That's One Heck Of An M. Bison You've Got There

The sadly departed Raul Julia played M. Bison in the terrible big-screen adaptation of Street Fighter. Let's imagine though that instead of Julia it was another Latin film star in the role.

Like, say, Danny Trejo.

Bison by Limjaegil [Jaegil Lim @ CGHub, via Blue Dog's Eyes]


    Funnily enough i see o'l Machete as someone like Sagat or T. Hawk, scarred and grizzled from years of street fighting. Someone more like Dolph Lundgren who is slightly more clean cut (but every bit as menacing) could be cool as M. Bison.

    Kurt Russel as Guile.
    Mickey Rourke as Zangief (with a burly beard of course).
    Mike Tyson as Balrog (duh) or
    Chris Evans as Ken
    Tom Hardy as Blanka

    i'll think of some more later...

    That's hilarious!

    "M Bison don't text"

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