The All-New, All-Different Week In Gaming Apps

Traditionally the Week in Gaming Apps has been a weekly round-up of our daily Gaming App of the Day feature, punctuating those Android, iOS and Windows Phone games we've deemed worthy of special attention. Now that my entire attention is on the mobile gaming market, I play too many games each week to let them all slip away, so we're changing things up. Call it the best of the rest.

Don't worry, the Gaming App of the Day roundup is still there, but those games and the others I cover week in and week out already enjoy the spotlight. This is where the Nitro Chimps and Element Battles get a chance to shine.

Without further ado, here's what else we played this week, in no particular order.


Nitro Chimp An addictive little endless racer, filled with stunts, monkeys, and costumes for monkeys.

Spellwood (also on Android) It's a word game! It's a role-playing game! It's two great things that go great together, from the Puzzle Pirates people.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders The Sky Gamblers series from Namco bolsters its air superiority on iTunes.

Jelly All Stars (also on Android) A simple little stacking puzzler with lovely pastel colours and a relaxing vibe.

Reflec Beat + A competitive music game that mixes rhythm tapping with table tennis, from the fine folks at Bemani.

Knightscape What if Temple Run was more like a fantasy role-playing game? This, right here.


The Adorables We teased it a lot, but there's a lot of good going on in this skill-based ball-creature launching game. It's like Peggle with a purpose.

Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny Gamevil's long-running (well, in mobile terms) role-playing series returns with a sharp look and the low price of free.

Elements Battle One of the deepest combo match-three puzzle / role-playing games I've played.

Gaming Apps of the Day — December 3 - 7, 2012

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