Tell Us Dammit: What Are You Doing For Christmas?

Truly it is Christmas. I know this because the office music playlist has been swamped with Buble and Carey. Because it is Christmas, I thought I would ask everyone — what are your plans for the holidays?

Plans for me are completely pointless given the fact my wife is due to give birth to our first kid any bloody day now. I suspect Christmas day will be spent with me prodding my wife's belly all day now saying, 'are we there yet, are we there yet' on repeat. What a great day it will be.

What are you guys and girls up to? Heading anywhere special? Doing anything cool? Doing nothing at all? Let us know in the comments below!


    Video games!! But really normal family stuff for a few hours xmas day then video games!! Also the PS3 finally arrived from sony so video games!!

    not playing video games unfortunately, will be 2 hours away from home so no pc or ps3

    Lunch with my side of the family, visiting the wifes side of the family, then ZombiU all night probably (it's under the tree, wrapped in a box from EB, that was ordered on my account and addressed to me... that took my wife about 30 seconds to realise what was inside when I handed it to her)

      ZombiU is awesome. I've only played about 2 hours of it, though - it's just so tense! Love it, but scared to come back :P

    Trying to to avoid family, working through the stack of shame but more than likely just end up playing more Hawken

    Holiday! Family! Friends! Cricket! Oh, and video games!

    2 weeks with only 2 days of work means that above everything else, I can relax and enjoy it. It's the first Christmas where my son has any clue what's going on so I'm looking forward to how excited he gets, and playing with his new duplo with him.

    Might be the first time in about 10 years where I don't go to see a cricket test match because of the redevelopments at the SCG, but at least there will be plenty of opportunity to watch it at home while simultaneously playing the Wii U.

    Christmas eve with friends/relatives at my place.
    Christmas day lunch at the Old Swan Brewery.
    Chirstmas day dinner at my aunty's place with all the relatives.
    And lots of video games.
    Boxing day is dad's birthday, and we usually go to the beach.

    I'll be heading to a town in Northern NSW to spend time with my family. The bad news is that I'm on driving duties now because my brother managed to get drunk and break his foot. I bet it was deliberate.

    1 month of Holidays starting tomorrow.

    I'll be joining the READ (REddit ADdicted) program and develop normal social skills and stop quoting imgur links.

    Oh, and visiting Fiji if it's still there...

    2 weeks off and 2500km's on a motorcycle with the wife :)

    Sydney > Canberra > Melbourne > Great Ocean Road > Port Campbell > Warragul > Mallacoota > Eden > Batemans Bay > Ulladulla > Nowra > Shoalhaven Heads > Sydney

    It's going to be one heck of trip!

      Jealous... Sounds awesome. Camping? Or staying at hotels? Love me some road tripping.

    Most likely lunch with my mother's side of the family followed by dinner with my wife's mother's side of the family.

    I'm not looking forward to it.

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    Might drop in on the Sydney TAY Meat

    Also,Christmas day and boxing day are being spent with Dad on Christmas day and Mum on Boxing day

    Your Christmas sounds like my Christmas 2000. My daughter was a week and a half overdue at that point. I felt like Blackboard from Mr. Squiggle, constantly saying "Hurry up!" to my belly. :P

    This Christmas will be like most others. I'll cook a huge lunch and me and my family will all sit around eating and drinking and being as lazy as possible and maybe even playing whatever games we get for Christmas. Except this year has bonus @mythamphetamine.

    And then Boxing Day is The Hobbit and dinner with Brisbane TAYbies. :D

    Not seeing family until New Years and I'm working next Christmas Day itself will most likely be me on the couch churning through either AC3 or Far Cry 3.

    Boxing Day...bring on The Hobbit!

    Hopefully your wife gives birth on Christmas Day. so you have an excuse to only buy one present a year. Save the rest to buy yourself a dune buggy.

    Very happy for you Mark but you get the dreaded christmas/birthday present dilemma like a cousin of mine born on the 25th.

    Me?, games of course, watching the cricket, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (7.30 christmas night), going to visit friends in Albury. And getting sloshed inbetween and during.

    Also looking for a new job after getting made redundant, last day tomorrow. Crap timing but i leave with a nice bit of play money to tide me over.

    BABY! \o/
    Family Christmas for me. Starts tomorrow.

    I'm heading off to my parent's place this weekend for Christmas and our traditional Boxing Day movie outing will definitely be The Hobbit this year. Once I come back, it'll be catching up on video games and personal projects, and ordering some new furniture.

    I shall no doubt be doing my best to get myself some regular work and make money in an attempt to avoid being homeless in a matter of weeks

    We're heading out to Mum's place for Xmas morning, and then the mega-BrisTAYbie-Dinner-and-Hobbit Meat (with super-mega-special guests from all over the place) on boxing day is gonna be awesome.

    Family Christmas involving meeting people from my mums and dads side of the family.

    Apart from that non-stop gaming from now to halfway January than I go back to work.

    Watching Elf & Die Hard night before. Working til 3 so I don't have to go to my Auntie & Uncles place to see people I don't really want to. Dropping by my grandparents place in the evening. Then going to the good families side for dinner. Then probably getting drunk with housemates. YAY.

    Well family christmases will be taken care of over the weekend so potentially bbq and board games with some friends

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