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    Good Morning everyone!

      I don't see what's so good about it.

      Blaghs! Being the musical enthusiast that you are, I totally saw Les Miserables last night:

      Really great production values, but didn't buy that it's even possible for Cossette and Marius to be in love after meeting for three seconds tops. Felt so damn rushed and weird. Pretty pivitol to the rest of the movie too. Assume the logic problem is in the original musical too? Thought the first half was better than the second.

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        Yeah, they always just sort of... fall in love. It's like when I have a star crush on someone, except in real life, except that it's not real life. In the book it takes a bit longer, and has Marius being more of a stalker, and they hang out in their garden a lot, and it takes Valjean longer to notice. And he's a bit more of a dick about it.

        Also, did the long lingering close-ups of characters faces as they sang annoy you? Easily the worst part of the movie, I have no idea who thought they were a good idea, but christ, they should be fired.

          Can't say I minded the close ups. I thought it was shot incredibly well, it's just fundamental plot/structure things that bugged me. Can't even really blame the director for that if it's all copied from the stage musical. Also the constant singing I didn't expect, I know it's a musical but it seemed to be the most extreme musical I've ever seen. No dialogue. ONLY SINGING. :P

          I liked Valjean's story and Fantine's in the first half, though. Felt it got weaker once it transferred over to Marius.

            Yeah, a decent number of stage musicals are done in the only singing style, but they do usually change that for filmic versions. RENT would be the best example of that, off the top of my head.

            And yeah, the majority of the plot stuff was taken from the stage version, though some of it was cut a little.

            In general, the Marius in this version bugged me, I don't feel like he was a strong enough performer for the role. Same goes with Russell, he was fine at the acting part, but I don't think his voice was quite up to scratch. Also, the bit at the end of Javert's soliloquy, when it showed him hitting the ground was a bit... yeah. Kind of ruined the mood a bit, I think.

              Only stage musicals I've seen? The Lion King and Phantom of the Opera. This seemed like those, only amplified ten fold. Haha! Still, really strong movie. Just not quite as strong as expectations. :D

                Its weird, when it's on a stage, it seems perfectly normal for essentially everything to be sung, since everything is done in such a melodramatic style.

                When there's a camera however, you expect certain things out of it, so if everything's sung, it just seems weird.

                Anyway, yeah, I liked the movie, I expected the plot problems( it's what happens when you compress a 1900 page novel), but some of the actor choices, and some of the filming choices irked me.

    Good morning all TAYbies!

    Thanks to everyone who turned up to the meat last night, it was awesome fun!

    For anyone tossing up on whether to see the Hobbit - its great, go see it.

    Mid week TAY!? Change!

    I'm in Sydney for the week. 2 hours away from my shiny new console D: Hopefully everybody is good!

    Not long now until my Melbourne adventure either! I've got to ring the travel place to see where my tickets are...

      Wii U?! :D

      What games? I may or may not have taken "Powalen" >:)

    Morning folks, hope this day treats you well!

    blarg! dang trains making me late and missing out on sweet sacrilegious TAY time.

    How's things people? are we all gearing up for christmas? you know it's only 363 days away


    Fiction (Dreams in Digital) by Orgy

    Makes me think of her

      Orgy makes you- Joke is too easy, never mind... :P

      Haha! Haven't listened to any thing since movies yesterday, so probably Do You Hear the People Sing from Les Miserables. Stirring!

      Mine was:
      Mine, windbag, mine
      From the bastion OST... Damn you @dc I have not stopped listening to it :P... I guess I should actually thank you though cause the music is bloody magnificent

        Bastion lyrics! A Christmas well-spent then. It's a truly excellent OST, huh?

          Maaan, I never listened to it properly till now despite having it for ages... Now I listen to it in the car, on walks, during gaming... ALL THE BLOODY TIME, I think sums it up :P so damn good

      Doin' by John Rueben

      last song for me was:
      a mans gotta do from the Dr Horrible Singalong blog

    You know what The Walking Dead game really needs? It's need a manual save option. Seriously, why doesn't it have one? Does it even have a thing to tell you when it autosaves? Cause I haven't noticed one. I have no idea how much I'd need to replay next time whenever I stop.
    Other than that, it's an awesome game.

