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    Upgraded to Windows 8. First thing I installed was...Origin...
    Don't worry, there was a good reason for it :P

      Hate Origin, mainly cuz when I try to run it or Mass Effect 3 through it (Needing to open Origin first), it freezes my entire screen for 30-60 seconds, can't even move my mouse, yet I can hear things fine, like music and hearing someone on TS finish their sentence.

        I have all the good luck. Kinda. I've never had any problems with Origin or GFWL before. Yet Steam would keep freezing whenever it wasn't focused on my desktop on Windows 7 for the last few weeks.
        I haven't actually installed Steam yet since upgrading to Windows 8...


            You 'accidentally' installed that, huh?

              Something about american condoms, horse porn and rooting.

          Downvote because you are clearly lying about GFWL working :P

          (I'm joking)


          (I still hate GFWL with a burning passion)

    Hi everyone, hope your weekends were as good as mine. I probably won't be on much today, because I have a work Christmas party this afternoon, and because I would like to take tomorrow off to do some writing, I actually need to get a bit of work done :P

    Flip slice, home sides.

    Morning all.... I wish i were still in bed... :(

    holidays this friday!!! \o/

      I wanna be excited about having time off work, but it's difficult when there's nothing to go back to.. need job for xmas. kthnxsanta

        Your job finished? :( Not cool, Universe. Not cool.

        I'll ask Mr. Strange to keep an eye out for jobs for you. *hugs*

          yeah over on Friday. And thanks.. any leads would be great :)

    Morning, folks!

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      Morning, D.C!

        Hey Doc! Hope you're well?

          I'm pretty good! Almost got 8 hours sleep last night! EIGHT HOURS! LIVING LIKE A KING!

          How are you, D.C?

            That's good to hear! Not too bad, man. Not too bad!

    Sorry for this being late folks, losing track of time since i got back from Portugal, but here we go. Prepare for massive text wall.

    Portugal holiday write up

    I don't know how long this'll end up being so lets find out shall we?

    For some strange reason I can never truly sleep on any form of public transport, and international flights were no exception. So my trip to Portugal, which was pretty much 2 days spent in transit and waiting, I got 2 hours sleep total! After about 30 hours, I touched down in Lisbon, but the final destination was still to come. After coming out of the baggage claim, I found the girl I came all this way to meet and I almost got tackled by her which was meant to be a hug I think lol, almost lost my luggage rolling down a ramp too lol. The final trip was an intercity train for 3 hours to Porto in the north, basically known as the second capitol of Portugal. My hands were numb after getting home cuz the footpaths were all tiny tile-like so it's not smooth at all, making the luggage rumble a lot while I pulled it up hills and down streets.

    We arrived at her apartment by the time of dinner, which is I think the best time for jet lag, being almost time for bed and all. I spent the first day just lying back trying to get my systems updated and running, then it was time to start exploring, but first, the market to get some foodz! I could not find shapes... this saddened me greatly. However, I found something beautiful on the shelves... Bacon and Tuna pizza! WHA!? It tasted very decent as well. My main irk with the markets and shops around here are their lack of refrigerated drinks, as they were all sitting on shelves, including the milk, blergh! I guess it's got to do with saving costs, due to the crisis and all, so I didn't go nuts about it. This country is HUGELY into iced tea though, with even a whole row on a drinks vending machine dedicated to iced tea like it's water.

    Walking the streets was just mind boggling. Everything was so quiet and peaceful as we walked together. Her place was less than 10 minutes walk to their metropolitan train line and the supermarket, with the beach being about 20-30 minutes away as well, so everything was fairly close, very convenient. During the first week we stuck around the local area, checking out the major river and suburbs. It was just a gorgeous sight to look over the buildings and landscape. I'm a big fan of the old style of architecture, like stone tiles, old buildings and castles, which this country had a fair bit of, but unfortunately, due to the state of the financial situation there, many buildings are stuck in disrepair, and even some have caved in a little on the roofs for instance, depressing. We had some dinners out as well, and Portugese rice is gorram DELICIOUS. I couldn't get enough of it that I almost went back for seconds.

