 10kg baggage limit on ze plane.

      I'm coming too!!!
      So is a non-taybie kotaku-ite - you may have seen him around the place commenting as "zac"... because his name IS zac... he's very creative like that

        Don't trust anyone who uses their IRL name online. Those people usually have something to hide.

          Well... he does kill kittens...
          But in his defence, it's more of a sexual thing than a cruelty thing...

        The More the merrier!

      Woo meeting new people!

      I think I have your number. I'll text it now with "It's Greenius" to see if it's correct.

        It is! \o/



            Yeah i know. I forgot I had no batteries in the wii remote.
            Also, what's the best controller to use?

    Dragon Age just arrived in the mail, thank you very much good sir! :D


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      Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention that mine arrived too! Took the same time to get to another state as it did like 30km... :P

      Thanks Shane!

        Did they both get there, man?

          Yep, and what's even more amazing is that they're both completely undamaged! Auspost actually managed to deliver an undamaged game to me!

            The trick, I've found, is by putting them in envelopes, they get delivered as letters, not as parcels. Parcels get abused pretty damn badly, and muscled by bigger parcels. But this way, these are the biggest letters, and therefore take no damage.

    I paid a guy to stab my back with his thumbs for an hour and now my back is a giant bruise.

    On the plus side, I finally got around to playing some Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 and after S ranking the tutorial mission, I feel confident that I am the world's greetest surgeon.



      That's all I've got!

    MAN! All the Dragon Ball! I blame @AlexPants. At least, that's what I tell my bank balance!

    Also, hanging out with dem Sydney guys on Saturday (Where we met @Saturday!) and playing SO MUCH CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY and touching the rest of Cake's stuff that he told us not to touch while he was away.

    We also ate Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizzas (Well, those that didn't wimp out). It wasn't THAT bad. It was just like eating pizza and hot dogs...

      But the only thing we've bought is the Budokai collection. Your bank balance can't blame me for $40!

        It can blame you when I have to go buy all the books!

          You gonna buy the 3-in-1 Vizbig things?

      Cards Against Humanity is the ultimate meat game I think.


    Look at you. You're more social than any of us now. I feel this is appropriate given the circumstances.

    So. Damn. Proud.

      I think he will have to renounce hermitage. It's clearly not his way of life anymore :)

      Dude now we have to set him up on a date.
      Yes i will be in a wig and a dress but i look like hot stuff with a little bit of eye shadow.

        I think I could make you look super hot with the appropriate make over montage.


        I love you.

        Never leave us again < / 3

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      Still pretty convinced that every last one of you guys hate me. Haha!


      Sad thing is, I'm not joking. :(

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        And... first downvote of the week. Actually, that might be proving your point. But I downvoted because I disagreed with your point.

        Thanks a lot, DC, you've made me create a Monday paradox.

        But I don't hate you =(

        Its true i hate you. My short departure was actually because of all my hate for you and i couldn't bottle it up anymore. I even have a pinata that is the shape of you stupid head and i hit it to get candy from you every night. My dreams are filled with me throwing scorpions at you and laughing as they slowly sting you to death.

    Far Cry 3 is pretty fun when it doesn't crash every 17 minutes.

      Do you have a stop watch to time these crashes?
      I assume you have tried all the regular stuff like driver upgrades and whatnot.
      This is gonna seem a little left field but bear with me.
      Have you tried punching it?

        Old Man Bish doesn't need a stop watch. He's watched so much time pass, he knows exactly how much of it is passing whenever he is doing something.

      It's way better when it crashes every 12 minutes.

      I feel I am missing out as I've not had a single crash :(

    So, who wants a free copy of Crysis 1 Maximum Edition? (Yes, @mythamphetamine, this is the one you passed along to me earlier this year :P). I've been meaning to pass this on for a while but I keep forgetting about it :/
    I haven't used the serial keys for it, I used my ones off of steam when I installed it. I think I may be able to just email the key and the receiver can put it into Origin and download it if they wish to do it that way. Mailing the game's no issue though.