      I think it saves pretty damn regularly, atleast I never had to replay significant portions of the game. It's also chaptered too on the main menu if you want to go back and try things differently. It's hard to say, though. I played mostly in long sittings over three days. :D

    Morning taaaay... Back at work for 2 days before heading to Wagga Wagga for family stuff for New Years! Should be awesome enough...
    How was everyone's Christmas? Mine consisted of transferring 3 TB of movies and tv shows to my new NAS that I got from wifey, plus rebuilding my pc.. Cause I got bored more then anything XD

      Want some rye?

        True story, I searched a few bottle shops for a mini bottle of rye whiskey and was going to put it in a bag with a card saying "want some rye? Of course you do" and give it to you last night.

        Alas mini bottles of rye are incredibly hard to find and getting you a full bottle seemed like a waste considering you don't drink.

          Could've used some alcohol last night, though! :P Haha! That's awesome, man. Awesome to even think about that!

          Yeah I seriously thought First Choice would have it :S

    Meat write up:

    -Alcohol was consumed, Budweiser is quite acceptable.
    -Aleph & his e-cig is quite amusing.
    -@strange & Mr. Strange are lovely people, thanks again guys \o/
    -Uh... Other stuff?
    -The movie was pretty good though I feel it could be one single 3 hour movie given the book. I thought it worked with the 3D & the HFR and the other fancy shit it had going on.
    -@dc almost didn't come, was total silliness!
    -Beavwa & Pip were there, @beavwa seems to only have the one shirt, the one he wore to the Melbourne meat =P
    -Lambo \o/ We spoke about Windows Phone & his games and other stuff!
    -I met Rockets, he's a cool. Quieter than I expected.
    -DAN! He tried to fill Sughly's shoes by making me feel uncomfortable, I was more cautious than uncomfortable.
    -Question or Beardy and I met his wife, Amber with her awesome Canadian accent.
    -Nob & I spoke about middle of bum fuck nowhere in Queensland and how good it was humidity didn't exist out there, but the flies were a real downside.
    -Syvraen showed up, he was a cool dude!
    -Freeze & his always lovely wife gave me a lift up and back and put up with me, great people!
    -Went to this place called Groove Train for dinner, it was tasty food all around! The Spanish Chorizo Pizza I had was epic.

    Over all I give it some things out of a number and all that. I had a good time!

      Didn't I only say like 3 sentences to you? Didn't want to go over my meat talking quota :P

        Haha! You spoke quite a lot to Strange and me, I thought!

    The people whining about the HFR on the Hobbit need to get a grip. It looked fantastic.

    Deponia is five bucks on Steam today! Well worth it!

    Eugh that moment when you see an Aus Post contractor go to your neighbours when you're waiting for them to deliver shit to you, and knowing they've delivered your mail there before on "accident"

      Are you saying the mail person is holding a grudge against you? ... did you ruin any dark rituals lately?

        Nah, just calling them incompetent. But that is Australia Post for you!

          Sughly's post man?

            I'd welcome someone as "friendly" as that who made sure the mail was delivered personally LOL

          Damn ... well, can I still imagine you as an adventurer who goes around kicking all sorts of evil postal priest arse? because that's a pretty awesome mental image.

          I don't know why australia post is so horrible most of the time ... well, it was in queensland. The post down here in melbourne seems to be mostly awesome

            Yeah up here in Northern NSW they're pretty shocking also.

    Repost from old tay - thanks Greenius :P

    'Ello ladies and gents!
    How was everyone's chrissy??

    So i got a little cash from christmas, so i thought i might buy myself a headset for playing dem games - but i only want a stupidly-budget one. I have 2 choices, it seems.



      Morning Loops! Hope you had an awesome Christmas!

        Morning DC!
        I did!
        How was yours?!

          Haha! That's good to hear, Loops!

    So, i managed to surprise Bee with her Engagement ring on Christmas morning. The Jeweler we went to to make it was abasolutely amazing. Can't thank her enough.
    For those interested:

      Also, i've based up one of my Terminators now - but he still has some painting to be done, especially around the gun area.

      that's a very shiny ring ... and an amazing terminator. how long did he take to paint up?