    The first weekend has come and her birthday was on the Sunday, so we decided to travel to Guimaraes, the city where Portugal was born. The weather wasn't kind to us but that didn't really bother us too much. On the first day we went up to the castle (My first castle I've ever entered \o/) and walked the streets to admire the architecture. We too an early night though cuz we were tired from the trip and the walking most of the day. The second day we went to the palace, enduring all the tour groups as we tried to take pictures, and we took the cablecars up to the top of the mountain, which was an absoultely gorgeous place to walk through. It was a very tiring walk though since it was a very steep climb up the stairs and pathways to the peak. We were pretty much above clouds as we looked down to the city landscape. We headed back home after that and she went to make a non-bake birthday cake, with broken up biscuit and melted chocolate with white chocolate and coconut on the top with banana to finish the top of the cake with. It was so good, but after we refrigerated it for the next day, it took a lot of strength to cut it to have more pieces :P.

    During the second week we spent time shopping for clothes, walking along the beach and also went to the aquarium. Got to see some adorable fish, stingrays and even a large sea turtle, got a lot of photos there and had an awesome time. I love all animals that aren't insects pretty much so I squee'd a bit lol. The rest of the week we merely stuck at home because she was going to be at uni for 3 of the 5 nights for the week, so I spent those just playing on the laptop while she was out.

    The second and final weekend we went to Lisbon to stay the night, since I was flying out of that aiport on the Sunday. We spent the Saturday going to the zoo, checking out more adorable animals and saw a sea creatures show, which was primarily just seals and dolphins. I enjoyed watching the seals playing around, so darn cute. We also went to the city centre on Sunday morning. The views were abosultely gorgeous with the architecture, yet it was still so peaceful there for a capital city. It was only really crowded on the trains, but even then it wasn't like Melbourne where you were squished to the doors.

    When we got to the airport, I think that was the most upsetting hour and a half of my life. The small amount of time I had left with her and also the eventual departure. The annoying part of international airports being that the other person can't really say goodbye at the gate you use to board the plane, it's much further back sadly. So we had to say goodbye pretty early on to make sure I got there in good time. We were both being pretty strong but I could see it in her eyes that she was holding back bursting into tears, and to be honest I was feeling the same way. I really wanted to stay with her, but our best chance of being together without issues later would be here rather than there, since I got the job and the brand new apartment on the way. The place is meant for the two of us, that was the point as to why I went for one, that and to get away from this horrid family of mine.

    Going to Portugal really opened my eyes as I knew it would and has given me a new perspective on the world. It wasn't a drastic change, I'm still really cynical when it comes to Australia, but now I've seen first hand how good we really have it here, compared to the rest of the world, especialy comparing to a country thats in real financial trouble.

    Well hopefully I don't break TAY with this little piece :P Thanks for reading if you got this far.
    TL;DR - My trip to Portugal was the greatest thing I've ever done in my time of functioning in this world and I can't wait to go overseas again in the future.

      Great read. 8/10 Shiggys, would read again. Thanks for sharing, man lovebot.

        Sorry it took so long to put together for you all, I know lots of you were curious about how it went :)

      Oh, man. I can't sleep on planes either. Some how my sister who gets extreme motion sickness lies peacefully asleep and I'm crazy awake on full alert the entire flight, man. So I can sympathize, my robot pal. Also I found the same thing with the cobbled roads in London. Most of the city is fine, but some of the older parts made it all kinds of difficult on the wheeling luggage front. :D Sounds like an awesome trip. Holy damn, you're brave though. I'm assuming this is the first time you guys met in person? So damn awesome!

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        Planes are easy to sleep on. You just take a little Ketamine, and bam, you're at your destination, being shaken by a worried looking flight attendant.

        Yes, Ketamine is the solution to all problems. All of them.

