The Best Walking Stick On Earth Is A Bungie Sword Walking Stick

When Brian "Joram" Little was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, his friends - a group formed having played classic Bungie games Myth and Myth II — decided to get together and get him a present.

He'd said, maybe as a joke, that "I will NEVER use a walker, but I will accept a lacquered black stick topped with a silver, ruby-eyed Death's head. This will be brandished at whippersnappers, with an admonishment to Get Off My Damn Lawn™."

Which made the gift easy. They got him exactly what he asked for, and then some. This walking stick has an amazing top featuring the likness of Myth's Soulblighter, something that'll bring one hell of a smile to the face of old-time PC gamers (the Myth games were what Bungie worked on after Marathon and before Halo), but in addition, it's got a concealed sword in it as well.

So not only does he have a Bungie-themed walking stick, he can pretend to be Rutger Hauer in Blind Fury while he's at it.

Joram and his new Sword Cane [, via Eric Osborne, ‏@UrkMcGurk]



      how is a walkingstick illegal here?

        It has a concealed blade in the stick, that's the illegal part.

          Oh right how silly of me. Somehow didn't see that line in the article

      Add it to an ever growing list a mile long these days.

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