        Ummm... so far he's taken about 4 or so hours on and off, i think? Most of the time has come in layering that bloody bone armour. lol

    Saw the trailer for The Impossible last night. Looked decent. Life of Pi too.

    Last edited 27/12/12 11:19 am

      Oh, Life of Pi, get ready for a visually astounding movie with one of the worst protagonists that you could ever hope to deal with, and one of the most aggravating statements made in the history of cinema.

        Haha! Hooray! :P

          I'm okay with young Pi, I should add. He's alright.

          It's just future Pi of moderate oldness. Man, that guy. If he never opened his mouth, the whole thing would be infinitely better.


          Well fuck you, Pi. Die in a hole, you're nowhere near as deep and inspired as you think. You're a twat.




          Hey, look over there!

            I just liked the Tiger. :P

    Morning Fronds!

    Mini Meat write up thingie
    - I arrived and park my car at 5:57pm
    - I meet everyone at the bowling alley.
    - Met aleph for the first time to (Only said "hi" ... something something I'm antisocial something something)
    - Met @rocketman for the first time. He's a pretty cool kid guy
    - Met @beavwa and @princesspipster. They are both also awesome
    - I thought @beavwa shirt was Dark Souls related ... which it wasn't.
    - @princesspipster loved my shirt and claimed she would steal it from me by the end of the night D= also, she had really cool portal earrings!
    - @Syvraen (?) showed up but I didn't talk to him cause I am anti-social!
    - @Strange and Mr Strange arrived! (Once again I didn't talk to them because I am anti social)
    - @Freeze , @beavwa and I go to move our cars to take advantage of the free parking after 6:00pm
    - On the way back freeze picks up a straggler called @dc ! \o/
    - We walk into Timezone at about 7:00 to kill time while we wait for out 7:30 booking
    - We just stand around talking about playing GAEM until aleph and @Virus decide to play Guitar Hero at about 7:29
    - They played a Distrubed song ... @Virus was not pleased
    - 7:30 FUD TIME!
    - I waited to get served at the bar, @Virus joins me in the waiting game and we talk about the pro's and con's of living in the middle of nowhere
    - I ordered a beef burger that I am pretty sure they just threw a whole dead cow on top of a couple of pieces of bread.
    - DAN left super early, something about buses not running late or something (8-9ish)
    - We decide we should head to the movies so everyone that wasn't seeing the movie left.
    - We headed to the snack bar! Chocolate was super over-priced! But i still bought 2 packs (and a frozen coke)
    - We get to our seats and I am sitting next to @rocketman
    - We both agree that Tom Cruise doesn't make a good action hero and his next movie will probably be the worst movie
    - We saw the Hobbit! It was REALLY awesome, I recommend anyone that is a fan to see it. It will not disappoint!
    - It's about 1:30ish so We all head our separate ways after the movie!


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      :') It's like I was there, man! It's like I was there!

    Today is thursday. I realized that back home I'd probably be subjected to news about somebody being trampled over sales in the US.

    Makes me feel a bit homesick.

    Purchased Koi No Yokan by Deftones, physical copy

    Such a good album to clean to

      For cleaning i love Alestorm and TISM!
      Nothing beats high-energy music for bouncing around the house "gettin' yo tidy orn"

    So i've started playing the Walking Dead.
    All i want to do now is go home and play more....
    I'm still super early in and i get the feeling things are going to get hairy soon. SQUEEEE!!!

      I just finished the first episode. Sooooo good. Not as harrowing as I thought it would be though.

        If only you knew what was ahead. :P

          Yeah, definitely going to get worse as it goes along. I don't really have much of an emotional connection with any of the side characters right now, haven't played enough yet.

    Her, her, her

      oh dear.
      NSFW warning inbound. lol

        Oh shit, sorry 'bout that :P

      Ahahaha oh god, that made me laugh pretty hard!

    Check this

    This is really is the most heartwarming Christmas video I saw, on Christmas day

      D.C.'s PSA: "We're on page two! Now you know and knowing is half the battle!"

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