        Yes this was our first meeting, after 4 years of... I guess you can call it a long distance relationship we had going. I was really nervous when I met her, I guess that contributed to me staying up on the plane too, but yeah I didn't feel tired once on the plane, just watched movies non stop cuz my adapter didn't work on the plane for my laptop :'(

          Before TAY I would've felt too self-concious to meet internet folks in the real world. Not any more. Best damn thing that's happened to me. It sounds like this is true for you and your girl too! :D

      Good read, surely you got amorous whilst abroad? Haha

        New guy? NEW GUY! :D

        Welcome to TAY!

          I've been around the traps a bit but only registered my email in the last months, thanks greenius it's pleasant to be welcomed on a Monday.......back to work now. Have a good day everyone. Ah love in Lisbon time for you to compile a memoir tech knight and adapt it for a motion picture you will make millions!!!!!

        Only for me and her to know, human ;)
        ...Or are you not a human and really Baron Nashor!? D:


      Also, only weird people like insects.

        Hah yeah. I'm more bias towards any animal with fur, especially wolves :P, hence why I love huskies so darn much

      I like the part where the robot made me believe he isn't a cynic anymore.
      You have changed the way you write your things its not so dark anymore, its hopeful and happy and honestly techy you have made me smile.

      slow clap

        It's quite amazing what one amazing girl and a true vacation away from your family and work troubles can do to my mood :)

          I am singing "power of love" by Huey Lewis and the news.


              It's hip to be square....

      Aww man that's so sweet :')
      I wish you guys all the best

      *upvoted for the Firefly reference

      Good to have ya back mate, glad to hear the trip was an awesome one :)



        How was the Meat buddy?

        Damnable Family Christmases :(

          Well, almost no one could make it so we went to Kino and bought Manga, I bought presents for EVERYONE and then we went to McDonalds (Cheap food. need to keep money for comics!) then went for a few drinks at a trendy bar.

          @cakesmith and I bought a round of Tequila shots because reasons.

            You didn't buy me a present :'(

            All I want is for you to play Xenoblade <3

              I will! I am sad about the crappy backwards compatability on the Wii U. I was hoping for the ability to play Xenoblade in bed instead of sitting at the PC.

                I'm hoping to test out how well it upscales one day but I'm lazy...

                It might also be a bit hard to judge if I'm just swapping between channels on the same TV :P

                  As long as the TV is HD, you'll most likely see a big difference. A lot less blur. It does make some low res textures a lot more noticable though.

            Man Tequila is the best*

            *I say this about any form of straight alcohol.

              Man, Virus is the best*

              *I say this about any TAYbie, also any straight alcohol

    Hey guys, any of you work in IT? I'm going to ask the boss/secretary why when I take overtime as time-in-lieu of pay, it's a straight conversion.

    For example, I did 26hrs o/time last fortnight, and traded they give me 26hrs off. Shouldn't that be at least 39?
    Cause if I was paid for those 26, some of my o/t is x1.5, others x2. So 1.5 x 26 = 39. Hence I feel I should have 39 hrs saved up? Otherwise I'm losing out, and I can see why they've been so keen for me to take it as time off.

      totally agree with you nomad... that makes perfect sense...

      I haven't had to work at a job with time in lieu, but what you're saying makes sense to me.

      Lots of places encourage TOIL at ordinary rates instead of overtime payments at penalty rates. This is pretty much normal. You'd need to check your enterprise agreement or relevant award.

      PS: Most awards have a time-for-time arrangement, so if you have a choice, always just choose cash.

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      Ah... I've been burned a few times by the time-in-lieu.
      Take the cash for overtime, then take unpaid leave if you need to - you'll still be better off.
      Time-in-lieu is very much a trust thing since unless you have the right boss, it's too easy to get screwed over.

      Edit: Additional:

      The hardest thing I've learned so far from working in I.T. is that I have to be the one to draw the line, otherwise they'll take everything they can. It's easy to dive in and get the job done, that's part of what makes this work interesting and engaging. But if you focus on the work to the exclusion of yourself, then that can be taken advantage of.
      It comes down to managing expectations - the first 'no' is always the hardest, but if you don't say it, chances are no-one else will either.
      Hope this helps.