    Had a pretty good weekend.
    Fair day of work on Saturday with a few drinks after then went home and watched Bourne Identity. Then finished christmas shopping on Sunday.
    Gaming wise was very zombie centric. Finished Ep 1 of walking dead (I also bought season one of the TV show the other week due to TAY marketing machine) as well as a couple of hours of deadlight. Have to say that that deadlight is a pretty cool guy. very much a limbo kinda vide to it.
    Also had my first intro to the KFC club where @ruffleberg and I proved we knew more that @serrels and his hypetrain. Although i was reduce to online stream, but think next event will need to organise for the big screen.

      You met ol' man Serrels?

        No :(
        This was just watching the same thing at the same time with discussion leading up to it. I haven't watched UFC in a long, long time so getting back into watching it with knowledgeable people is good.

      I bought the TV series last week too! I'm yet to watch it though, because I accidentally left it at work four days running. Taking it home tonight though for sure :P

        The game boxset is out this week, right? You pre-ordered yet, man?

          ... not yet.


              I know! I'm a bad person /o\
              But the credit card is really, really hurting this month with Christmas and everything. Might have to wait until the new year.
              (Should add that the aforementioned TV purchase was with a JB voucher that had no real-world value)

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          Where can the box set be obtained? I have Ep1 on iPad, but want to get it in Xbox.

            I think you'll definitely have to import it, but I'm not sure from where, man. :(

            Play-Asia are cheapest, dude. Free shipping.

            But be aware that we don't know for sure that it's PAL-box compatible. Though Telltale Games have said they aren't aware of any region-specific restrictions.

              Cheers guys. At 30 bucks it won't bother me too much if it turns out incompatable. Just put the order in regardless haha.

                This might be jumping the gun a bit, but if I still don't own the game by the time you're done with it, would you consider lending it to me briefly please? *sweet smile*

                  Yeah sure. Depending on when it turns up you may get it before I do. Trying to clear the backlog of games I have.

                  @nomad, thanks dude. Really much appreciated. Regardless of when I get it (and definitely no hurry there), I will take good care of it, play it rapidly, and have it back to you within a week (or two).

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                  @nomad for Shane. Bit of an inside joke when The Walking Dead was on sale during the Steam Autumn sales and it was all the hype around TAY. We kept telling everyone to buy it for PC but D.C., Shane and Rize were some of the few who wanted to wait for it to come out on console.

                  Rize and D.C. broke and ended up playing it on PC and Shane diligently waited.

                  I kept saying they had "NO EXCUSES" to avoid playing it since the disc one might be hard to obtain, there'd be a wait and it might be not region free. :)

                  @greenius, I DID buy it... for @dc. If you want to get technical, he's the only one who hasn't bought it yet.

                  Edit: new information to hand indicates I might have unfairly accused dc of something of which he wasn't guilty. Apologies, man!

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                  I'm fairly certain I bought it for Nova. :P

                  @shane Haha! You crazy, Shane!

                  Let's send the lynch mob after Nova instead. *shakes fist*


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    I recently got back into X-COM

    So so good

    I am always worried about loosing a soldier

    Sometimes the lower ranks are used as fodder

    But that is war, my decision as a Commander

    And I have a soldier on the battlefield named after me

    I hate it when he gets injured

      Were you lurking when XCOM was released? Entire squads of TAYbies were wiped out. It was a stressful time, man. :'(

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        I wasn't lurking even back then man

        I had made names and "Call Signs" for a few close friends and then didn't create them in the game

        I don't want my people to die!

          It was super tense when yuo have a team of TAYbies.
          Amusing postign about it on twitter though, some great stories come out of it. You are already experiencing part of it, it totally changes the way you play, Nobody is just a no name meatshield.

            I even get attached to people I haven't modified the name for

            They come on so many missions, and survive so many ecounters and take down so many enemies

            I actually started a second playthrough because I didn't really know what to do at the start

            I think I may even start another playthrough again

            I need more time to just, sit down and play it for hours

      I really need to go back and finish that. I'm pretty sure I was up to the last section of the last mission of the game and crashed, and just haven't revisited it.
      I'm really really bad at taking losses in RTS/strategy (or anything with a death that isn't mine). The end result is I have to force myself out of turtling quite frequently. It worked with XCOM, though, cause I think I lost like, 4 people in the entire game.

