The Best Jokers Are The Old Jokers

It's been a good week for cosplay, in part because there are actually some men to feature this week, but also because of what those men are dressed as.

A humanoid Wheatley from Portal 2? The Joker from the 1989 Tim Burton flick classic TV series? Well played, gents, well played.

As seen on Callesto.

As seen on CailinMarieCosplay.

As seen on Mostflogged.

As seen on Sandman-AC.

As seen on Ainlina.

As seen on Saracatscats.

As seen on S-Seith.

As seen on CourtoonXIII.

As seen on Kifir.

As seen on NyanRuki.

As seen on cafe-lalonde.

As seen on Drefan-cosplay.


    The best Joker, is the Joker from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker because you see him finally die and find out the reason why he kept coming back for Batman.

      except that reason doesn't make sense if you take the killing joke as canon (it is)

    Glad to see more non-Nolan Jokers around.

    Nobody does the Nolan Joker (except Heath Ledger) properly; these failures just end up looking like cheap male zombie hookers :/

    Last edited 17/12/12 4:24 pm

    reminds me of a non-ridiculous Cesar Romero Joker

    This is really cool

    That Link is going "Oh Goddesses, why did I let that kid talk me into buying this suit of armour. Ah! It's sucking out all my money!"

      Heh, reminds me of the Awkward Zombie strip about it.

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