      Last edited 17/12/12 9:48 am

      Mate, that is why they prefer you to take time in lieu, so you get no extra allowances for it. Give the option, id take the coin

      Thanks @zetrox2k @rize @shane @beavwa @steve-o_the_deve-o @darthphikl

      I mightn't do anything til I check what the award is, I'll take enough in-lieu to make up a week off, then start getting paid again. Steve, I am on a salary I guess, full-time trainee? Sounds about right.

      Thanks again guys, they're sending me off again for the week, thinking ill take an extra off after the 2 weeks the boss is making me have. FYI, I'm being "forced" to take it because I've been full-time on 3rd Jan, still have all 4 weeks annual left.

    More @strange, more of the time. More adventure games, more of the time. Spent the weekend playing Primordia and Scratches. I'm well and truly hooked on the genre again, not that I even really lapsed. The problem is I've played most of the good stuff. :'(

    Last edited 17/12/12 8:52 am

      I'm here!

      After a few days of almost everything I touch going wrong, I'm pretending to myself today that I'm sick so I don't feel guilty for relaxing and doing not much in order to try and recharge and refresh.

        :'( Sounds like a plan, though. Hope you feel better!

      Also after playing Scratches, I have a new found respect for indie creators -- @sughly and @shane in particular -- folks who get their projects done no matter what, against the odds. A work ethic to push on. You guys are fucking inspiring. The end.

      Last edited 17/12/12 9:41 am

        Thanks, man. That's really nice to hear. But when failure isn't an option, completion isn't really an achievement so much as an inevitability (my mindset anyways) :)

        Last edited 17/12/12 9:58 am

          I love writing even though I'm sure I'm illiterate (more so by the day, alas...), but find myself moving further away from the whole film thing. That requires a crew and expensive equipment, etc. I want to be able to control my own destiny, damn it! You guys do that to an extent and that's awesome. :)

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    I've started playing Dark Souls again, even bought the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.
    Totally off the wagon.

      II put Demon's Souls in the PS3 last night. Apparently my save is gone. So I swapped it out for DBZ cause there's no way I'm starting from scratch again! *eye twitch*

        Ouch really? That sucks man, well at least DBZ is there to ease the pain :)

          There is a chance I uploaded it to my free PS+ cloud storage after the PSN outage. Hopefully if I renew my account, it'll be there still...

    So, how 'bout those Melbourne meat write-ups. *glares*

      I have to go out, so you might only get half a write up

    Sydney meat was small this weekend (HAHA SMALL MEAT GET IT @SHANE) but awesome fun. Christmas gifts were exchanged! Also I told my sister to come see us at the bar, which was really awkward for a little bit but everyone seemed to get along really well after that. At least I hope so! It's always weird introducing someone to a group. Anyway, then there was tequila.

    I spent yesterday reading Naruto, watching One Piece, and playing Dragonball. Bleach was ignored, poor thing.

    All in all a good weekend! I hope everyone else is doing well.

      If I'd have known there would be Christmas gifts I would have gone!

      Not really :P I wouldn't have bought anything for anybody. Awkwwaaard!

        I had the BEST present in mind for you, Pow. The Indignation of Haruhi Suzumiya!

      Meat was much funs and I got home at a reasonable hour! \o/

      I spent sunday watching Dragon Ball Z (Cell Saga) PLaying DBZ Budokai and reading Dragon Ball (Namek Saga).

      Thanks for my big DBZ book! After discovering that they are less censored than the original releases and have colour (kinda) pages, I now need to rebuy all the books as VizBig editions.

      I blame you for that.

        They're pretty cheap, at least! Back when I was picking most of them up, they were a good $10 more expensive than what I paid buying yours.

        Also, having flipped through that One Piece art book I now NEED to see the film. :P

          If Madman show it at theatres (Slim Chance) I will take you. We can father/son bond over slurpies.

      I don't get it.

        You have failed me.

          I would never make a joke of that nature.
          Small penises are not much to laugh at. #SeeWhatIDidThere

      Don't worry Pants, I know what it's like to introduce a sister to TAYbies.

