The Best Video Game Concept Art Of 2012*

Seeing as I post a Fine Art feature almost every day, it's only right that we take a minute to honour some of the best concept, production and promotional art the world got a chance to see in 2012.

Due to the nature of the field — one in which art can be locked away for years — and also the fact I often share images from older games, I'm not going to simply post the best art (both concept and promotional) that's appeared here in 2012, because it's been from all over the place. Nor am I going to post the best images from 2012 because, as explained above, most of those are probably still under lock and key for a few years.

So I'm going to post the best pieces of art for games that came out in 2012. That seems the most fair!

The gallery above features art from games like Mass Effect 3, Syndicate, Assassin's Creed III, Halo 4 and Guild Wars 2, just to name a few. I've only selected one piece from each game; the links to the credited artists in the gallery will take you to a lot more.

Assassin's Creed III, by Remko Troost.

Diablo III, by Duncan Fegredo.

Dishonored, by Sergey Kolesov.

A Game of Thrones, by Cyril Tahmassebi.

Guild Wars II, by Daniel Dociu.

</a>Halo 4, by John Liberto.

Hawken, by Khang Le.

Mass Effect 3, by Matt Rhodes.

Syndicate, by Brad Wright.

XCOM, by Piero Macgowan.

ZombiU, by Morgan Yon.


    I love the idea of the Fine Art articles. But the resolution is just killer. So tiny. I can't make out the detail :(

      agreed, especially the zombiU one at the end. still thanks for the aritcle anyway.
      These are some profiles i like on deviant if anyone is interested

    Shame Dociu left the art team for GW2, (the artwork is actually from Utopia). amazing artist.

      actually it was Kekai who left.

    OH geez. Why did you have to pick perhaps artwork depicting perhaps the worst scene in all of Mass Effect?

    My vote is with Hawken.

      I think that was one of the few things about ME3's ending that I did like, but than again I love biblical reference (when they're not preachy that is).

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