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    If any TAYbies are looking for some new anime, I highly recommend Eden of the East.
    You can watch all of the episodes on Youtube:

    Also, Ridge Racer: Unbounded is $11.89 on Steam including DLC...
    Should I buy it?

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    I was sitting here thinking what game should I start the new year with, than I realised Blops 2 already took the privilege -.-

    And than I found ten dollars.

    Dudeeee... killing tortoises feels so bad in Far Cry 3. There they are just chilling and I run up to them, they cower in fear and hide in their shells and then I whack them a few times with a machete and they die :(

      You're a bad person because you've said tortoises plural... which means that after doing it once and feeling bad, you went and did it again.

        But there were two! Lovers perhaps, and letting one live after killing its soulmate was too cruel.

        Also most crafty things require 2 or more animal parts.

        I didn't find anything to craft.

        Their death was meaningless.

        I hate when you're forced to hunt in games. It was bad enough in Red Dead Redemption with that achievement taunting you the whole way through. :P

          That Dastardly achievement in RDR! best achievement ever.

            That side mission to help the guy build his plane too. Had to kill many a beaver, only to watch him plummet to his death. :S

          What was the achievement for?

          Been a while since I played RDR but did you have to hunt? If I recall it was just for money or something? I didn't do much of it.

          In FC3 they force you to do it in the tutorial and if you don't do it during the game you can't even carry more than one weapon :P. So you're pretty much forced to do it otherwise it's going to suckkkk

      But think of the tasty soup you'll end up with!

        Turtle soup! Shredder had issues! :D (Just like Gargamel!)

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      Tortoises and bears, two animals I refuse to kill in FC3. I was driving along when I saw two of them cross the road, so I totally crashed my car into a rock so as to not run over them.


    I might get some shut eye. Hope day one of 2013 treated you awesomely!

    Catch you on the flipside, home slices! :D

    So I think I have (or am close to having) the most comments on Kotaku :P

    I'm sure @Dc will overtake me over the next few years but who knows! :D

      I think I just found your first TAY comment:

      I'm not so far behind you, man. Could have sworn someone had already cracked 15000 though...

        I think Trjn and Blaghman have something like that if you include Blaghs' other account.

        But considering I only became active for a year or so that's quite a feat :P

    Ah, 2012. I remember it like it was yesterday.

      That joke is so last year!

    Freeze's First Day Of 2013 In Sydney In Convenient Point Form

    Masha is a great bloke. Enjoying hanging with him.

    So is Aleph.

    Also Doc What, Saturday, CJ, Shiggy, Ruffles, f4ction and Blaghs.

    My bestest drinking buddy Sughly got really sick and had to go home today. Sads were had all around. :(

    Tried a Century Egg tonight. Not entirely sure if I liked it or not.

    Black raspberry wine is definitely awesome though.

    Still may go back and get that copy of Bravely Default.

    Wanted to get my eldest a pair of Batman/Joker Converses but they were completely out of her size nationwide.

    Bishibash at Galaxy World is my new favouritest game ever.

    Korean BBQ is amazing.

    White Sambucca, Tabasco and Tequila is a terrible terrible thing that should never exist.

    Kingpin bowling has an Irish barmaid working there who is amazingly nice and friendly and should be tipped. Very good at her job.

    Finally starting to figure out the train system here. Didn't get lost once.

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      There was a Meat tonight? :O

        Sort of. Including Doc What, Saturday, CJ, Shiggy, Ruffles, f4ction and Blaghs is a bit misleading since they were mostly last night and while camping. Today consisted of myself aleph and Masha wandering Sydney and unsuccessfully attempting to get others out with us.

          I also would've joined but sadly already had agreed to catch up with people I know who are up from Victoria yesterday.

          Trust me when I say I would've much rather have been with you guys.

      8 minutes too late for a valid title.
      Would not read again.
      9.5/10 Shiggys

      That's too bad about @sughly, hope he's feeling better. Looks like Aleph would make a good drinking buddy substitute, though! :D Sounds like you're having an awesome time, Freeze!

    I disliked Spec Ops: The Line.

      I see you waited until DC went to bed to post it. =P

        I'm sure he'll see it.

          Just in case


            Haha! Really is one of those games that people either really love or are kind of apathetic about.

      It just wanted to make you feel like a massive dick. Not cool.

        I'm reading up on it now, to see if there are people out there that are criticising it (looks like most of the commentary is praise) and that the writer actually said that people could have stopped playing after that infamous section.

        I didn't want to stop there because I was unhappy with my actions. I wanted to stop there because the game was calling me a dick after railroading me.

        A lot of the actions of the three characters seemed unrealistic. Walker killed a lot of American soldiers for no good reason. Adams and Lugo followed the orders of a man that was clearly insane and Adams in particular seemed like the sort that would just shoot Walker and then himself instead of continuing that madness

        The later shooting sections were frustrating. Really, I just didn't enjoy playing this. It tried to deconstruct the modern shooter genre but in doing so, it also put a bit spotlight on its own flaws.

        EDIT: There are also bits of the plot that really don't make much sense. The stuff with the CIA where you just go along with them and be a little puppet causing death and destruction? At no point did it seem like a good idea to side with them.

        Last edited 02/01/13 1:26 am

          I feel like you've missed the forest because of the trees.

    In the clip, Starr reports that he recently recorded the voice of a character named Mr. Fibonacci that will appear in the upcoming season of the Cartoon Network series The Powerpuff Girls.

    ... I can't.... just...
    If this is real, I'm going to flip out like crazy.
    Holy fuck, please don't be fake.

    Back at work, back on TAY. Evens out in the end.

      Ome! Le Funar! Nighthawk! Shane! 'sup?

        Kids slept terribly, which meant that so did I. On the plus side, got stacks of writing done yesterday and introduced my wife to The Walking Dead TV series. Apparently, zombies scare me more than they do her (one of those "who knew?" moments that keep things fresh)

    Mass Effect Trilogy set is $55 at MightyApe:

    There's a new mid-week TAY!

      Wonder if we'll get one every day. Thanks for the heads-up! I would have just kept posting and refreshing here /o\

        @sughly's system of posting a reminder on every page is actually useful! :D

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