      Of course, mine turned up at my house unexpectedly, so it's a little bit different...

      You've also reminded me(yet again) that I'm a week or two behind on Naruto, need to catch up.

        Yeah but your sister was cool, she is like female you.

          No, no she is not. Shut up Rocket, I will end you.

    Melbourne meat write up

    F4ction arrived at my house baout 5 to 10. There was a short discussion on how we were going to get into the city and how stupid Myki is. We eventually decided that training in and parking at the station was the easiest/cheapest way in.
    I needed to grab a few things so we stopped at Melbourne central. It was at this time I recieved a text saying Beer deluxe was closed. I suggested meeting out the front of Acmi instead.
    When we got there, Beer deluxe was indeed closed, not that you could really see because someone had decided to install a forest of fake christmas trees along Fed square.
    There were a lack of seats out the front of acmi, so I set the mini cakes I had brought along down on a Chocolate Buddha table and began decorating. It was then that I got a few inquiries as to where I was. I told them and they eventually emerged from the trees. (that happened right?)
    A small group of people arrived which consisted of Beavwa, PrincessPip, Budgieishere, Negative Zero, Greenius and of course, Virus. I spent most of this time with my back to them as I was still decorating /o\
    They decided to get some drinks and we headed towards beer deluxe before remembering that it was closed. Luckily we were right next to a new Bar called Optic, or oooptic. The logo was a bit weird.
    We sat around chatting and drinking waiting for Techie, Jordi, Chuloopa and Loops friend (I'm sorry I have forgotten your name /o\). Techie soon showed up and we found out Jordi was ill. We were discussing leaving (I was like "let's go" because I was hungry)

    to be continued

      Chuloopa's mate was Zac, with the Blonde Mario avatar :)

      I like to think that says "house boat" and that you live in a house boat.

    Hey guys, mornin' and all that shit.

    Last night was Roll On, good album, but I know even less on that than Modern Artillery, lol. Literally Roll On & Uncle Harry is all I passionately know from it. Which is sad because it's an amazing album.

    So we got there a little earlier than we've been getting there, but still got there 3 songs before the band came on.. Enter Sandman, Killing In The Name Of & the usual song before they hit the stage Bohemian Rhapsody, which the crowd really gets into.

    So it was great, some dude proposed to his long time GF on stage and all that which was awesome they supposedly won the raffle, more so they got in contact with someone and they got permission and Chris was probably all "hell yeah come and do that!"

    I was chatting to that girl whom I know from one of my many YouTube subs on Twitter just before and apparently I am to find her tomorrow night at the last gig cause she likes meeting new people, hells yeah! Just a small club with ~1000 odd people there, should be fun. Even though she said she's wearing neon green framed glasses lol.

    I'm kinda sad & excited today will be the last show =( I don't want it to end because it means i'll have to go home and leave my awesome friends behind, but on the plus side I get to be home with mum & dad, my other awesome friends a new dog and other stuff which I kind of miss, though being away from the internet this past week has been nice, I have enjoyed it.

    I've also been thinking about Christine's idea of me moving to Melbourne that would be amazing but I don't think that would be something I could do for at least another few years. I'm loving Melbourne, some amazing people here and the live gig scene is something I love.

    Like I found out yesterday Nicolette told me her boyfriends band was playing the Espy at 5pm (since she only found out yesterday I was down here), I wish I had known before coming down here because I would've arranged to have made the trip out to St Kilda to see his band play and catch up with him since I haven't seen him since my 21st.

    Not a clue what I am upto today, Christine informs me since it's her day off I am to decide because it's my holiday, i've no idea what to do though =( Damn it! I just wanna hang out with her and do something fun, hell even walk around and chat like we did when she came up to the gold coast last year.

    So how was everyone's weekend?

