Tell Us Dammit: Who Procrastinates Gaming?

Here is what I did yesterday: I went home, I went climbing, I got home. When I got home I said to myself, 'gee whiz, I've really been wanting to check out that Far Cry 3 video game all my buddies have been talking about. I should do that.' But then I did other things. I jumped onto Facebook, I did the dishes — a couple of hours later I realised it was actually quite late, so I just went to bed. Am I doing that weirdest of weird things? Am I procrastinating gaming?

It's starting to happen more and more. I'll look for reasons not to play video games. Household tasks, catching up with friends, dilly dallying on the internet. Am I alone here? Has anyone else found themselves doing the same thing?

This has been happening particularly with Far Cry 3 for some reason. Part of it, I think, has to do with the fact that Far Cry 3 will require a fair amount of time investment. Also — it's a shooter. And I don't know if I can really be bothered chucking 20 hours into another shooter.

I don't know what's going on. Am I alone here? Has anyone else here found themselves procrastinating video games?


    I thought I was alone! Same game for me too. I love Far Cry 3 (so far) but I keep finding other things to do, including playing other games, some of which I've already completed a few times. It might be a tumour.

      IT'S NOT A TUMOUR!!!

      Sorry, that should have been

      'It's nart a toomar'

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    I always do this. I think to myself, I'll play this game, then it's hours later and I still haven't played it.

    Sounds more like growing up and making more "grown up" tasks a higher priority than you're procrastinating.

    I am too facing this issue with a little one on the way.

      Yeah I agree. Gaming's meant to be fun. As you get older and responsibilites get heaped on, it gets hard to justify spending time on titles that aren't awesome in every way.

        I could not have said it better.

          Ditto, and the time-sink games lose out, this week three nights running I haven't had any free time till 10pm at night, at best that's enough time for a few rounds of Halo 4, forget about doing a campaign.

    I'm doing the exact same thing with Far Cry 3. It's good. It's really good. But I just can't bring myself to invest the hours right now.

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    I procrastinate games for other games. Other activities can wait.

    If I have a backlog of games I need to play this happens. If I don't & I'm just anticipating a single game release then it won't. Farcry 3 deserves your time though so play it, for sure.

    Not me, I'm forced to skip out on gaming because my shitty landlord thinks I should be the only person in the house to clean up after 3 other tenants.

    I've been doing that with a loooot of games...Deus Ex, the Half-Life series, most of the stuff I've gotten from Humble Bundles, Borderlands 2 (alright, I do need someone to come co-op with me, but I haven't even asked anyone), MINERVA Metastasis (a Half-Life 2 mod), Mirror's Edge, Amnesia...basically, 75% of my Steam Library.
    I think it's mainly because I feel like I should stick to finishing one game at a time, and I never know who has which games and who doesn't (or when they're going to be online) if I need someone to come and help me. (But also, up until two days ago, I was studying, so I had to prioritize my time for that - and any game that needed a significant time investment was out. Which was pretty much all of them.)

      So much this. My steam library is 80% untested. And i just got a copy of beyond good and evil for nine bucks.

      I've got a huge backlog of games because I only play 1 at a time... I mainly do it so I don't get the stories all muddled up. I still have about 10-12 games that I'll spend 15-20 hours on. And with Christmas coming up, I'm sure to get more.

    Kinda on the flipside of this at the moment, although household tasks generally take priority, trying to get a decent serving of gaming done at the moment.

    As I know this will almost certainly dry up in the coming weeks when we are expecting the birth of twins!

      Good luck brave soldier, I have 1 on the way and that sounds like trouble enough.

    I do this all of the time. It's a bit of a curse. It's also part of the reason that Shameless Gaming Month is kind of a thing.

    It's weird. I've been replaying Arkham City lately and I probably could have easily finished it by now with all the time I've spent doing stuff I felt I should get out of the way first (or simply browsing Reddit and the like).