        Woah....nice work Rize

        I recently lost a very proficient sniper,and it was hard to not load the save and undo her death

        But she died valiantly, fighting the alien scum, and the horrible luck I had after positioning her where I did

          My squad (like many TAYbies at the time) were named after people here, so I probably didn't do myself any favours when having to accept I lost a squadmate :P
          Oh, I was playing on ironman mode too, specifically to stop myself loading and loading whenever something went wrong. Made it so hard but so rewarding (and fun!).

            I just need more time

            I get home at like 6:40, but the last thing I want to do is to subject myself to something as emotional as losing a soldier on the battlefield

            Greenius is best squadmate!

            Aleph was plotting to kill us all, I swear I was just helping...

        No way dude, X-COM is all about being ultra careful. Like, put everyone on overwatch and move one dude a few steps in. Slow and steady. I rarely lose dudes unless it spawns them on top of me or I'm outgunned or the game neglects to tell me that the car I'm in cover behind is about to explode because some bumfuck missed a shot and hit the door instead.

      I've only played for like 2 hours but I've only ever lost one person which was @powalen.

      He's the worst.

      tell that to his mother. "Stevie was a great soilder, but ultimately, just fodder"

    Howdy Tayberinos!

    I had a big weekend, Including a Saturday night that led into a less than coherent sunday morning. I managed to finish the first BL2 dlc, which I thought was pretty easy but still cool.

    A Monday Morning Question, apropos of nothing: What would be your favourite video game non-gun weapon? I actually quite like the Soul Calibur.

      Sephiroth's Masamune is pretty cool guy!

      Honourable mention to Wakka from Final Fantasy X for walking into a battle and hitting people with a sportsball.

        Baseball bat from earthbound?

          Every time I think of that I hear the home run hit sound effect from Super Smash Bros. :D

      The Bane.

        It is the occasion comment like this that makes me delve into the mire occasionally
        "This gun is like CoD Multiplayer!"

      The crossbow from strangers wrath is pretty good, can't go past a live ammo pun
      Charles' garden rake in rain slicked precipice of darkness. I like how unexciting it is for the entire game
      Chaoseater from darksiders
      And the shivs from Riddick: Escape from butcher bay. The are just so raw, crude and violent. The Ulaks are cool, but that lack a brutality and atmosphere of butcher bay.

      Last edited 10/12/12 4:34 pm

      Spinner from Twilight Princess! pretty ineffectual weapon in the game however it was a ton of fun on Stallord.

      Last edited 10/12/12 10:10 am

      Remember that moment in Link to the Past when he goes to the clearing, and the Master Sword is there in the log? The forest is still and atmospheric. And the triumphant crescendo as Link hauls the sword out and holds it aloft...

      The weapon itself is okay. But I really felt the awesome.

        Not sure if spoiler, but in Magicka:
        You can find the Master Sword, and it's in a brilliant recreation of that scenario.

          In fairness, Magicka is about 90% cultural references.

          The other 10% is the game crashing and friendly fire incidents, the exact ratio of which depends on if I'm playing or if @Bish is.

          Also maybe spoiler pop culture magicka reference
          I think they did Excalibur better

      The scalpel in Trauma Center.

      You can destroy a whole host of evil synthetic virus thingies with it, can disarm a bomb and if things go awry, it works as a reset button in the first game (but carving into the patient until they're dead).

        For more serious answers:

        The Power Axe and Chainsword in Warhammer 40000: Space Marine. The game just has the weightiest, most satisfying combat I can remember playing. It's too much fun to wade into a horde of Orks and be all like "Imma space marine!", leaving just a pile of green goo behind you.

        A vote for the Torque Bow in Gears of War as well. I'm always a fan of bow weapons (I like actual projectiles, which are sorely lacking in many games) and the satisfaction of getting a headshot with a fully charged Torque Bow shot is better than everything else the game has to offer.

      Saints Row 3 had a floppy purple dildo baseball bat thing. Not my personal favourite, but I think it probably deserves a mention.

        I was going to mention chum the waters, but technically a gun I suppose