    Our plan for Christmas this year was to buy the kids one of those wooden fort-type playsets for the backyard but due to things like our washing machine, TV and vacuum cleaner breaking and my husband losing his job midyear we couldn't afford it. :(
    So on the weekend we bought them a metal swingset with a slide attached, instead. It's going to be delivered today and we have to hide it until Christmas.
    Putting it together is going to be tricky though. It will take hours, probably close to a day according to what I've read. Mr. Strange thinks it will be awesome to put it up on Christmas Eve which is true, but logistically a bit of a nightmare. Because the only way for the kids not to see is to do it after they've gone to bed. I forsee no sleep and two grumpy parents who are over Christmas, on Christmas Day if that is what was to happen. :P

      Solution: Assemble it on the roof at your leisure, throw it down on Christmas morning!

        And then the kids will hear noises on the roof and be like '...Santa?!'

        You guys always have the best solutions. :D

        Actually I was thinking just try and get my parents to take the kids out for the day on Christmas Eve and bring them back after dark, so they won't see it.

          I think my mother did this for my birthday once. I got one of those swingsets/slides the year I turned 7 or 8. My dad took me out for my birthday (which wasn't uncommon since my parents were divorced) and when I got home it was quite late so I went straight to bed. The next morning I woke up to a birthday card with a long piece of wool trailing all through the house to the back door, connected to a swingset that wasn't there when I'd gone out the previous day.

          Presumably she had recruited the assistance of my various uncles to put the thing up in a few hours.

      Got a neighbour you trust? Assemble (most of) it in their yard anytime, and haul it over in manageable bits on Christmas Eve.

      That is the pain my parents went through when they got me a trampoline for my... I-actually-don't-remember-which birthday. By "Parents" I of course mean my father. He just loved being up at 3 am.

      So, what I'm really saying, is good luck.

      Get Mr Strange to buy a case of beer, then text his mates. We are natually attached to the stuff. it will get built, might have some spare parts left, cant guarantee the kiddies wont wake up.

      I wanted to try and work in a funny use of "if you build it, they will come", but I just could structre it. Its monday and Ive only had one coffee,

    Last night I watched The Watch and it was a lot better than I expected. It's like Ghostbusters, but with dick jokes.

    And Richard "Moss From The IT Crowd" Ayoade.

    I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't depise Ben Stiller and enjoys potty humour.

      I like potty humour but I despite Ben Stiller. Maybe I should watch it with one eye closed?

        I also dislike Ben Stiller, but I do like Richard Ayoade, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill so I made an exception.

        Red Band Trailer:

      That movie puts me in conflict. Moss! But then...Ben Stiller.

    I finally got around to starting Resonance yesterday afternoon. Took me a bit to figure out you could put environmental things in the Short Term Memory, not just inventory things which made it take way longer to get through the intro sections than it should have.

    Also, turns out my son loves watching me play all adventure games, not just Anna's Quest. He didn't think Resonance was "great" like AQ though. He kept giving me suggestions like "I think you should go home". :P

      I love how all these new adventure games have crazy hooks like the short term memory thing. Just because they look like the old games, doesn't mean they have to play like them. So cool. I loved the character switching too. Reminded me of a serious Maniac Mansion. If you want to ramble about the game, Strange -- look no further! :D Also, your son is awesome!

      Edit: Took me a while to get used to the memory thing too. Warped my mind!

      Last edited 17/12/12 9:49 am

        To be honest, when I loaded it up and saw how it looked I was all "Meh. This looks awful. I wish Sughly could do the art for ALL the games."

          Definitely! I like pixel art for nostalgia related reasons, but would prefer amazing Sughly animation any day! :D

    Morning all!
    Spent a large amount of the weekend playing Far Cry 3 and Saints Row the Third co op. I'm really enjoying FC3 but the crafting thing is way less difficult than I thought it would be (particularly after learning I could run over bull sharks).
    Forgot how much fun SR3 was, especially in co op. Playing with a friend who's going through for the first time so I get to screw around as much as possible while he does all the objectives :P

      Hunt ALL the cassowaries, because they are the worst.

    You know what?
    Because it's pretty much holidays and my son is having fun in the other room with his toys, I'm totally going to play Assassin's Creed III. :D

      Let's see how long it takes for you to regret that decision. :P

        What did you think of the game Pants? Just wondering what a huge Assassin's Creed fan thought of it, did you not like it as much as others?