    Yeah, last few days have been like this, come home, turn on PC, sit on couch watch horrible TV for 30 minutes, go back to PC, start Farcry 3, walk off, get a beer, sit on couch, paint warhammer figure, go back to PC, close farcry, open hotline Miami, Die, walk away, open 3DS, close 3DS... sit with missus.. rince repeat :(

    Cant wait till holiday season, scuba diving, snorkling maybe bungee if i can work up the guts.

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    ooo.. yes! I have done so with many releases! Like, I am a COD player but am heavily procrastinating Black Ops 2, haven't even bought it yet but been meaning to get round to it.
    Same happened with the newest Soul Calibur. I love Soul Calibur, and usually buy on release, however I decided to buy Skyrim instead. I did that for 8 months. Then I decided to hop to Minecraft! of all things!! Now I have the urge to buy Far Cry 3 because I did own all the previous ones and it looks sick.. Again. No Far Cry 3, because I'm rather busy doing other.. um shit.

      I also have the nasty habit of when levels get too difficult, I just drop the game for a week and then try to come back to it. It usually takes me 3 weeks though.. to come back.

    I have the exact opposite problem - I play games and procrastinate on everything else.

    Oh, it's dinner time - I'll just clear out this little area first ... (a few hours latter) oh, is that the sun rising?

    Look at all those cockroaches. I really need to throw out the garbage. Hey, a new gun. I wonder what this is like?

    I need to go to the toilet. Ah. I'll just use this coffee mug ... (a few hours latter) argh. There's something wrong with this cordial.

    Same. I'm not sick of gaming but I think the hectic release schedule and a big pile of shame means the brain says... stuff it!

    Gaming at time starts to feel like work with an inbox that is never empty.


    My gaming these days mostly consists of what I'm able to play on the commute to and from work these days.


    I was going to play Okami HD 2 hours ago but look where I am now :P. Procrastinating on Kotaku!


    Problem is playing games to its entirety is such a commitment! I don't think it's procrastination but sheer mental exhaustion to the point where small menial tasks seem to be a blessing.

    Same issue, same game for me. I just can't bring myself to play it or anything else at the moment.

    I actually think it's blockbuster season fatigue. I had the same thing after Skyrim last year, which lasted a couple of months. Not quite that bad this year, but a good time to do something else for a bit.

    I also procrastinate between games. Last night I finished the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3, then played the Witcher for about half an hour and then decided to check out Metro 2033 for something a bit different. Still heaps of games in my Steam pile I need to get through.

    MARK - I think this happens to all of us. it's probably very normal. I think it's called 'Growing Up'. We prioritize tasks and as a result, we have less time for our hobbies. I normally game Friday and Saturday nights. it's my time away from responsibilities of work and family.
    If a game like Final Fantasy 7 was to come out today instead of back in 1998 (when i was a kid), there would be no way i could invest the 100+ hours into that story.

    This to me also raises a possibility as to why games are shorter, more 'movie' like. Companies know gamers are older and dont have a lot of time to invest in games - so they create games that are about 20 hrs long, with a fun, engaging story (e.g. Arkham City, Uncharted, GTA 4)

    Yeah - I've lost my passion for gaming recently. I'm not entirely sure why, but its starting to feel like a chore. Its happened to me once before - I didn't play any games between San Andreas and Oblivion. When I came back, the changes in gaming blew my mind.

    I only procrastinate gaming if I am playing a bigger release that I feel needs a good hour minimum at a time or it detracts from the experience. Sometimes if I have less than an hour I will play a smaller PSN or Vita title, but if it is less than half-an-hour I will generally just read a comic or something.

      I'm just like that. I'll think,' Only an hour til bedtime, no point in playing now, just read.'

      Ironically, reading back issues of 100 Bullets, Scalped, Sweeth Tooth & Y The Last Man has been keeping me up all night!!

    Certainly not just you, I find myself doing it without even realising it. I think I should go play something, then it is midnight and time for bed.

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