        I've only played AC1 and 2 but 3 is mmm I dunno... just doesn't feel that fun :/


          I think he talks about it on Potaku 3 Episode 1 :P

            I listen to them when I'm on the exercise bike.

            I haven't used it in months...



            Last edited 17/12/12 10:29 am

          I'm a huge fan too, but for me, each game has been a little less fun than the one before it. AC1 is best still. Don't know if my opinion is what you wanted, but there it is.

          I have all the games, and a boatload of figures and also some artbooks. I think that means I'm a huge fan of the games. Like Shane though, I still think 1 is the best. I also think 2 and Brotherhood were 2nd best, 3 is third best, and Revelations is the worst.

          With III I've put it higher than Revelations because I'm having more fun with the non-story bits than I did with Ass:Rev's. But more and more I find the "Assassin's Creed" games are veering more and more away from the Creed and more about "What interesting time/place do I want to do a game about that I can shoehorn into an AC game?". I've 75% completed ACIII and I still don't see the point of the Revolution setting, aside from the devs wanting to make Assassin's Creed Dead Redemption. Which is funny because those Red Dead-type bits are my favourite. I think I regretted never being able to play RDR (I hate the Rockstar gameplay, they make everything unintuitive and unfun) so now I'm getting a small part of that experience for myself, instead of when I just watched Mr. Strange play RDR.

            I find myself just preferring and wanting a game set in specific time periods, one that focuses on the characters in them (like RDR). I dunno... like an Assassin's Creed game without all that mumbo jumbo "modern/space" crap. I was having fun just playing as
            Haytham and then slowly progressing to Connor. Didn't see that coming and I was all :OOOOO. I went from liking these characters to hating them (Charles *shakes fist* although I still feel like they're rushing things too quickly and there's too many characters that are quickly introduced for no apparent reason, there's just not fleshing them out enough, ya know? So far I don't really like the story either and I hate how they magically skip ahead a few months again, for no apparent reason other than to make some event happen or tie it in with an existing one. Connor is a bit shitty too :P.

            I think I've only just finished Sequence 7 or something so who knows... I haven't really done much extra stuff but I don't think they'll be that appealing. I do however, love looking at things and just wandering around. The game is so pretty on PC and I found myself doing the same thing on RDR. But games are games and need gameplay :P.

            What are the extra sidemission stuff like? Which ones have you done?

              Oh man...I typed up a whole long reply to your question and then hit 'Submit' and went off to do something else. When I came back I was logged out of Kotaku and my comment was nowhere to be found. So I have to try and remember what I said. :P

              Thanks to playing all day I'm almost finished the game now, so I've pretty much done all the side stuff. Homestead missions were probably my favourite, I really liked seeing the Homestead evolve. I also was fond of the hunting missions because even though some were frustrating, there was a good sense of accomplishment after each mission. Frontiersmen missions were kind of lame but interesting and I did all of those as well. Didn't bother doing all the Brawler missions because I don't like beating people up.
              Then there's the Naval missions. I loved the treasure hunting ones and was a bit sad there weren't more of them. I didn't really like the sea battle ones at first but they grew on me and I was sad when I finished all those, as well.
              So yeah, basically anything that wasn't a main mission I had fun with. I also loved exploring and collecting the feathers and treasures and stuff.

              Also, playing as Haytham for so long was the first thing I hated about the game. I didn't like him and I didn't trust him because I was sure he was a Templar, which meant I couldn't become immersed in the game which is necessary to forgive all the frustrating things about the game.
              And yeah, Connor is a sullen teenager long past the point where he should have grown out of it. I think the main reason he's not very likable though is the voice actor. The voice actor can't convey any emotion through tone and just makes Connor appear monotonous and aloof.

                Want to provide a quick description of each side mission for me? :D

                Some seem self explanatory like brawler ones being just fistfights, sea battles being sea battles but apart from that I'm not really sure what to expect with the others :P

                I guess I could try each of them out myself but my game has a habit of crashing and doing other stupid things so I barely get a chance to do anything before it screws up :(

                  They're all pretty much self explanatory. If you only want to do limited extra stuff then go for the Homestead missions which build your community (the ones that have a house symbol on the map) and the Naval missions which can be started at any harbourmaster once you've done the first mandatory sea mission.

          I'm doing a slow playthrough of it again and it's alright, but I'd put it as the worst of the entire series (Brotherhood is the best!). Too much running from point A to B, going into a cutscene, and running back to A again. Not enough stealth, a ridiculously dull main character, and some bad mission design.

          Still fun, but less fun.

    So i had work xmas party on friday

    I woke up in a cemetery

    no context

      Now did the party start there at all...

        nope it started at work.

          and I gather work isn't the local mortuary either..

          Interesting night I must say.

      The Ayr Cemetary? How did you even? It's not even close to any of the pubs?

        Work is across the road from the cemetery and it is the fastest way to walk from work to home. I could walk along the highway but i was drunk and didn't want to die.

          Didnt want to die, but fell asleep in the cemetary.. lols

      That little kid is going to be scarred for life

    Melbourne Meat!

    So it was Saturday December 15th, 2012. I woke up got ready & waited for Christine to drop me off the train station and show me how this Myki thing works, quite simple really. So I hopped on the train from Laverton to Flinders Street, texted Scree saying i'd be at the station about 11, she said "I'll expect you about 10 past then" I got to the station at 11, ha! It was running on time.

    So I then proceeded to make my way to the designated meet up area at Acmi, I thought it was meant we meet up INSIDE, not outside like it was intended. Scree ended up ringing me to tell me where she was, she was outside chocolate Buddha, so I wandered outside to find her, now I thought I was looking for a massive statue of a Buddha that was chocolate covered, I wasn't it turns out. I did manage to spot, Beavwa, Greenius, Pip, Neg & Budgie though.. I didn't realise it was them at first but they thought I looked lost so I had to be someone who was looking for them.

    So I then informed them where Scree was so we wandered around until we noticed that Chocolate Buddha was a restaurant kinda deal heh. I then realised I had walked past Scree & Faction 3 times and didn't realise. Even if I did say in my mind "Wait that dude with the beard & tats has to be faction" but nope it didn't exactly click.

    We then all decided to go sit down somewhere, turns out Beer Gardens was closed, but Greenius and a few others didn't hear us and proceeded to walk down to it, so we then went to this bar that was next to it instead and sit down have a few drinks and chat.

    After being there for 45 minutes or so we decided to get going to our final destination the Japanese restaurant which I cannot remember the name of for the life of me... We got there and we got shown upstairs where we made ourselves comfortable and ordered lunch and all that.

    Everyone but loops got a Miso soup as their starter because he ordered ramen, our food came we ate, chatted offended everyone else that showed up after us, not our fault we're loud, obnoxious and talk about stuff that is supposedly offensive.. People I tells ya. So we stayed there for a few hours chatting and stuff.

    Then we decided to get moving and have a look in other places, so we went to mind games (which was totally over priced) then the EB games with the nintendo land place, where Scree was playing some kind of game on the Wii which i've no idea what it was but she loved it haha.

    After that we all kind of went our separate ways, when we got to Flinders street I had no idea where I was meant to go since Christine was at work until 7, thank god Daniel told me what to do lol. So I hopped on the train to Newport to meet up with him there, and all was good!

    Over all was a fun day, was also good to meet a bunch of new people, even though it felt like it wasn't the first time meeting them at all.

      Very nice meat write up mr Virus...

      Awesome day guys, thx for all meetin up with us, it was incredibly enjoyable, even when Greenius spilled all the miso.

        Oh yeah I forgot that, silly Spillius!

        Also thanks =P

    Getting my hair done in an hour. If my boss can manage it I'm thinking Emma Stone red which is scary because I've never had that colour before.

      red hair is awesome hair.

      so is blue. I think you should have blue hair.

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